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Content creation is not the final task of the digital marketer. Content creations are like the final products. But not only the manufacturing, but you also have to distribute the products. Unless you do not have a solid content management platform for balanced distributions of the contents, you can not get your desired result. For this type of work, Contentcal is going to sort out all your issues and headaches related to content management.

Let’s see ‘what is Contentcal’.

What Is Contentcal?

What Is Contentcal

Contentcal is a content marketing platform that allows you to plan, create and publish your content. They have a very stable built-in approval process where every content analysis and distribution are looked after.

This content management platform is such a relief for me. As I have multiple types of content, every content is specially made for specific work. And the target-driven contents are always having a particular boundary of time. After using this content management platform, my content distribution is becoming far more accurate.

I am starting with the intelligent features of Contentcal.

4 Intelligent Features Of Contentcal

Intelligent Features Of Contentcal

Adobe is taking over the contentcal. And this platform is developing an easy content marketing system for every platform and social media platform.

Here are four features of this platform. Read it and know why I am using this platform.

1. Content Publishing And Scheduling

Contentcal is an automated content publishing platform. The intelligent tools of the platforms are helping you to gather and collect new ideas. When you have multiple social media channels, your content publishing and scheduling become more spontaneous.

You only have to create your content for a single time. And then distribute the content on various platforms. You only have to connect with your social media profiles which are all. Then automatic postings are getting scheduled.

2. Provide Proper Engagements

Proper engagement is the key to developing long-lasting relationships with your audiences. My contentcal reviews are pretty simple. I post the content on the social media profiles for engagements. For social media postings, proper engagements are always required.

How to make the engagements? The solution is to answer your audience at the right time. And this platform provides you the maximum flexibility. You will know about your audience’s responses then give spontaneous answers.

3. Evaluate Content Performance 

Data is the most precious thing for social media marketing. This is pretty tough to evaluate the exact content performances with the proper data result. This platform has its analytical system by which you can simply analyze the loose notes and stronger sides of your content.

Based on these data, you can evaluate the content performance. So after I start using the contentcal, I do not use any other tool to evaluate the content performance.

4. Fast And Easy Process

Proper good engaging content is not created within seconds. You have to give time for content creation. After creating the content with focus and other pillar keywords, you can circulate the content on various platforms with this tool.

Contentcal has a very robust AI front. So after your content creations, you do not have to wait for a longer time. You can automatically circulate the contents on various platforms within a few seconds.

These four are the main features of Contentcal. Now let’s move on to the next part of knowing the price structures of this platform.

Contentcal Price Structure

Contentcal Price Structure

Contentcal has three types of price structures. One is essential, the second one is advanced, and the third one is the expert plan.

Let’s see the following table to know the exact Contentcal pricing and the services.

Plan name pricingPricing Plans Of ContentcalFeatures 
Essential $30/month (best for individual users).

6 social profiles per user.

  • Direct scheduling.
  • User permissions.
  • Category tags.
  • Content hub.
  • Pinboard.
  • Instagram grid view
  • Analytics.
AdvancedCustomizable plan.


You will get all the essential features. Along with that, you will get all the following features.

  • Campaigns.
  • Advanced approval.
  • Scheduling timing.
  • Export content,
  • Facebook group publishing.
  • Article.
  • Pause the contents.
ExpertCustomizable Plan.You will get all the advanced features. Along with that, you will get all the following features.

  • Custom users.
  • Unlimited personalized training.
  • Expert workflow and content management.

My Experiences Regarding Contentcal:

Contentcal is a full-proof platform. I almost get everything. I started with an essential plan, then I shifted to the next phase with advanced customizable features. Customizable plans are giving you better flexibility.

You are paying for what you are using. Not necessary every time you will require everything. That is the reason I shifted to customizable plans. This is a very intuitive social media content management tool. So you do not have to invest time in automating your process.

The essential plan of Contentcal is better for single or less than six users. But in the advanced plan, there are many more. Along with this, there are many more features that you must add to your plan. And they also have a free trial offer.

You can give it a try before going for the paid offers. Can you guess how many people are using Contentcal? They have 4 million global users. This popularity is also coming from their services and features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contentcal

1. Can You Get ContentCal Free Of Cost?

ContentCal has a free trial plan. But this plan is for single users. The free plan of Contentcal offers the services for a single user along with one content calendar. You can plan and publish the contents on four popular social media platforms.

2. What Are The Alternatives Of ContentCal?

Do you not want to use ContentCal? Seems a little bit pricey? Then you can use these six alternatives of content cal.

  1. Hootsuite.
  2. Sprout Social.
  3. Sendible.
  4. Loomly.
  5. Buffer.
  6. Zoho Social.

3. Do You Want To Turn Off Contentcal?

Yes, if you want to turn off the Contentcal only, you have to give 30 days’ written notice in advance. After you are given the notice, your termination process is started. But you also need to pay relevant fees for termination. Otherwise, you can take help from their support team.

Wrapping Up

Still, now, I am pretty satisfied with Contentcal services. Now you know all about the features and price plans of this platform. The best features of these platforms are you will get a customized plan. And you can design your schedule according to your requirements. Are you thinking of picking their services for your use?

Do not forget to share your experiences in the comment sections. And to see this type of content, please keep visiting the blog.

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