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How Should Business Schools Market Themselves On Social Media?



One of the business school’s major goals with marketing is to bring prospective students into their schools. The marketing industry is now using social media marketing strategies to leverage the marketing campaign’s reach.

The schools that are doing social media are following a common theme of effectively threading their interaction with the students.

The students are using the social media channel to highlight their educational culture. This marketing campaign includes the alumni and the currency students to show how real the marketing campaign is.

Sharing the culture with the other students or prospective students will help them to be a part of the school even before they have joined. This will make them share your social media post with their friends. This cycle will keep on going.

How Should Business Schools Market Themselves On Social Media?

No matter how we see it, social media plays an important role in today’s marketing industry. However, the real question is how social media can help the business school to leverage its reach among other students.

Here is a closer look at some of the ways that universities and high schools use social media for marketing.

1. Engagement Tactics

Using social media is the best way to keep changing your engagement tactics. Remember that trends drive people; if you are posting the same kind of post every day, you will soon find your engagement decreasing. There are several types of social media posts that can keep engagement flowing.

You can use the days to create different types of posts to keep things interesting. For instance, you can create post pillars like:

  • Saturday sport updates.
  • The weekend starts Friday.
  • Talk about campus Monday.

Your primary goal should be engagement and keep students visiting your social media pages.

2. Creating Campaigns Around Trending Events

Trending events are the best way to attract students’ attention; you can use the trendy event and share news around the campus to boost currency student engagement. This practice can help attract students and parents who are looking for the best educational institution.

You can even use the events that are happening on your campus as content material and showcase them on the social handles. Some of the content types can be:

  • Sports events.
  • Student activity.
  • Campus tour.

Today, there are several tools that can be used to automate all your posts. Hence, managing multiple posts has become easier.

3. Getting Creative With Pinterest

Pinterest comes with new opportunities for the educational institution, and it is the best way to showcase your business school and the new students that are joining. Pinterest is underrated, and many universities are yet to gauge its true potential.

Using Pinterest to share your posts and content will give your readers an opportunity to pinned down their favorite posts to refer to them in the future. Pinterest is great for the followings:

  • Showcasing photos of your campus.
  • Highlight recruiting information.
  • Daily updates.
  • Career boards.

4. Addressing Students Queries

Addressing student queries is one of the best ways to highlight the good side of your educational institution. However, how you are going to do it effectively. When there were no social media platforms, it was practiced with phone calls. Not only was this process time consuming, but it also lacked impact.

However, with the social media presence, you can answer any queries in a matter of minutes and keep your engagement to the maximum level. It is one of the creative ways that have been used by colleges in Dubai to answer foreign student queries.

5. Activating Word-of-Mouth Marketing Via Alumni

The best way to add value to what your educational institution is saying is by making those words come out from alumni. Today, you will find that everyone uses this strategy to make others believe about their authenticity and just by how much they add value to their life.

Today, while searching for the best educational institution and business school, students value personal recommendations. If these recommendations are correct, the conversion rate can be maximized.


Social media have certainly disrupted the art of digital marketing in a good way. It has not only increased the content consumption but has boosted the reach. This is the reason why social media campaigns have become an important pillar of digital marketing.

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