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More often than not, we hear this term called VPN in terms of digital security. But did you know that with each date, millions of data is stolen through infiltrating the IP address in different devices?

Forget digital marketers; the normal mass should be practicing safe browsing for this reason. After all, you wouldn’t want your credit card information to end up in the hands of a cybercriminal after a shopping spree.

However, today we will be focusing more on why VPN is so important for internet marketers. Specifically, they are working in the digital marketing field and wouldn’t want their date to be in any form of trouble.

What Is A VPN?

If you are a freelancer new to digital marketing, and exposure to the internet is overwhelming you, then you should know about VPNs. It is short for Virtual Private Network and exactly what it sounds like.

It is a private tunnel from your ISP to your device. Some of the benefits of VPN which make it so secure.

What Is VPN

– Your actual IP address is always hidden. So, if you are using public wifi, there is no threat of data theft.

– You can access any private network all over the world.

– If you are using a good VPN source of VPN, you are bound to have good service, i.e., fast internet.

Avoid free VPN services, especially those that provide too many private networks. This means most of them are stolen, and they do not have the proper authorization to use them. This can put your device at more risk than safety.

Why Is VPN Beneficial For Internet Marketers

Now, coming to the main matter of the excerpt. Commencing with your digital marketing journey, why do you think you can benefit from it?

VPN Beneficial

1. Testing SEO Around The World

Search Engine Optimization is not always area centric unless you are optic for concentrated local SEO. If expansion is among one of your five-year plans, then you should be concerned about global search engine optimization.

In order to understand the top pages of your niche, you search the subject on a browser. Unfortunately, with no VPN, only the top results according to your location come up.

Hence your Search Engine Optimization becomes very convergent. Today, if you want to target the Philippines, knowing the top results of the USA wouldn’t be much help. The same concept goes when you are trying to win a region’s social media space; you will need to see what the ‘Twitter home page’ looks like in that country.

2. Information Protection

Coming to the most obvious part of the VPN benefits-

Why is VPN security crucial for internet marketers?

The simple answer is ‘data.’ Data is the fundamental unit of understanding your audience and their search intent. Data gives you a depth of what your target audience would like and the trends they are watching or retweeting.

Your competitors are always on the loose trying to get that data. Cybercriminals will try to steal important and sensitive data by getting your IP address. Therefore, if you want your digital marketing to run smoothly, try a fast vpn today.

VPN not only hides your IP address, but it also changes it. Therefore, if you are worried about google crawlers blocking your IP address from a guest post you have backlined to, VPN is the solution.

The new IP address will match the location you are targeting.

4. Better Remote Working

Right after the Covid watch, there were many organizations that preferred remote working. However, remote working means you have to secure every corner of the world with whatever device your employees are working with.

This got a lot easier when people VPN commenced. Now, the entire organization can work under one private network, and this helped mitigate two big risks.

– Data theft from other locations.

– Any unfair usage of a company’s digital assets could be assessed with a VPN.

You can tie up with one VPN company and use them as your official VPN server. Then, make it mandatory for every employee to use it. This is for their privacy and your company’s privacy as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPN is a matter of concern for many. Is it safe? Should they be using it? Is it ethical? These are some of the frequently asked questions over the internet.

VPN is a matter
1. Why Does My Company Need A VPN

Ans. Safety is one thing, but did you know that using a VPN can also protect you from cybercriminals waiting to steal data for ransomware? In addition, a VPN can keep your identity anonymous, which gives you an upper hand.
Generally, when cybercriminals infiltrate devices for data theft, they can ask for ransomware when they get hold of sensitive data from working organizations. So, before you store anything in the cloud (since remote working is a trend now), get the right VPN. Some popular VPNs to consider are Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost. These VPNs can help you protect your data and ensure your online privacy.

2. Why Do I Need A VPN

Ans. As we know, a VPN is a private network that connects the ISP to your device. But these are some pioneer reasons why you will need a VPN in your daily life.
– When you are in a cafe or hotel, and you are using a public network. That is a hotspot for cybercrimes.
– When you are trying to surf content like movies and series from other countries. Especially browsing through Netflix and Hulu.
– When you use cloud storage for literally everything.

3. Can VPN Improve Internet Speed?

Ans. If you are using a legit VPN, and it is not sourced free, then it should increase your internet speed. Countries like Norway and New Zealand have pretty high internet speeds, and if you connect yourself to these countries, you should be able to enjoy good speed.

Get A VPN Today!

By now, you should know how important location-based digital marketing is. Yes, targeting the world and getting a strong customer base from every direction is a dream. But, in order to fulfill that, you need to target each place separately.

If you want good Search Engine Optimization worthy research with safety, then you shouldn’t wait and get VPN today.


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