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How Customer Relationships Have Evolved During The Last 20 Years

published on: 01.07.2023 last updated on: 26.07.2023

Customer relationships have always been important in the world of business, but the management of these relationships has changed in a big way over the past couple of decades.

Understanding more about just how far we have come in this regard means that you will then be able to make the most of modern tech and ensure that your customer relationships are managed in the very best way possible.

So, let’s look in more detail at some of the evolution that has occurred.

Not Just for Sales Teams

In days gone by, looking at customer relationships in more detail would only be the preserve of sales teams, as they are looking at how well they are working with customers and then seeking out ways that they could keep up their current rate of sales and seek to increase it too.

However, there is much more of a focus on customer relationship management regardless of the team. So, it is certainly worth ensuring that B2B CRM strategies are shared as far and as wide as possible. They can help to inform so much, from the marketing to the HR strategy, as there is so much data available for all.

Much More Info Gathered in Real Time

If you think about the world 20 years ago, the internet was still in its infancy and there wasn’t much data that could be easily harvested. However, in the modern world, there has been an increased steer towards the info that is gathered in real-time and just how well this can be used and channeled towards the most effective means possible.

Ultimately, the gathering of this can be digitized, but the actions that are then taken have the most about of data backing them up. This ensures that info is utilized in the most effective manner possible.

Designed for Customer Loyalty

There is such an array of various businesses out there in the modern world. As a result of this, it can be harder and harder to generate as much customer loyalty as you are looking for. With this in mind, previous customer relationships of the past would involve the manual process of getting to know customers and working out how best to sell to them.

However, with so much data available, there are plenty of assumptions you can then make about your customers based on the info that you are gathering. You can also see the strategies that are working best and which ones are not as effective as you would have otherwise hoped that they would be.

Accessible and Intuitive

Our world is accelerating at a rapid rate in terms of tech. With this in mind, it is certainly true to say that there is much more accessibility in terms of CRM in the modern world, as so many teams need to be able to use the data that is being generated by it.

As a result of this, there is more and more of an intuitive sense of what is being created, which helps in ensuring that it is as useful as possible.


Thousands of deals are happening in one minute. Thus, CRM solutions must not be limited to just desktops. You must have the ability to connect with your customers from almost anywhere. You must ask yourself, does your customer relationship system leverages G Suite?

If data is automatically synced with other devices, there is no way you will miss a beat, no matter where you are. Such capabilities are integral for teams involved in frequent travels. Any effort you put into empowering your sales is always a benefit to the entire team. 

An Effective Approach Towards Boosting Productivity

Apart from enhancing customer relationships, it is imperative to use a CRM that aligns with a productive business. As a matter of fact, users save 13 hours each week on average in comparison to not using a CRM. Time-consuming practices like data entry take much time out of your busy schedule. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Moreover, they can be integrated effortlessly on autopilot with the help of CRM. Among other CRM features newly introduced, automated follow-ups and email templates remain on priority. These serve as a way your sales team can save more time and also be productive simultaneously.

CRM Is Not Just An Information Dump Today

At one glance, customer relationships today seem like a place where all customer data is dumped. Gone are the days when CRM was all about filing consumer information. The ones present today have gone a step higher than assembling information.

For starters, various businesses are automatically scraping up your contact data to develop customer profiles instantly. Instead of dealing with tedious manual data entry, the recently-introduced software does all the work. What’s more important is the ability of CRMs to track as well as predict revenue.


Finally, CRM today is more focused on teams and must encourage active collaboration. For instance, team members must be able to continue working where the last member stopped working. Especially while communicating with a customer when time is no less than money.

This works both ways- it reduces the lag time between a customer’s touchpoint and also ensures the progress of a customer. Brands nowadays automatically log communications like emails and calls with consumers. Additionally, team members might leave notes or share documents along with following up with each other. Thus, no second-guessing is involved.

Summing It All…

Customer relationships have evolved so much in the last 20 years, and a big part of this comes down to the amount of data that is now available and ensuring that it is used in the most effective way possible.

There is no doubt that customer relationship management software has a big role to play in this. But in many ways, we are only just scratching the surface of what could come under its influence. Therefore, you certainly need to keep an eye on the ball at all times too.

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