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If you are working in a digital marketing agency, you will know how it feels when you are about to handle multiple clients from one place! So many times, we have been exhausted with too many clients. What if we told you there is an application called Hootsuite that can change how you look at social media marketing.

While the world underwent an inevitable digital transformation in the past few years, more and more businesses replaced conventional advertising methods with digital and social media marketing. So naturally, more and more social media managers faced the difficulty of handling multiple clients manually, which led to creating platforms like the Hootsuite software.

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What Is Hootsuite?

What Is Hootsuite

Are you wondering what is Hootsuite? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right destination. With more than 200,000 users from all over the world, Hootsuite is used by so many companies, from different small businesses to large MNCs. The best part of this software is you can do so much from a single place – a single solution to your multiple social media woes.

This software is so good that it helps companies schedule social media content for multiple accounts, track customer engagements, manage content (both organic and inorganic) and keep up with real-time social media analytics as well as insights. You can do so much on one software, one dashboard. Sounds pretty cool, right?

The app was launched a few years ago. Still, within a short time, it has grown to become a trusted solution when it comes to digital marketing or, more specifically, social media marketing. But that’s not all. You can depend on this miracle app for certifications and courses on social listening, social media marketing, coaching, etc.

Features Of Hootsuite

Features Of Hootsuite

Social media management tools like Hootsuite usually have plenty of features, some highly rated and some low. Here’s a brief overview of all the features of the same!

High-Rated Features Of Hootsuite

The top-rated features of the Hootsuite software are as follows,

1. Content Calendar

Perhaps the best feature of this miracle app is its terrific content calendar creation function. This makes social media management not only simple but for once very convenient.

2. Social Publishing

Another one of our favorite features of this app is its seamless social publishing function. You can schedule content on the dashboard and enjoy automatic social media publishing on your multiple social media accounts.

3. Users And Access

Did you know that the Hootsuite login is so simple that everyone can easily log in without any trouble? Moreover, the software allows multiple users to access the same dashboard from various devices. This means your entire team can access the software without worry.

Low-Rated Features Of Hootsuite

The low-rated features of the Hootsuite software are as follows,

1. Social Ads

Although the software allows you to create and manage any paid ad campaign, users have reviewed this feature as one that needs improvement. So we can say the feature is there, but we wouldn’t advise you to use it.

2. Social Insights

Again, although finding social insights and analytics is pretty important yet we wouldn’t suggest opting for Hootsuite for the same. This is because even though the app boasts about providing real-time insights, it does not always function accurately. So this is just another feature that requires improvement.

3. Content Creation

Just like we discussed how amazing is the calendar feature of the app, we expected the same when it came to content creation. But that was not true. The content creature feature has too many bugs, and it needs improvement before users can rate it higher.

Hootsuite: Reviews

Hootsuite Reviews

Our favorite reviews of Hootsuite are as follows,

  1. “To focus on the satisfaction and services for the customers and avoid the unnecessary attention towards wasting time with creating posts material Hootsuite is the best. Hootsuite allows me to manage my all-social marketing accounts to handle and organize through a single spot…It allows us to pick up the hot material being used in a market and also schedule the posts on social media.” – A global marketing associate’s review.
  2. “Hootsuite is a robust, expandable technology that lets our corporation handle many social media profiles from different departments and platforms. Hootsuite comes with social marketing management and customer interactions features…Hootsuite allows us to create engaging and interactive content and share it with customers through multiple platforms from the single user-friendly admin.” – A web developer’s review.

Hootsuite: Pricing

Hootsuite Pricing

Are you wondering about the Hootsuite pricing? Instead of googling ‘Hootsuite free,’ understand that there is a free version of the app but is it worth it, that’s your call. If you opt for getting the free version, you and your team will get access to all the main features of the same. This would include features like,

  • Scheduling posts,
  • Direct posting to different accounts,
  • Social media management of multiple accounts,
  • Targeted messaging, and
  • Analytics.

There is a pro version of the Hootsuite app. And the best part about this is you get a 30 day trial period for figuring out whether you need the premium version or not. What’s more, you and your team will get access to the same features, but the perks, in this case, are so much better. Thus, to make things simpler, we have mentioned all the four pricing plans and the features associated with each below.

1. 49 Dollars

Under the 49 dollars plan, you can enjoy the following features,

  • Real-time insights.
  • Message scheduling – unlimited times.
  • Access to 10 social media accounts.
  • Track incoming messages.
  • Perfect for small business owners, independent consultants, and entrepreneurs.

2. 129 Dollars

Under the 129 dollars plan, you can enjoy the following features,

  • Team assignments.
  • Customizable insights reports.
  • Permissions and role access.
  • Access to 20 social media accounts.
  • Perfect for marketing teams.

3. 599 Dollars 

Under the 599 dollars plan, you can enjoy the following features, 

  • App integrations – premium level.
  • Campaign plan, tags, and reports.
  • Message approvals.
  • Access to 35 social media accounts.
  • Perfect for agencies and businesses.

4. Custom Quotes

Under the custom quotes’ plan, you can enjoy the following features,

  • Customizable features.
  • Solutions for social selling, customer service, social advertising, employee advocacy, and social media marketing are available.
  • Integrations with Brandwatch, Proofpoint, Adobe, and Talkwalker are available.
  • Existing tools like Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce can be connected to Hootsuite.
  • Perfect for large organizations and agencies with multiple departments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Who Is Hootsuite Best For?

The best functions of Hootsuite are social listening and primary engagement. As a result, anyone whose profession is linked to these functions will do so much better with the help of this application. 

2. Does Hootsuite Cost Money?

The Hootsuite software is available in free and premium versions. For premium versions, first-time users also enjoy a free trial period of an entire month. Additionally, the premium version is available for 49, 129, and 599 dollars. A customizable rate is also available.

3. How Good Is Hootsuite Analytics?

Hootsuite promises to provide real-time social media insights, which is a pretty difficult promise to keep in the long run. But the app fails to keep the promise, at least quality-wise. At the moment, it’s more like a half-baked feature currently.

Wrapping Up

Are you currently fidgeting with www Hootsuite com login? Well, there’s no need. Because there are so many things that you need to figure out first. Is the free version of Hootsuite enough for you? Do you need the premium version? If you do, then which plan will suit your business requirements the best?

So many questions are only normal. Check out whether you have the answer to all these questions before investing in this popular social media management tool.

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