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US Lawmakers Are Now Investigation Meta Regarding Threads Moderation Policies




  • Lawmakers in the USA are now investigating the policies moderating posts in Meta’s new Threads app.
  • Jim Jordan, Chair of House Judiciary, has requested Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to provide them with documents regarding content moderation on the Threads app.
  • This investigation is a result of several court cases against the Biden Administration exploiting social media.

Chair of the House Judiciary, Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, has recently requested Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to hand over documents that detail all the moderation policies regarding posts on the new Threads app.

This comes as a direct result of a previous subpoena related to the judiciary’s ongoing investigation of all tech platforms’ contact with the Biden administration.

Since Twitter has been the social base for politicians to express their political campaigns to influence the user base, the judiciary is now cracking down on tech giants to dig deeper into their affiliations with political parties. 

In addition, the Biden Administration has persecuted Twitter owner Elon Musk regarding his commitment to free speech. Most believe it’s a lie since Twitter has banned many accounts of journalists – which contradicts their commitment.

Since Meta’s new Threads app is the direct rival of Twitter, many believe that politicians can use the platform to politically influence its users. Since Threads is similar to Twitter, many believe that it presents false promises of free speech for everyone.

This is what Jordan has said about this investigation so far:

“Indeed, Threads raises serious, specific concerns because it has been marketed as a rival of Elon Musk’s Twitter, which has faced political persecution from the Biden Administration following Musk’s commitment to free speech.”
“In contrast, there are reports that Threads will enforce ‘Instagram’s community guidelines,’ which resulted in lawful speech being moderated following pressure by the government.”

So far, Meta and CEO mark Zuckerberg has not reponed to these requests yet.

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