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How To Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing



Have you ever wondered about how to track someone’s phone before? You see, people do have their own reasons for doing so; either it’s simply for parental monitoring, or they want to track their spouse’s suspicious acts and want to catch them red-handed.

Tracking is not only because of finding the cheaters or for catching someone red-handed. There is a certain reason for tracking for example for safety purposes. So, how to track someone’s phone’s occasions without knowing them?

We usually refer to various methods when we’re talking about phone tracking. Usually, the usual way to do that is through monitoring apps, which you can easily access online. There are also some free options that you may consider, but they do have a few flaws as well. Look for the best tips and recommendations below:

Spy Apps: Track a Phone Location

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Usually, if a person wants to monitor somebody through their devices, they will usually use what we call a monitoring or spying app. As the name implies, the app will work by spying on somebody right from their device.

The system will work automatically right after the installation is done properly. After that, the data receiver will be able to see what’s going on inside the target phone, like private conversations, social media details, etc.

If you want to know the solution to how to track someone’s locations without them knowing, one of the best options you can use is an app called as SpyBubble. The app is considered a really great monitoring app because it has some useful functionalities, such as:

  • Able to be used on any platform and operating system;
  • Users can access everything easier right from their very browser;
  • Various monitoring capabilities for many apps, including social media applications, chatting applications, and more.

With SpyBubble, the app monitoring process can be done as quickly as possible. Plus, the guaranteed privacy and secrecy will make the whole operation run more smoothly!

What Is Phone Tracking?

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Now, if you want to know how to track a phone without them knowing for free, we’ve already prepared some recommendations here.

But before talking more about it, let us first explain what phone tracking actually is. As the name implies, the phone tracking action will be done mostly on the phone. That means the user (in this case, the one who wants to spy on others) will have to install a certain app on the target phone.

This is what we call the spying app. Without the owner’s realization, the app can stay hidden underneath the system. They won’t even know that the app has been installed on their device. The app will work automatically to capture all the essential data and display it later on the user’s phone.

That way, the user will know everything about the user by looking at the chat details, calls information, and social media activities.

Although the whole process seems really easy, please remember one thing: most spying apps are not free. They offer their services for a price that sometimes might get higher as time goes on.

So, what’s the alternative solution for tracking someone by their cell phone numbers without them knowing?

Find My iPhone: Track An iPhone Location For Free

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The first one is the Find My iPhone feature, which, as you may know, is limitedly available on Apple phones. Anyone can use this feature right from their device, although there are some steps that they need to do first.

Now, if you want to be connected with somebody on iPhone, all you need to do is to connect to that person’s iCloud details. Plus, you need to enable the location-sharing function from your phone.

And then, the next time you want to track somebody, all you need is to open your phone and the Find My iPhone feature. Your friends’ location will be displayed there in real-time. This is an easy method for how to track the process.

However, note that the free methods are always risky since other people will always know what you’re doing. So, do it with caution.

Google Timeline: Track An Android Location For Free

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Another app to track phones without them knowing comes from Google. The good news is that the app or feature is completely free to use. You can also do it with excellent secrecy, which is nice so that you won’t easily get caught in action.

Similar to the Find My iPhone feature, the target should enable the location history first. If they didn’t do it, it’s nearly impossible to know where is the exact location. Maybe you will be well aware of how to track the locations but finding the android locations are always an easy task in comparison to the functions. Maybe the iPhone phone tracking is pretty tough, but tracking is also possible like the android.

If the option has been turned on, then you can check the location of your friends based on their histories. But note that this feature only captures historical places only, not the actual location. 

This means it could be wrong most of the time and not really effective. But Android tracking is much easy rather than iPhone location tracking. For both cases, if the users do not enable the phone’s location, tracking is almost impossible for anyone.


Although there are always free options for everything when it comes to monitoring or spying apps, we always recommend reputable apps instead of unknown ones. So, feel free to try using SpyBubble, which is considered one of the best in the market.

For a slight price, you can already get a decent set of features and usabilities that you can always use to track somebody more effectively and you are getting the answer of how to track. Which tracking process you are like to follow?

Let us know your opinion through the comment sections.


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