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Professional processing of video files and bringing them to perfection involves performing many operations, such as splitting a video series into separate frames or segments of the timeline, deleting unnecessary files, gluing them into single media products, as well as mandatory trimming of each file, provided that it is larger required length and contains a lot of redundant information.

What Is Crop Video Online And How Does This Application Work?

Video Crop Online

Moreover, you can crop video online is such an effective intelligent application that allows you to edit any video file in the shortest possible time, using an extended set of tools and functions, as well as crop a video sequence in the timeline.

The following useful options are available to users of this platform, namely its free version:

  • Uploading a file to the internal servers of the system with automatic transformation into the desired format for editing and cropping. The download time may vary, as it depends on the speed of the Internet connection, as well as on the quality and size of the corresponding file owned by the user.
  • Trimming the uploaded file using a special simple tool on the editor’s main screen, directly in the timeline.
  • Change the format, as well as the aspect ratio of the picture, for example, 4:3, 16:9, or set other non-standard parameters.
  • Adjusting the resolution, quality, and volume of the edited video series, reducing its length, and gluing individual fragments after cutting.
  • Converting the result to the desired format using the internal library of extensions on the Crop video online platform. Popular resolutions such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, WEBM, and Ithaca sleeping formats are available for users, which are recognized by iOS and Android operating systems on mobile devices.
  • Saving the finished file to the device’s memory, or an external flash drive, uploading it to the cloud storage, or sending it by e-mail, in the messenger to the addressee.

Thus, our online video trimmer offers complex processing of any file, which allows you to achieve optimal results in a short time, upload media products to popular public platforms, and prepare an interesting presentation for business partners.

How To Use An Online Editor To Cut Video Files?

Our video trimming platform can be used by both beginners and professionals, the program does not require training, since all the main functions are simple and accessible.

To achieve the expected result, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • The user will need to access our website through the address bar in the browser or type the name of the platform in the search portal.
  • Immediately after opening the website, you will see the icon downloading a video file in any format, from an internal or external storage medium on a PC or a mobile phone. Downloading a video, in the general case, provided that a high-quality Internet connection is established, does not exceed 5-10 minutes.
  • When the download is completed, a toolbar opens before the user for trimming the timeline and adjusting the size of the video file.
  • After trimming the timeline for the video series, you will need to select the correct aspect ratio of the image, namely, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, or set some individual format in the command line. All size adjustments are performed without loss of quality, which guarantees the achievement of the expected result and full-length viewing of the processed video.
  • The finished result must be converted to some readable format with a user-selected resolution. The platform has its catalog of extensions, including more than 30 different video file formats, which allows the interested person to achieve exactly the result that he expects to see.

At the final stage, the file, ready for playback and sending to the addressee, is stored in the memory of a mobile or stationary device, after which it is laid out on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, or other polar media platforms for public use, or the presentation is deployed in the office on a projector.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Our Crop Video Online?

Crop Video Online Benefits

When our potential customers contact us, they ask why we should choose your platform, as there are more and more similar online video editors on the market today.

Unlike competitors, we offer our users the following undeniable advantages:

Our platform is legal and transparent. We offer no hidden subscription fees to our users as the basic version of the software is completely free and contains the full range of required features.

  • Each freelancer who conducts professional commercial activities can purchase, if desired, a paid monthly subscription to an advanced version of the software, gaining access to various visual effects.
  • The program works only online, it does not require downloading the installation file to the memory of a computer or mobile device, does not take up space on the hard drive, and does not require registration, or generation of a password that can be forgotten. The user simply enters the website and immediately starts working with the platform.
  • All files that are the intellectual property of users are reliably protected from theft and cyber-attacks. Each new session is protected by multistage encryption keys, which eliminates information leakage.
  • To trim the downloaded file, you do not need to understand the interface and toolbar for a long time. Automatic processing occurs immediately after the user selects the boundary parameters on the timeline and clicks on the desired aspect ratio tool, and this operation takes only a few seconds.
  • Instant transformation of the result into various graphic and media editors that open both in the usual programs installed on each PC, and on specialized devices, as well as on projectors and TVs, via flash drives.
  • Our developers have made the basic version of the platform extremely simple and convenient. Every layman can become a true professional, even if he has never done video trimming or editing before.

In addition to the above benefits, we are also happy to offer our customers professional online support, advice, and answers to all their questions.

It is enough for the user to write us his request in the feedback window, and the operator will answer him in the next hours during business hours.

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