Snapchat Comes Up With First Bitmoji Virtual Make-Up Drops: It’s Time To Express Through Online Avatars

Snapchat Comes Up With First Bitmoji Virtual Make-Up Drops: It’s Time To Express Through Online Avatars



Snapchat has come up with its first virtual Bitmoji virtual makeup drops. This is a big shift if we consider users’ engagement with Snapchat. With this advancement, Snapchat will allow us to express ourselves online through virtual avatars. Further, with the virtual makeup drop, your Bitmoji avatar can now wear lipstick from e.l.f. 

Many people say this promotional exercise from e.l.f is not very promising. It’s true that how your virtual avatar looks like wearing lipstick will not be the same as how you will look wearing this lipstick in reality. Earlier in November, the NYX Makeup Professional had gone for a successful partnership with Snapchat to launch “Duck Plump.”

So, you cannot overlook the potential of the launch of virtual makeup and clothing drops. When your Bitmoji avatar gets dolled up in the lipstick and clothing you choose, it becomes an extension of your personality. So, your experience with the application becomes more personal. This is a major shift if you consider how you engage with the application. 

Snapchat already had many virtual clothing drops. You could dress your digital avatar in the outfit you wanted. According to Snapchat, around a trillion outfit options exist for building your digital wardrobe. Users can now replicate the same experience in the makeup drops.

However, you can now check out how the lipstick you pick for your virtual avatar will look on you through the help of “Try On” lenses. You can even purchase the same lipstick using the “in-stream drop link.” So, people concerned about the limitations of the collaboration of e.l.f and Snapchat must know how the virtual experience can extend to reality.

In addition, this will be a big change for Snapchat in the long run. For the longest time, Snapchat has been trying to use Bitmoji as the most prominent and futuristic step toward increasing digital connection.

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