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Expert Interview: The Rise Of Social Conversational Marketing & Click-To-Message Adverts



Welcome to a deep dive into the dynamic landscape of conversational marketing and the rise of click-to-message adverts. In this exclusive expert interview, we’re thrilled to be joined by Ryan Dearlove, the founder of Chit Chat Agency – a leading conversational marketing firm at the forefront of this transformative wave.

In an era where digital interactions shape consumer experiences, conversational marketing emerges as the heartbeat of engagement. Ryan, with his wealth of expertise, is set to unravel the nuances of this evolving paradigm and shed light on the strategic prowess of click-to-message adverts. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a conversation with Ryan Dearlove, exploring the strategies, trends, and unparalleled potential that lie within the realm of conversational marketing.

What are the key principles of conversation marketing on social messaging, and how does it differ from traditional marketing approaches?

Well, in the realm of chat marketing, we’re all about turning the conversation into conversions. We’re not here for monologues; it’s all about having genuine chats with users. Think of it as meeting a friend for a coffee, not bombarding them with leaflets. Real-time responses are our currency. We tailor our messages like a well-tailored suit, considering individual preferences and behaviors.

It’s personalization on steroids – no more generic blasts, just messages that resonate. More people use social messaging than social media on a daily basis – It’s about meeting users on their home turf. Marketing and advertising reflect the real world which is why companies like Meta and Google are investing heavily in business messaging and AI tools to empower them.

How do you ensure a seamless and positive user experience in conversational marketing?

Seamless user experience is the holy grail. We design chat flows like a well-choreographed routine, guiding users through steps that feel natural and intuitive. We use language that resonates with our audience – clear, friendly, and free of jargon. It’s like having a chat with a friend, not decoding a user manual. Slow responses are the villains of the chat world.

Users don’t want to wait; they want their answers pronto. Whether it’s a query or a complaint, our responses are laced with understanding and a genuine desire to help. We’re not afraid of feedback; we embrace it. The good, the bad, and the ugly – it’s all valuable. We use it to refine our approach and give users an experience that keeps getting better. We’re constantly tweaking, adjusting, and adding new moves to keep the conversation fresh and exciting. It’s a live performance, not a recorded script.

Click-to-message ads are one of the fastest-growing ad formats, what are they exactly?

Click-to-message ads

Click-to-message ads are a type of online advertising format designed to encourage users to engage in direct conversations with a business through messaging platforms such as Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The primary goal is to facilitate communication between the advertiser and the potential customer in a more immediate and interactive way.

Rather than redirecting people to a generic landing page, you start a one-to-one conversation with them. As you can imagine these perform exceptionally well when done right. These types of ads work best when paired with a chatbot that is deployed on these social messaging channels, the automation of the chatbots means businesses can handle 1000s of chats simultaneously, you can even integrate them with third-party tools and AI.

Are there specific industries or target audiences where click-to-message ads tend to perform exceptionally well?

Practically any business that interacts with consumers can benefit from them.  Industries offering services, like lawyers, electricians, or beauty salons, love direct communication. Need a quick appointment or quote? Click-to-message should be your go-to format. Retailers have a huge appreciation for click-to-message. It’s the instant connection for product queries, order updates, or even a nudge for abandoned carts.

It’s like having a personal shopper on speed dial. Property deals often need a personal touch. Click-to-message in real estate is like having a chat over coffee about dream homes. It’s quicker than waiting for emails and more personal than a form. Car dealerships love the speed of click-to-message. Inquiries about models, test drives, or service appointments are like a pit stop – quick, efficient, and back on the road. Gyms, nutritionists, and wellness centers love direct engagement. Click-to-message for quick fitness tips, appointment scheduling, or dietary advice.

What metrics are crucial for evaluating the success of conversation marketing campaigns?

We’re all about tracking the number of conversations initiated, responses received, and the overall engagement rate. It’s counting how many people joined the party and stayed for a chat. We’re not just chatting for the sake of it. We track how many conversations translate into actions – whether it’s a purchase, sign-up, or whatever dance move we want users to make.

We don’t shy away from feedback. User satisfaction surveys are our backstage pass to knowing what users love or loathe. We keep a close eye on where users drop off – the leaky points in our funnel. We patch up, refine, and keep the conversation flowing.

You previously mentioned that AI can be integrated into chatbots and click-to-message campaigns, can you provide any examples and how effective are these?

In a click-to-message scenario, it can qualify leads based on user interactions, ensuring the sales team focuses on the hot prospects, it can even provide instant answers from your own knowledge base. AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the secret sauce that makes chats slicker, smarter, and more engaging. It speeds up responses, personalizes interactions, and frees up human hands for the heavy lifting. The effectiveness is in the numbers – quicker resolutions, more conversions, and higher user satisfaction.

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