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Are you ever wondering about how to track Telegram users?

Yes, Telegram, as you may know, is one of the most famous chatting applications people commonly use nowadays.

Usually, these apps not only allow users to send chats to each other, but also other unique and exciting elements, like stickers, short videos, GIFs, and many more.

One of the reasons why people love Telegram is because of its animated stickers. These stickers run so smoothly, and to be honest, they look really lively compared to the other platforms. However, despite the goods and benefits, there are always risks that always linger on every corner.

So, parents who are worried about their kids’ safety can always do the Telegram tracking to know the answer to the most common question “Who are they texting?” to prevent negative influence on their kids. Know more in the explanation below:

How Spy Apps Track Telegram?

Track Telegram

In order to monitor your kids, you will need a spying app that you can install straight from the Play Store or App Store. These apps will help give you any information you wish to know.

Usually, you have to install the app both on your phone and the target phone, which is basically your kid’s phone. So to do the Telegram spy, you have to install the app first in order for it to work flawlessly.

How To Track Telegram Users With EyeZy

One of the best Telegram trackers you can use is eyeZy. Like the other monitoring apps you can find in the market, eyeZy is also completed with basic monitoring features and top-quality ones that you can’t even find on others.

The first step you have to do is to visit the official website to download the software. The process is quite easy; you only need to click Download, and the system will automatically download the tool.

After that, you need to install the tool on the target phone, and when everything is connected, that’s when you can finally gain any information from the target phone. With eyeZy, you can see private chats on social media platforms, including Telegram.

Plus, if you want to protect the kids further, you can restrict some websites from showing on your kid’s phone.

The other features worth mentioning are Location Tracking, which can be really helpful in knowing your kids’ whereabouts, and Message & Call Monitoring to see who your kids have recently called.

If you ever find something that’s too shocking, you can capture the screen with Screen Recorder and confront your kids about it later on.

However, before doing any Telegram spying steps, make sure that your kids know what you’re about to do. Because if they find out about it later on and without your explanation, they will feel really cheated and disappointed.

Why Spying On Telegram?

Spying On Telegram

So, what are the reasons that make people want to spy on Telegram? In reality, there are so many reasons that we could never think of. However, usually, people the monitoring or spying activities like this for various reasons, such as:

  1. To protect the kids from the harm of cybersecurity, which is currently on the rise;
  2. Protect employees from scams and phishing;
  3. Catch cheating spouse;
  4. To help family members recover from addiction;
  5. Protect parents or other family members from fraud.

What Makes eyeZy Unique?

Surely, it’s because of the features. eyeZy can give you some useful ones, such as:

  1. mAssistance: This feature will give you assistance with the installation and the other things you need to know.
  2. Screenrecorder: It can be used to capture any evidence about the suspicious behaviors of somebody.
  3. iPhone tracking without jailbreak: For those who don’t want to jailbreak their phones, eyeZy also offers the non-jailbreak version; although the features are limited, the essentials are still there.


Spying on Telegram is good, but for a reason. Parents can always monitor their kids’ activity online by using monitoring apps. We highly recommend using eyeZy, which may give you lots of beneficial features and functionalities.

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