LTO Network And Solana

Comparing LTO Network And Solana

As the bear market seems to be reaching a bottom, investors start looking at new cryptocurrencies to invest in. Most projects have seen their valuation plummet from all-time highs, which opens considerable opportunities for accumulating assets.

Major tokens like SOL and LTO have decreased in value, and many consider them to be at bargain prices at the moment. Once the market turns favorable, these cryptocurrencies could once again perform admirably and provide high profits to those that still believe in the underlying project.

In this article, we compare LTO vs SOL so that you are able to decide which of these tokens suits your portfolio. This comparison will include some fundamentals about the blockchains and take a closer look at the potential of their tokens. Let’s get started.

What Is LTO Network?

The LTO Network is a hybrid architecture blockchain aimed at providing real-world applications of the technology for businesses. Launched in 2019, it provides a cutting-edge blockchain platform for B2B, data and document verification, media, and asset ownership.

LTO stands out from the competition with its hybrid blockchain, offering both private and public applications. While public blockchains have an extreme advantage, some data needs to remain private, especially when businesses are concerned.

The platform uses this advantage to provide privacy to businesses and individuals and simultaneously allow for integrity using the public ledger.

Key Features Of The Project

As a chain focused on data verification and ownership, LTO provides an identity platform that is inherently compliant with the EU GDPR laws. Its privacy features allow for GDPR-compliant dApps that are incorporated in the smart contract layer of the chain.

It uses decentralized identifiers (DID) so that the LTO network can be used as an identity platform. Moreover, the Verifiable Credentials allow them to be shared over the privacy layer and remain compliant with GDPR.

Finally, as an ownership platform, LTO provides support for NFTs through its Titanium protocol. These “ownable” can be plugged into both the private and public layers of LTO and provide NFT collectors and creators groundbreaking advantages. Titanium smart contracts can be directly executed in one’s wallet instead of being on-chain, ensuring full privacy.

LTO Coin

The LTO token is used as gas on the chain and serves as a transaction payment asset. Most of the token’s supply of 500,000,000 LTO is already in circulation.

LTO experienced high volatility in 2021, as the tokens’ price jumped from $0.1 to $0.8 from January to April of that year. That said, the bear market that followed in 2022 has pushed prices way lower. Currently, LTO is trading at $0.06.

What Is Solana?

Solana is one of the biggest gainers of the 2021 bull market, as it quickly became a favorite among VCs, developers, and users. This highly scalable smart contract platform promises 100,000 transactions per second, which makes it one of the fastest blockchains on the market.

This scaling advantage pushed it quickly into the top 10 of the crypto market, dwarfing most of its competitors in gains and growth.

Key Features Of The Project

Solana uses a novel consensus mechanism called proof of history, which allows it to scale almost infinitely, regardless of the number of users and transactions. This results in extremely low gas fees and instantaneous transactions.

Its smart contract layer offers developers a robust platform for launching decentralized apps and NFTs. Paired with its incredible speed, this allowed Solana to grab a significant portion of the DeFi and NFT markets.

SOL Coin

SOL is the governance and gas token of the platform. Users can stake it to secure the network and receive rewards. It doesn’t have a capped supply and 367,314,549 SOL are currently in circulation. You can purchase SOL coins for $9.6.

Which Should You Choose?

Both Solana and LTO have their benefits, albeit in different fields. These networks provide solutions for different problems, which makes them interesting investments for any portfolio. In contrast, comparing FTT vs CRO is much easier, as these tokens solve the same problem.

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