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30 Plus Awesome Social Media Blogs You Need To Follow

published on: 22.06.2017 last updated on: 19.06.2019

Social media have undergone an explosion in the last few years, and there are many blogs in the market with tons of content that will benefit your growth efforts. Many of these social media marketing blogs offer massive insights with the latest news focused on giving practical advice to improve your business. All these best social media blogs might not work well for you. You need to outline a few blogs that are worth bookmarking to fit your business situation.

If you want success to be part of you in the field of social media marketing, you will have to learn from the best social media experts by paying attention to the pieces of advice you get. The intuitive path you can follow to attain the best result is going to the top quality social media blogs. These top social media blogs are a certain way to get the required information when you want to be the best marketer in the social realm.

In this article, I have narrowed down this overwhelming selection to a group of 30 plus must-read blogs. The social media blogs that we’ve featured below can help add value to your own marketing strategies and cover a variety of valuable topics.

30 Plus Awesome Social Media Blogs (In No Particular Order)

1.Hootsuite Blog:

Hootsuite is about the best social media tools to manage all your social channels from a single window and the Hootsuite blog is the ultimate repository for social media marketing, strategies, advice, and tips. This blog presents a mixture of helpful hints, social media news, and suggestions plus a great selection of reviews and lists of services and apps. You will also access examples and interviews of social media campaigns that have been successful in the past.

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2. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is among the most populous blogs in the online space that focus on business growth. This blog will not only assist you in promoting yourself but also create your brand loyalty. It also has social media elements that will help push your brand and business. You will get backstage techniques from this blog for using social media to do marketing.

3. Buffer Blog:

Buffer social blog is the daily press for every marketer that wishes to stay ahead in things that are happening in the social media space. They cover all topics, make interesting lists, come up with freshest stories in all niches, and bring in-depth analysis and present excellent tools plus alternatives.

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4. Social Media Examiner:

This blog presents a mixture of helpful hints, social media news, and suggestions plus a great selection of reviews and lists of services and apps. You will also access examples and interviews of social media campaigns that have been successful in the past.

5. Meltwater Blog:

Meltwater blog provides information on entrepreneurship, mentorship, and investments in the world of technology. The blog provides business strategies that shape the insights from growing online data that lies in the internal data. The creator of this blog has a vision of building a global organization that has exceptional people who enjoy working together.

6. Social Media Today:

Social media today blog focuses only on social media with a broad range of posts including reviews and insights of all the primary stakeholders in the universe. They assist companies in leveraging the power of social media by building deeper customer relations and other constituencies which influence business.

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7. Jon Loomer Digital:

Jon Loomer is an entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist, as well as a social media blogger that focuses on Facebook. Through its social media blog, the aim of Loomer is to help businesses and brands to make a difference by use of social media through detailed and informative posts. It has advanced Facebook marketing tutorials and brands for providing inspiration for Facebook-related businesses.

8. Simply Measured:

Simply Measured blog gives you tips about business strategies on social media sites, surveys, analysis, news, markets, trends, facts, and all that is there. This is an all in one blog which brings social media close to your business. It gives techniques on how you can manage social media to reach big audiences. It helps you in strategy and planning.

9. Convince and Convert:

Convince and convert company provides expert advisors for firms in digital marketing areas. These experts share knowledge and insights on the social media blog of this company. The authors propel relevant trends and news in the realm of the market. They translate these trends to regular posts to both new and seasoned marketers.

10. Social Media Week:

This blog features the latest social media news that targets businesses. The news has the right tips that will help businesses actualize their goals with their social strategy and campaigns. It also highlights trends, tools, news, and resources around social networks, web 2.0, and social media.

11. Blog2Social Blog:

The blog2social blog focuses mostly on features and news that appeal to bloggers. They touch on topics under social media and others that may interest individuals that are not bloggers. It has a mixture of content that can be helpful when you are making a list of topics to read.

12. Digimind Blog:

The dig mind blog features the latest hot new websites, digital ad campaigns, interacting marketing ideas, industry news, insights, social media, industry news, virals, and other great trends from the whole world. This blog has it all for your social media practice and growth.

13. RazorSocial:

RazorSocial is a social blog that has the highest traffic in the world. It is a great resource for technology and tools in the market of content and social media. Most blogs are written by the founder of the site and a few other experts. The purpose of these blogs is to help entrepreneurs who are unsure or afraid of venturing into online marketing.

14. The Social Media Hat:

This blog is a hotbed of tips on the techniques to optimize social media profiles for you to grow a great audience that can reach higher. Since all social networks are on this blog, searching for your desired destination is free of charge.

15. The Social Ms:    

The owners of this site, Susanna Gebauer, and Jonathan Gebauer created this blog to help marketers that would like to grow their businesses, and become social media and marketing experts. You will get insights on the tips and techniques you require before venturing into online marketing and business. You will also know what to anticipate with each social media channel you are using.

16. Schaefer Marketing Solutions:

This site is run by its founder, Mark Schaefer. His social media blog, Grow, has been appearing on countless business outlets like BBC, CNN, and CBS news. You will access the required information if you want to succeed in the realm of content and social media marketing, career advice, and inspirational content tips.

17. Social Beat:

The social beat blog brings in everything in small bits. In the advertising and marketing category, you will find many social media topics, mostly how and why you will optimize your sites to become socially friendly.

18. Socially Sorted:

Socially sorted is a visual marketing and a social media powerhouse, and equals as a contributor to the largest worldwide media outlets. Donna Moritz’s passion for all social media things shines through her interesting blog. She shares fresh content about the marketing world and accompanies the posts with visually stimulating images and graphics.

19. Unmetric Blog:

The unmetrics blog possesses an interesting approach to social media pages. The present conventional brands, people, and situations which utilize social networks to their benefit and the thing they do to become popular. These blogs present the way people became successful in social media. You will have free access to strategies, analytics, comparisons, and many more for your growth on social media.

20. Jenn’s Trends:

Jenn’s trends blog has given the popularity that is making her recognized in the social media marketing world focusing on Instagram. She has won top social media awards in the recent past. She has expertise in writing valuable blogs ranging from twitter polling advice to Instagram caption tips.

21. Social Media Explorer:

This blog is run by its CEO and founder, Jason Fall’s. It offers great insights into the performance of the social media industry in general. It is worth checking it out because you will get information on how to venture into this industry.

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22. Rebekah Radice:

This social media blog aims at pushing three social marketing areas, namely execution, profitability, and perception. Her expertise lends itself to advise about social media, branding, overall strategy, and content marketing. Her populous posts include formulas and shortcuts for instant improvement and 47 social media ideas. The tips you get from these posts are readily applicable.

23. Liveworld Social Media Blog:

Liveworld social media blog presents the latest news on social media. You will learn the techniques of growing your content, how to create content for social channels, managing your social profiles, tools, resources, insights, and valuable information. At live world social media blog, you will learn the techniques of using social media to your advantage.

24. Top Dog Social Media:

The founder and CEO of this blog, Angelo Dorado, is among the most creative strategists in the social media industry. His blogs deliver huge results for clients on social media. He delivers content that provides powerful results for all clients. You will learn great tips you can use to optimize your social sites for business connections and opportunities.

25. Ignite Social Media:

Ignite social media has a simple design for you to find social media marketing strategies and news for your business. You will also get populous search engines and social networks analyzed alongside many other tricks you did not know about.

26. Socialmouths:

The founder of this social site, Fransisco Rosales, created it to serve as a vehicle to deliver free advice on being successful over the internet. The vehicle includes components like social media, blogging, web traffic, email marketing, conversion, content, and marketing. Alongside his content, Rosales hosts blogs from various bloggers in the field like Peg Fitzpatrick.

27. Pam Marketing Nut:

The CEO and founder of this agency are Pam Moore. She has a working relationship with the entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., and much more, and she shares her knowledge and learning on the blog of her company. Most of her blogs are recordings from the social zoom factor podcast she owns. Her posts cover social media landscape events and conferences for providing clear highlights and easy to understand answers.

29. Chatter Buzz Media:

The chatter buzz media blog features a lovely and clean interface that has useful content. It provides a point of view on integrated communications like social media, PR, general and interactive marketing topics. The point of view of this blog stimulates meaningful conversations on meaningful topics ranging from tactics and strategy to trend analysis and news commentaries.

30. The Social Media Monthly:

The social media monthly blog features tricks and tips to improve the engagement of users on your social media platforms. You will learn how to get feedback from your clients and convert them into sales. You will be able to find valuable tricks and tips on how making money from social media channels by focusing on optimization and promotion.

31. Sociable Blog:

The sociable blog covers a wide range of items you know in the range of social media marketing. These aspects include My Space, Facebook, YouTube, and other communities that are reader-powered.

32. Send Social Media:

Send social media blog looks at everything from social media and apps through social media. The author of this blog helps start-ups, businesses, and individuals succeed in understanding communication on social media, location-based services, and social networks. With extensive experience in the sector of social media and technology, it offers counsel to business leaders in the range of start-ups and business representatives of small, medium, and large corporations.

33. Socialnomics Blog:

The owner, creator, and CEO of this blog is Eric Qualman. He is the populous blogger and author of many best selling books. The Socialnomics blog spawned from the book, written by Erik Qualman, with the intent of providing short social stories, statistics, studies and surprises about the biz and buzz of tech.


The number of social media experts who are willing to share their expertise and skills for growing your business and giving you must-read blogs is continuously growing. The blogs discussed above can be helpful in adding value to your marketing strategies by covering valuable topics. You will find everything you are looking for in the blogs ranging from periscope guides, Instagram best practices, Pinterest selling techniques, and own blog post inspiration. Whether you are new in the social marketing field or you are a seasoned guru, you will get a lot of knowledge that will expose you to the world of endless success.

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