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Can’t Upload Video to Twitter – Here’s What You Need to Know

published on: 15.03.2021 last updated on: 17.03.2021

Social media platforms have become more than just a way of connecting with people. Some social media platform is connected with our daily life, and we love to share our hobbies, interest, any experiences on them. Twitter is one of them, and it has around 192 million daily active members. But there is a common issue that many of us face while using Twitter, and that is “I can’t upload video to Twitter.”

As we all know that while tweeting our thoughts and opinion about anything on Twitter in written form, the maximum limit of any Twitter is 280 characters. And the limit also included hashtags. There are also some criteria for the video that you are trying to upload To Twitter or Twitter videos not playing.

So in order to get the solution of “I can’t upload video to Twitter,” first you need to know the basic format of any video that Twitter allows to Upload. Here are all the pieces of information on the video format. 

Twitter Video Formats

Twitter Video FormatsIn order to upload your videos to Twitter and to resolve the issue of “I can’t upload video to Twitter,” you need to make sure that your video is meeting certain criteria that are mentioned below.

  • File type should be MOV or MP4.
  • Maximum Resolution has to be1920 x 1200.
  • Minimum Resolution should be 32 x 32.
  • Maximum Time Duration or Maximum Twitter Video Length: 2 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Extra Tip is here and that is HD videos of 720p or 1280 x 720 are recommended.  
  • Aspect ratios have to be between 1:2.39 to 2.39:1 range (inclusive).
  • Maximum Video Bitrate: 25 Mbps.
  • Maximum Frame Rate should not go beyond 40 fps.

Can’t Upload Video to Twitter – Steps To Meet The Video Format Criteria

Can't Upload Video to Twitter - Steps To Meet The Video Format CriteriaThere are several video editor software and applications available in order to compress the video and make it Twitter uploadable so that you can resolve the issue “I can’t upload the video to Twitter.” Some of them are available for free, while some are on a paid basis. You can install the video converter on your PC and take a forward step. 

Here I will guide you step by step for converting your video so that you can upload it to Twitter. For that, first, you need to install the software Video Converter Factory Pro.

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Step 1: Launch The Video Converter And Import The Video You Want To Upload

The first step that you need to take for getting the solution of “I can’t upload the video to Twitter” is to open the HD Video Converter Factory Pro. You can see five function models there, but you need to go to “Converter.” a new window will open. Now click on “Add Files.” Select the video that you want to upload to Twitter and import it.

Click on the “i” icon, and it will show you all the information related to your video. Now you can check the required parameters, and in spite of changing every parameter, just change those, which are incompatible. 

Step 2: Convert The Particular Video To MP4

It is time to convert the video format so that you can resolve a part of the issue “can’t upload video to Twitter.” On the right side, there is a big format icon; under the “Video” tab, click on the “MP4” option to choose it. By default, for MP4 video container, H.264 AAC is used by HD Video Converter Pro. 

Step 3: Change Video Resolution, Frame Rate, Bitrate, Aspect Ratio, Etc

Now under the format icon, you will find “Parameter Settings.” Go to that options, next you will be able to change the video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, audio channels, aspect ratio, and some more settings easily with some simpler steps. You need to make sure that you are keeping all these options within the limit in order to get the solution of “I can’t upload video to Twitter.”

Step 4: Shorten The Video Length

Video length is another factor for solving the “I can’t upload video to Twitter” issue. And for that, you need to click on the trim icon that is given below the video that you are editing or have imported. After clicking, you will be directed to another new window. Now you can cut the video. 

Make sure you are making the video shorter than 2 minutes, 20 seconds, or 140 seconds. There are blue sliders; drag them and set both the start point along with the endpoint. It will show the duration time synchronously. Now, in order to cut the particular slip from the video, hit the option “Trim.” In order to save the changes you have done, click on the “Save.”

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Step 5: Compress The Full Video Size

The earlier step will also compress the video size and give you another solution for the “I can’t upload video to Twitter” issue. But in case you are not satisfied with the video file size. You want to reduce the file size further, and you can take advantage of the feature Batch Compression setting. 

On the bottom portion, drag the blue slider another time to the right for increased compression ratio along with reducing video file size. The changes that are done in the output file size are totally synchronized with the compression ratio. 

Step 6: Export the Video

Now we are on the last step, and here we need to save the video that we are compressing and formatting till now. There will be a small triangle icon; click on that and set the location for saving the video that you have converted. Now, in order to finalize and process, click on the “Run.”

Upload The Video Now

We have edited and compressed the video. Now your video is ready for uploading to Twitter. Now, whenever you face the same problem of “I can’t upload video to Twitter,” just follow the steps that are mentioned above.

In the end, you will get a video that you can upload to Twitter without any interruption. Though you are facing trouble uploading the video do not forget to check your internet connection and the speed of your internet connection. Now enjoy tweeting with video files also.

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