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Does Your eCommerce Site Need a Major Overhaul? Tips to Help You Form a Plan



When you first created your company’s eCommerce website, there is no doubt that plenty of time, care, and thought went into the design. Creating something that customers would want to visit, return to, make purchases on, and reflect the company in the truest of forms are all key criteria. The problem is that, over time, even the best, the most modern at-the-time website starts to become tired, old, and drab. Unfortunately, because the user experience counts for so much, that tired site can end up affecting your profits in a negative way.

Every business needs to constantly explore ways and means to keep improving their e-commerce platform. This means updating the UI and UX, improving product display, working on on-page technical optimizations like page loading speeds and checking for mobile responsiveness. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to evolve your website according to the latest technologies.

Of course, knowing that your eCommerce site needs a major overhaul and then accomplishing it in a successful manner are two totally different things. That is exactly why these tips can prove to be so helpful, as they can help you come up with the most effective overhaul plan.

Assess What’s Working and What Isn’t

A good place to start is with an assessment of the site. There’s a good chance it isn’t all bad, which means you need to take a closer look at what’s currently working and what isn’t. This will allow you to pinpoint the areas that need attention, tweaking, and a new look/design. This is a process you don’t want to rush, as you want to be sure you’re crafting a successful action plan.

Try Out Your Site on Different Browsers and Devices

It’s also helpful to put yourself in the shoes of your customers/clients and see what they see. This means trying your site on different browsers and devices. What is the experience like? Ideally, it should be smooth, fast, modern, and user-friendly across all aspects.

While doing this exercise, you should also try navigating the site, using the search tool, and even making a purchase. Again, it’s about putting your feet in the shoes of customers.

Boost the Speeds

Remember, overhauling your site should be about more than just the look of the site; it’s also the performance. One of the biggest complaints that website visitors can have is the speed of a site. Looking for ways to boost the speed can be a huge win.

Bring in the Experts

Sometimes, even with all your best efforts, overhauling your eCommerce site just isn’t going to be successful. It can take the expertise of those in the industry that can not only provide you with the advice and information you need but put those plans into action. Take Cake Commerce as an example, which is an eCommerce marketing agency. Cake Commerce can help by creating a brand-new design for your website, whether that means a complete overhaul or just sections of the site. You will be able to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and goals ahead of time and they will craft that “perfect” plan and then follow through on it. It takes all that responsibility off your shoulders.

A Whole New Improved Site

These tips and ideas will help you to assess your eCommerce site, identify the problem areas, and address them in an effective way.

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