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6 Ways to Build Email List from Scratch



We have been now moved to an era of communication.

Communication is all about convincing or expressing your point of view either in the form of works or verbal speaking.

The business marketer also uses communication skills to promote their brand or their sister brands and the growth of Android phones and network of speedy communication, it has now become cheaper for companies to give their message to their public by using email marketing.

Email marketing is a very reasonable and affordable way to keep your customers connected with you and let them have new information or any updates about your company and start-up. But it is not an easy task to build the email list. But it is also not that difficult. You just have to be alert and creative. Here are some ways of building the email list from scratch:

Ask for Email Address:

mail Address

Ask your customers to write their email addresses on the provided sheet at the counter near the gate.
Furthermore, you can also ask them to drop their business cards in the bowl, placed at the counter of a telephone operator.

Not only ask them to provide your email address, but you should also guide your employees to respectfully inform them about benefits and reasons for giving or providing the email address to the company or any start-up.
You can also provide your email address too!

You can also provide pamphlets to every customer in which your email address would be given and ways to be a subscriber of yours.

Moreover, if you own a grocery store, then you can print your email address and reasons for subscribing precisely on check-list too.

The connection between Rewards and Subscribing:

Rewards and Subscribing

Connect you want to have subscribers with their wants of getting rewards or some exclusivity.
Instead of treating them normally. Treat your subscriber’s bit differently.

You can give them shiny cards on the basis of which they can avail a few discounts in a month. You can also reward them with $ 50 dollar gifts on their birthdays or anniversaries.

You can also give them preference over others when the queue would belong to show them and others the BENEFITS OF SUBSCRIBING.

In this way, not only your regular customers but your new customers will also throw their business cards in your bowl or provide you their email address or subscribe by themselves and get engage with you.
Overall, the provision of facilities will widen your email list.

Enlarge with Social Media:

Social media has the quality of enlarging a local brand at a peak for cheap.

You can promote your brand by using social media by putting ads, which should contain your email address, of your company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or any other social media websites.

Furthermore, you can make a proper page or twitter handle of your company which should be updated daily with pictures and posts. You can either hire a person to promote you on social media or you can also ask your few family members to look at and handle it together.

Social media help you to build an email list. It will provide you, customers or followers.
You can also take out different deals and discounts for your online customers in order to build your audience base.

Make Blogs:

To build an email list, you can write blogs daily about your company or brand regularly. Different companies promote or get their subscribers through their blogs. The blog should be informative that not only helps readers but also make them addicted to your blogs. And when he or she will become addicted to your blogs then he or she will definitely subscribe to your email address and become your regular customer if you provide them deals and online special offers.

Your blogs should be creative. They should have pictures and details. Suppose if you own a gym, then you can write about health and fitness. You can also write about the advantages of being active and the effect of it on mental health. But remember, you should provide your email address or website in Author’s bio to get a new subscriber.

1. Work on it-Give Updates:


You will lose your subscribers gradually if they will find no use of it. So make their subscribing worthy.
You can make their subscribing useful by emailing them updates and deals on regular basis. Suppose, if you own a clothing line, then mail them when there would be the sale or 70 % off at your store.

It is a good technique to keep your customers engaged with you but keep in mind not to mail them every few second because it will irritate them and you will eventually lose your customer. You can mail them daily but resist to mail them many time a day. It will not only irritate them but you will also be irritated by this practice.

So mail them when there is need of it.

2. Let the Opt-in Forms to Work:

Organize your website. It should have opt-in forms that would pop-up after spending a minute over there. The opt-in form should be colorful and creative. It can also contain engaging general knowledge questions that would them to it and they will, then, to provide their email addresses.

Furthermore, you can add the sense of humor in it. For example, if you own a confectionery store which is now going to supply rice flour made cakes, then you can give the option of “No thanks” with “I am happy with my creamy cakes” and the option of YES with “I want cream with less sugar”.

The humour will make it easier to get the email address and help you to build the email list.

3. Guest Blogging will Help:

You can promote your brand in order to build an email list by guest blogging at your friend’s blogs or you can also post your blog on a known blog. You can also hire a content writer to write guest posts for you.

You can also ask your family members to write to you who have exceptional writing skills.

Guest Blogging will promote you to different masses which need easy going life. And maybe in this way you can get more email addresses.

The main function of guest blogging is to promote the brand or your company.

But remember, you should provide your email address in Bio or in the blog as the link.

4. Design a Cool Website:

It is very helpful to design your own website as it will help you in getting email addresses.

The website should be designed on the basis of your logo and company’s colour scheme.

Furthermore, it should contain pictures a d posted content. It also should have opt-in forms on its home or easily available.

5. Build a Community:

You can make an informal community of those who have provided their ids to you.

Within that community, users can write feature writing on any of your product or service or related the service you provide. For example, if you own baby daycare, then they can write about parenting and how to look after children or anything like that. And you can also reward a person whose writing get maximum views by giving $50 dollar gift or pan pizza.

6. Let the community members get more Email Addresses:

Organize competitions within the community that whoever will collect more and more email addresses from different people will get free cereals and 2 dairy products for months.

In this way, your email list will be built and your regular customers will be entertained. And moreover, it will get cheaper to promote your business.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to promote your business or start-up. It only requires creativity which you can increase in many ways.

So promote your startup in few dollars and be a successful owner.

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