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How to Build Great Customer Experience at Call Center



Today, and even more so, because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, most clients and businesses have moved their business dealings online.

Customer service needs to be great. Many major companies have outsourced their customer services to call centers that handle responses of one or many businesses.

How a call center agent deals with a customer can make or break a business reputation. How can you build a great customer experience at a call center? What advice can the experts provide?

Train Your Customer Care Agents in Soft Skills

Train Your Customer Care Agents in Soft Skills

Training your Inbound call Center agents is a necessity that you cannot ignore. No matter what experience the agents own, having a solidified, structured way of dealing with customers is essential for any call center. Training your agents in soft skills goes a long way in dealing with customers.

If you want more loyal your clients, you need to make sure that your customer care executives understand what you are trying to do. They need to be on the same page in terms of understanding the businesses’ vision and mission statement. If the business wants its customers to be treated in a certain manner, the customer care executives should make sure that they are doing it in the best possible fashion. This means being patient and friendly with the customers.

We are all prone to react in different ways when we get difficult or angry clients. Here lies the reason training on how to deal with clients is essential. The goal is to turn every customer into a loyal brand ambassador for your business.

Invest in Call Answering AI Technology

Invest in Call Answering AI Technology

Today, many call centers equip themselves with self-service apparatus and systems to filter out long waiting times for customers to reach busy call center agents.

You might have called customer service and heard the message, ‘if you want service in a certain language, press,’ and so on. If you want to talk to an agent, press 0’ and so on.

Most customers will select self-service for faster service. According to Harvard Business Review, 81% of customers prefer to use self-service before they seek to speak to a call center agent.

Not only does AI technology save you time, but it allows you to have leaner staff and save on expenses. Visit websites such as the NICE website and gain insight into self-service AI technology and agent-assisted information that might work for your call center.

Track Your Call Center Statistics

Track Your Call Center Statistics

Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and track these to increase your customer service experience. Tracking and analyzing data gives a clear picture of what the customers require. What data can you collect? The time of your call center agents between one customer to another.

Do you have a semi self-service system? Track the number of clients who reach out to an agent is of value. Data is key to any success of a company. It shows that you listen to your customers and implement solutions that give them a better experience.

A key indicator is the turnover of your call center agents. Some call centers manage to keep low levels of staff turnover, while others have very high rates. Dissatisfied and disgruntled agents will not work hard to keep your clients or resolve your customers’ issues.

The ball lies in your hands. Finding out the reasons for the high turnover exists and mitigating them can mean the make or break to the call center’s bottom line. Why? Replacing and training agents is an expensive venture. 


A key element to the success of your enterprise depends on the customer having a great experience with the call center. Customers become loyal brand ambassadors when they have a great experience.

According to some statistics, 83% of customers say they become more loyal to brands that respond and provide solutions to their issues. 65% of customers canceled their transactions with one brand and moved to another label because of poor customer service.

Call centers play a huge role in maintaining clients. The more loyal your clients feel about your brand, the more profits your business will experience and Vise Versa.

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