Addressing Cyberbullying In Essays

The Dark Side Of Social Media: Addressing Cyberbullying In Essays

Social media benefits society and students by increasing connectivity. It offers the freedom of sharing ideas where users express themselves without fear. It supports collaboration among students and is a tool that enhances learning. Social media has a dark side since it can be destructive. The channels may expose young people to inappropriate content. One of the worst dark sides is cyberbullying.

Some people often use it to harass other users. They may upload threatening posts or seek to embarrass someone. Cyberbullying negative effects range from serious mental health to suicide and poor performance in academics. Essays about cyberbullying can help address its effects and prevalence.

How Social Media And Cyberbullying Work

Cyberbullying can happen to anyone, and you could be the target at some point. It can affect your mental health and ability to write creatively. You might not be affected by cyberbullies, but you could still be unable to write your essays due to other reasons. No matter the reason, seek help to get tailor-made essay solutions from top writers.

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Cyberbullying may take different forms and occur through different online channels. Social media is the most leveraged for spreading the vice. It is highly prevalent on campuses and mainly spread through malice. Students open group accounts on campus for socialization. However, the same groups can be used to tarnish the images of other users.

Its prevalence may range from 10% and rise to over 70%, depending on the region. The reasons for bullying others online may differ significantly. Someone may do it because the other person hurt them. It could be that they had a relationship, and it broke. It could also be because they hate them for nothing. Some students cyberbully others due to their race or color. It could be based on the person’s gender or nationality.

Nowadays, sexual orientation and social status can be catalysts for bullying others online. It begins when the bully posts messages or inappropriate media directed toward their target. Their main intention is to shame them within the student community or beyond.

Once they share the demeaning posts, the rumor or information spreads quickly among the student community. Other users may begin to respond negatively, and soon, the message begins to trend. The cyberbullying posts may include the following or more.

  • Uploading visuals (videos or photos) of the targeted person on social channels.
  • Posting threatening information
  • Abusing the person
  • Uploading information that impersonates the target

Cyberbullying Side Effects On The Targeted Individual

Teenagers using social media offers them benefits. However, they could misuse the channels and begin to bully others. Some types of cyberbullying could be termed minor, and others major. No matter the description given, they all have common effects. The goal of the bully is always to paint a negative personality of their target. In most cases, their goal succeeds, and they enjoy it. Unfortunately, the targeted individual is left crying and in pain.

The effect could be short-term, but in some cases, the effects stay on for many years. In some instances, the bully could be affected up to a certain degree. This happens when they realize the distraction they caused their target. Irrespective of this, the most affected is the target. Different studies show the effect of cyberbullying as follows.

Mental Health

A person with good mental health and positive feelings feels free and energetic. They feel secure and live a fulfilled life. All that can be drained away by simple cyberbullying. Studies show cyberbullying effects on mental health are significant. The happiness in the person vanishes, and their security turns into insecurity. Poor mental health can be classified into different levels.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Mood
  • Suicide
  • Aggression

Effect On Academics

Reports published on different platforms show online bullying seriously affects education. The targeted person may suffer mentally. They might feel hated and miss school. The student might seek solitude and fail to share learning experiences with others. They lose interest in learning and record deteriorated performance.

Effects On Physical Health

The person suffers many physical health challenges. Some of them may fail to eat and become weak. Some may overeat and develop many weight challenges. They may lock themselves away and fail to exercise or socialize. All these things affect their physical health.


Studies show at least 8% of students affected by cyberbullying may commit suicide. Some of them develop the thoughts, but they do not implement them. The reasons may differ, but most of them feel life is not giving them a chance to live. They feel like everyone hates them and look for a way to be away from them. They see suicide as the best option.

New cyberbullying cases keep coming on campus now and then. In the end, the uploaded message gets blown out of proportion. If it is targeted at you, it could affect your ability to study or even write essays. Many other issues may prevent you from writing good essays. You may lack time or have too much to handle. Getting writing help with your essays lets you focus on the issues at hand or relax. Before you give your order, search to ensure you are using the best homework help website. This is the place where you can find top essay writers with deep experience.

Dealing With Cyberbullying Through Writing

Different interventions can help deal with the problem of cyberbullying. One of the effective ways is to write about it. It can be done to prevent it or to offer support to victims. What is most important is to create awareness. The writer can create attention-catching essays that address the topic from different angles.

They may describe what cyberbullying means and its effects. They can write about its prevention and actions to help victims. When the texts are shared on the same social platforms, they can help increase awareness. They can also be posted on various edtech platforms to help limit the risks and prevalence through education.

The texts may address the triggers and ways to identify if someone is suffering the effects. Educational institutions need to create a supportive environment at schools. They need to talk about peer and social influence, including being mindful of one another. The school cannot ignore cyberbullying but should be proactive when dealing with the issue.

The school’s social media platform and resource website are significant. Educators need to support students to write about the problem and publish the essays on the school’s social page and website. The information contained therein should be good quality and resonating. It encourages students to read so that they can benefit from it.


Bullying in schools has been a serious problem for many years. The internet and social media took it to a whole new level. Today, up to 70% of students experience different levels of cyberbullying. The perpetrator targets their victim, aiming to shame them. The victim could suffer mental and physical health issues. It affects their education and social life. Schools can help stop the vice by encouraging students to write essays about it. The texts can then be published on the school’s social media page to encourage reading and sharing.

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