Entry-Level Jobs In Skincare

Building A Foundation: Entry-Level Jobs In Skincare And Beyond



If you want to work in the skincare and beauty industry, powder or cream isn’t the only foundation decision you need to make. Just like your makeup needs a good foundation, so does your career.

Below, you will find the tips you need to succeed in skincare, whether you are crafting your first entry-level esthetician resume or making a move to enhance your career.

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Top Entry-Level Jobs i esthetician resumen Skincare

Most careers in skincare begin with a state-approved training and certification program. This is true of careers in cosmetology and esthetics. Entry into dermatology—medical skin care—is more exacting. Consider a comparison of these career paths below.



Cosmetologists beautify and care for the skin of the face, scalp, and body. This can include facials, scalp treatments and massages, makeup application, hair styling, manicures, waxing, and pedicures.

Cosmetologist education requirements vary from state to state but typically include licensure following a 12 to 18-month training program.


Estheticians often do all the cosmetology tasks listed above, but they don’t stop there. Estheticians also provide services such as skin peels, exfoliation, hair removal, skin mapping, treatment for certain skin conditions, and creating customized skincare regimens for their clients.

Basic esthetician programs typically last 6 to 12 months, after which the student can become a licensed esthetician. Estheticians can also obtain additional training and licensure for services like microdermabrasion, laser skin therapies, lash extensions, and permanent makeup.


Dermatologists report some of the highest career satisfaction ratings in medicine – but the road to becoming a dermatologist is a long one. It includes about 12 years of schooling and residency.

The work of a dermatologist goes deeper than mere appearance. Rather than focusing on beauty and relaxation, dermatologists treat medical conditions of skin, hair, and nails, resulting in better overall health.

Hands-Off Jobs In Skincare

Maybe you love the skincare and esthetics industry but you feel a little squeamish about putting your hands on another person’s face. Don’t worry! There are plenty of hands-off positions that help skincare companies thrive.

If you are trying to figure out if skin care is the right career choice for you, the following jobs can serve as an unofficial job shadowing experience. By working in a skincare environment, you can see what cosmetologists, estheticians, and dermatologists do on a daily basis and make an informed decision before entering a training program.

Additionally, these positions may provide upward mobility for other jobs within the company.

Sales Associate

If you love sharing your favorite skincare product finds, a job as a sales associate might be a good fit for you. You may choose to work in a retail environment, helping customers match makeup colors or sample new products.

Some sales associates enjoy the flexibility of working remotely. Companies like Avon and Mary Kay are well-known for their direct sales marketing strategy.

Receptionist/Customer Service Representative

Every skincare provider—from salons to medical offices to retail stores—requires customer service representatives. Receptionists are tasked with obtaining customer or client information and scheduling appointments. Customer service reps communicate with customers and clients, often fielding questions, requests, and complaints.

Customer service skills are highly transferable. If you have customer service experience from a different industry, you can use this as a segue into the skincare field when making a career change.

Product Influencer

On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, social media influencers test and talk about the beauty and skincare products they use. Many offer tips on how to apply makeup, deal with skin issues, and more.

Sometimes companies hire influencers outright, but more often, influencers build their following organically. Later, they may reach out to new or already-beloved companies for product trials and sponsorships.

Working as an influencer can help your professional network to grow as you make contacts within the industry. You can also build up a promotional portfolio that may help you to work in marketing for a skincare company.

Occasionally, influencers may advance their careers by joining the product design teams of companies they represent or by founding their own skincare brands. These influencers are often motivated by a pain point that current products are not addressing adequately.

Key Takeaways

There are many ways to enter a career in skincare. If you are interested in the techniques and science of skincare, you might apply yourself to become a cosmetologist, esthetician, or dermatologist. Each of these jobs, in turn, goes a bit deeper into skincare science.

There are also other careers in the skincare field. If you are passionate about skincare products, share your enthusiasm as a sales representative. If you want to get a foot in the door and see if a career in skincare is right for you, consider becoming a receptionist or customer service representative for a skincare manufacturer, salon, medical office, or retail store.

You can also leverage your passion for your favorite beauty products as a social media influencer. Whichever path you choose, you can lay your foundation today!

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