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TikTok Coins – How They Work And How To Earn Them



TikTok coins are a form of in-app virtual currency used on the TikTok social media platform. Users can purchase TikTok coins using real money, and these coins then be used to purchase virtual gifts for their favorite content creators during live streams or as a way to support them.

When viewers purchase TikTok coins, they can use them to send virtual gifts to creators during live broadcasts as a way to show appreciation for their content. Creators earn a portion of the revenue from the virtual gifts they receive, which can contribute to their income on the platform.

What Are TikTok Coins?   

What Are TikTok Coins

If you are a TikTok user, then you should know that TikTok coins are a kind of in-app currency that is paid with real money.

These virtual currencies are sent by users as a gift to their favorite influencers and content creators in order to increase audience engagement. This is a way of promoting the videos of the influencers.

“The recipient of the gifts will earn a percentage of the coins, which they can then convert into ‘diamonds’. After earning as set number of diamonds – usually around $100 worth – the users can convert them into real-world money can be transferred into their verified PayPal account within 15 day payment process period.”

What Does TikTok Coins Cost?   

What Does TikTok Coins Cost

The cost and value of the coins usually fluctuate. However, the value of the coins can differ from country to country.

But the current US prices of TikTok coins are:

  • 100 Coins – $1.29
  • 500 Coins – $6.49
  • 2000 Coins – $26.99
  • 5000 Coins – $66.99
  • 10000 Coins – $ 134.99

Difference Between TikTok Coins And Diamonds  

Difference Between TikTok Coins And Diamonds

There are certain differences between TikTok coins and Diamonds, so if you wanna know the difference, then all you need to do is scroll down below.

  • “Coins are what you purchase using real money.”
  • “TikTok Diamonds are what  you gift to a Liver Streamer.”

“You exchange ci=oins to diamonds when you make to make a donation to a live streamer. A diamond ia valued at 50% of one coin.”

What Can I Use TikTok Coins For?   

What Can I Use TikTok Coins For

TikTok coins are primarily used to purchase virtual gifts for content creators on the platform. Here’s a breakdown of how you can use TikTok coins:


“Users can purchase virtual gifts and send them to other users during their livestreams. It’s used as a way for fans to show their admiration to content creators for the videos that they have filmed and posted onto the app.”

“At the beginning of a livestream, users can buy digital emojis using coins from their TikTok wallet. The streamers will be able to see these images in the chat features of the livestream, as will the other users. From this, users are able to reward their favorite creators and potentially gain recognition themselves with the possibility of shout-outs.”

“TikTok users are eligible to receive coins once they have surpassed 1,000 followers on the app. The virtual gifts can only bee received during livestreams. These are a variety of different emojis that can be bought during the livestreams, each costing a different amount.”

For Example, “A panda emoji costs five costs, as do Italian Hands. However, other emojis can cost a lot more, with a Concert emoji costing 500 coins. Currently, there are eight available TikTok gifts that can be bought on the app.”

Influencers, Creators, And Businesses  

“Content creators and businesses can use TikTok coins to display selected posts as ads in order to reach new audiences or gain more followers. TikTok Promote allows you to choose one of three goal specific options depending on what your objective is.”

  • More Views: “Boost the number of people who see and watch your videos.”
  • More Website Visits: “Add your website URL and a call to action to guide more viewers to your website.”
  • More Followers: “Grow your following by increasing the size of your audience.”

“Users can promote a video by tapping on the right-hand side of a video and clicking Promote, or by navigating to the Promote page from either Creator Tools or Business Suite.”

“Promoting a video also gives you lots of great insights into its performance, such as the number of views, likes, comments and shares, number of times a link has been clicked, and the age range and gender percentages of your viewers.”

Types Of TikTok Gifts  

Types Of TikTok Gifts

For a Tiktok user, a gift can be made in the form of emojis. And all these emojis are what represent all the amounts of coins.

Panda – 5 Coins   

  • Current value – $0,065
  • Diamond value – $0,0325

Italian Hand – 5 Coins  

  • Current value – $0,065
  • Diamond value – $0,0325

Love Bang – 25 Coins  

  • Current value – $0,0325
  • Diamond value – $0,1625

Sun Cream – 50 Coins  

  • Current value – $0,65
  • Diamond value – $0,325

Rainbow Puke – 100 Coins  

  • Current value – $1,3
  • Diamond value – $0,65

Concert – 500 Coins  

  • Current value – $6,5
  • Diamond value – $3,25

I’m Very Rich – 1000 Coins  

  • Current value – $13
  • Diamond value – $6,5

Drama Queen – 5000 Coins  

  • Current value – $65
  • Diamond value – $32,5

How Can I Buy TikTok Coins?   

How Can I Buy TikTok Coins

“The only way for users to purchase TikTok coins is within the app itself. You can go to your profile and choose the menu to access the settings.”

“This will allow you to access your balance, which shows previously purchased coins, and the option to buy new ones, also known as recharging your TikTok wallet. All users must be aged 18 years or older to make a purchase on the app.”

There are a variety of different ways to purchase coins on TikTok. The options are.

  • PayPal
  • GCash
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Smart communications billing

“After you’ve selected your chosen payment method and entered the payment details you just need to click the pay now button to purchase your chosen amount of TikTok coins.”

It is quite possible that you are worried about the fact of linking your bank account with your TikTok account, which is why you can opt for a virtual card. These cards can be used as a replacement for debit or credit cards and linked to your PayPal account. These cards can also be linked with Google Pay or even Apple Pay accounts.

How To Withdraw Your TikTok Gifts?  

How To Withdraw Your TikTok Gifts
  • Press The Three Dots.
  • Click Balance.
  • Click Live Gifts.
  • Click Cash Out.
  • Link Your Paypal And Choose The Amount.

You need to have a PayPal account that matches your official first and last name with your TikTok account in order to cash it out.

The minimum amount that you can withdraw at one time is a total of $100 from your account. With the account, you need to link a PayPal account at the same time to complete your transaction. The maximum amount you can redeem in a day is $1000.

Wrapping Up!  

Well there you go, now that you know how you can use TikTok coins then you can use these coins in the best way possible.

For those of you who are not familiar with the uses of TikTok coins then this is the perfect article for you go through and check out. Now if you think that this article was helpful then  give this article a like and comment down below.

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