Why It Is Important To Keep An Eye On Scams In 2023



The digital world is helping us in various ways. Well, scamming is becoming a usual threat to us.

Whether you are an online or offline scammer is like a shadow that is always following your activities. You never know who is following you and then trying to trap you.

No doubt, the internet has created a fantastic opportunity for us to explore the world, but that comes with a potential cost. Online scam has increased by 70% in recent years, according to IC3 Report.

Recent practices of online scammers also masked tech support. Even Apple users get such foul tech support calls randomly.

Can you imagine an unsolicited call from Apple’s support phone number?

Well, this has already happened, and this was even shocking for the actual Apple support. Through voicemail, email, or phone calls, you are not even safe with Apple anymore. This situation may increase our tension, but Apple told their customers to hang up the call and contact them directly.

Well, there is always a solution until you get scammed. But if you don’t understand the scamming activities, it is not possible for anyone to help you.

However, the only solution is to increase your knowledge and understanding of the modern scams that are happening around you.

Different Scams We Need To Keep An Eye On

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According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, almost $526 292 444 was lost in scams. This indicates a financial loss of 12.2%.

This type of data is enough to understand the devastating nature of scammers around the world. There is no need to understand the importance of scams and tracking them separately. If you know what is happening around you will understand what may happen to you in later days.

The only solution we can find out is to go for information on recent scams and practices. The more you understand it, the more it will help you to get rid of the scammers.

We are already vulnerable to the digital world, and thus there is no chance of returning from this transition.

So, let’s check out the recent world scams that are happening around and be aware of the scammers.

Phone Scams

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It’s hard to believe that almost 60 million people were mobile scammed in 2021.

Well, phone scams may occur in various forms, but the most common among all is phishing apps. Cybercriminals are constantly trying to develop scam apps, and if you download such apps or APKs on your phone, you are already compromised.

These apps might look the same as you expected, but they send malware through these fake apps. This is unpredictable until you know about such scams. This is where the importance of keeping an eye on scams lies.

  • Facing difficulty in closing an app.
  • Apps may redirect to suspicious sites.
  • Apps may disappear and reappear on your mobile screen.

These are the possible symptoms you may admit with a mobile scam.

Online Purchase Scams

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Cyberthieves may also create fake online shopping websites to foul you. This type of scam happened to many people.

Well, scammers always try to target particular times when people are in a rush or are very eager for shopping. In such situations, people think less before going shopping.

So, they mainly focus on the festive seasons, the high times for shopping. For instance, Black Friday is the alarm for shopping for Christmas. From the 1st to and 29th of November, people shopped for $110 billion in 2021. This suggests the craze for shopping at Christmas.

So the scammers target Black Friday to help themselves in a rush. It was difficult for them before to scam people directly. But with the presence of online shopping, the work became super easy for scammers.

Well, the following guide on Black Friday scams prevention may help you be aware of such situations.

Romance Scams

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In the world of internet dating, people are getting scammed more and more. Yes, internet dating gives us the space and time to catch up with the people we like. It opens a more expansive world for us to choose partners among different options.

But these dates and dating apps are mostly fake. Many people lose money or personal information to those who they love.

Taking on the web and getting attracted is easy because there is a chance of engaging the mistaken words in texts which you cannot do with word of mouth.

So, be aware of such online dating options and keep yourself safe.

Social Media Scams

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With social media scams, people lost nearly $770 million last year. Almost all internet users are prone to social media. There are various social media platforms available in the market, and we love to use those apps.

But you have to be aware of the signs that may indicate scams.

  • Avoid posts that offer low-price products on social media pages.
  • Avoid links that directly come to you and ask you to claim your prize on a different webpage.

Always remember that social media pages do not control ads or scams. Thus it would help if you took on these responsibilities on your own.

Tech Support Scams

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As we have discussed earlier, tech support is becoming the new trend in scamming. Do not trust texts or calls, even if they seem authorized for payment purposes.

No matter how fast you need the service, it’s better to contact your authorized apartment on your own and tell them your issues.

Well, never forget that scammers are randomly trying and monitoring online activities. So, sometimes it may occur that the solution you are seeking is also the solution the scammers are trying to provide you. But I never fell into such a trap.

A few possible scamming ways are:

  • Unexpected pop-up message.
  • Tech support is asking for advance payments for your services.

Try to avoid these actions and immediately call your authorized partner.

Last but not least, take care of your emotions and control things that you understand. Have a great day ahead!


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