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Common Blogging Problems And How To Solve Them | A Comprehensive Guide

published on: 10.01.2024 last updated on: 30.03.2024

Blogging has become a common practice these days, and everyone is inclined to create quality blog posts. Blog writing has become a prevalent tool for reaching out to your target audience.

However, like other digital marketing components, blogging has challenges and problems. Facing problems in your niche is common, but tackling them precisely is what matters.

This comprehensive guide will teach you about common blogging problems and how to solve them.

Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism is the biggest problem bloggers may encounter during their whole blogging journey. Bloggers may not actually intend to copy other blogs’ ideas or content but still fall for plagiarism either due to similar topics or the same niche. Though this type of plagiarism may not be intentional, it still brings consequences for them. The search engine may penalize such blogs or push them to a low ranking for publishing plagiarized content.

How to Solve

To overcome this problem, bloggers must check for plagiarism before publishing any blog post. A plagiarism checker like this detects any sort of plagiarism within the provided content by comparing it against millions of web pages. Any instances of accidental plagiarism committed while writing a blog can be precisely identified using a plagiarism detector. After finding those plagiarized sentences, you can rewrite them and avoid any consequences.

Not Knowing to Paraphrase

If you don’t know how to restate your ordinary written blogs into an appealing and unique version, you are dealing with a big problem. Lacking paraphrasing skills can harm your blogging success as you may always write in a specific writing style lacking novelty. Not knowing how to represent a common idea in a differential may also lead to plagiarism. Paraphrasing allows you to transform simple written sentences in your blogs into more interesting and readable ones.

How to Solve

With the help of a paraphraser, you can effectively learn the art of paraphrasing and make your blogs more unique. You can use an online paraphrasing tool to understand how to rewrite a given statement using new vocabulary and different sentence structures. Using a paraphrase tool, you can transform your dull and monotonous writing style into a more engaging and effective one. You can also avoid repeating similar ideas while paraphrasing.

Lack of SEO Knowledge

SEO Knowledge

Lack of knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is also a common problem experienced by bloggers. You must abide by its guidelines and optimization techniques to reach higher rankings in search engines. A blog that isn’t optimized through SEO practices results in low visibility and traffic.

How to Solve

SEO practices and knowledge are crucial to implement for the success and higher ranking of your blog. Learn to include keywords strategically, index your blog pages, follow a backlink strategy, do internal linking, etc. These few but key SEO practices ultimately lead you to climb up the SERPs.

Preferring Quantity over Quality

Preferring quantity instead of quality is also another prevalent problem in blogging. Most bloggers focus on increasing the number of their blog posts to add value to their website. Little they might know, the search engines don’t rank them based on a large number of blogs but on the content quality within them. Low-quality content lowers search engine ranking and may lead the audience to lose interest.

How to Solve

Always give weightage to quality over quantity and invest in your efforts to improve the overall quality of your blogs. Always summarize text to avoid irrelevant content keep yourself updated with the search engine quality guidelines and adhere to those updates. Improve your writing and grammar skills, and make your blogs well-written, informative, and engaging.

Cliche Topics

blog topics

Choosing too boring or generic blog topics is one of the most common problems bloggers face. Of course, coming up with novel and creative topic ideas every time can be a daunting task. Blogging on similar topics without variation leads to boredom and stunts your creative growth. A lack of fresh content ideas affects your audience’s engagement with your blog, and you may experience a loss of traffic.

How to Solve

The most important aspects of your topic ideas include being relevant, inspiring, and engaging to captivate the audience. Dedicate enough time for topic research, brainstorming ideas, and topic evaluation. Choose trending topics from current events in your niche or those that resonate with your audience’s pain points. Moreover, avoid highly competitive topics, too broad, and irrelevant to your blog niche.


Blogging is a continually evolving journey, and facing challenges is a natural part of the process. The article above addresses common blogging problems and their practical solutions to guide you. Learning to solve them accurately can enhance your blogging experience, build a strong online presence, engage better, and share valuable content with your audience.

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