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What Is Facebook Code Generator And How Does It Work? [Step By Step Guide]



After their huge data breach, Facebook has taken serious measures towards their security and protection policies. They have taken serious measures towards protecting the privacy of your activities when you are online. Facebook is taking measures from two-factor authentication to Privacy Checkup. And inside the two-factor verification, you are going to find the Facebook Code Generator.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into what is Facebook Code Generator and also how you can operate it. 

Facebook Code Generator: What Is It About? 

Facebook Code Generator: What Is It About?
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“Facebook Code Generator is one of the many security features present in the Facebook app. It is used hand in hand with the two-factor authentication.”

This security measure in Facebook is quite easy and simple to understand. When you turn on the two-step authentication, then you will receive a “Unique Security Code.” That code is to verify whether it is you who is trying to log in or not.

The main purpose of this activity is to track any and all activities that you are doing on a device you don’t typically log in from your regular device. The code that you will get using the Code Generator is a six-digit code that stays only for 60 seconds. 

How To Use Code Generator To Log In To Business Manager? 

How To Use Code Generator To Log In To Business Manager

Now that you got a pretty good knowledge of Facebook Code Generator, then now let’s understand how you can use it for business on Facebook. 

Suppose on Facebook Business you enable the option Login approvals, then every time you sign in from any device, you need to get a code. 

This is exactly what you can do but much simpler by using the Facebook Code Generator on either an Android or iOS device. Then again, if you don’t have internet connectivity, then also you will receive a code to log in to Business Manager. 

Steps To Get A Code For Android

If you are an Android user, then here are the steps on how you are gonna get the codes through the Facebook Code Generator. So just follow the steps down below to know how. 

  1. “Open the Facebook app on your phone, then tap on the three lines at the bottom right corner of the screen.”
  2. “Scroll down and select the option that reads ‘Code Generator.’”
  3. “Head back to the page that requested a code form you, and type in the six-digit code.”

Steps To Get A Code For Iphone

If you are an iOS user, then here are the steps on how you are gonna get the codes through the Facebook Code Generator. So just follow the steps down below to know how. 

  1. “Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and tap on the three lines present at the bottom right side of the page. Alternatively, you can also tap on ‘More’ on your iPhone.”
  2. “Scroll down and select the option of ‘Code Generator.’”
  3. “Head back to the page that requested a code from you and enter the unique six-digit code generated.”

Where Else Can You Find The Facebook Code? 

Where Else Can You Find The Facebook Code?
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If you wanna know how you can get the Facebook login code generator, there are distinctly three ways you can get the codes. 

  • “You can obtain a text confirmation code on the mobile number that is linked to your Facebook account.”
  • “You can get a code from any authentication app. For instance, Google Duo or Google Authenticator can show your code easily.”
  • “The Facebook app also has a code generator, as we have already discussed. The code in this is valid for no more than a minute.”
  • “You can also get a code from the list of recovery codes present in your backup.”

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Facebook? 

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Facebook?
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The main concept of the Facebook Code Generator is to work as close with two-factor authentication. The code generator feature is based primarily on providing security and protecting all Facebook accounts and passwords as well.   

In case of security, if you wanna turn on the two-factor authentication, then these are the steps you need to follow. 

  • “Head over the ‘Security and Login Settings’ in your Facebook app.”
  • “Scroll down to the tab that reads ‘two-factor authentication’ and click on ‘Edit’.”
  • “Select the method of security you wish to have and follow the instructions provided.”

While you are setting the two-factor authentication, you will be asked to select any of these three security measures. 

  • “Selecting your security key on a device that is compatible.”
  • “Login codes generated from a third-party authentication app.”
  • “SMS codes from your phone.”

How To Access Facebook Code Generator If You Lose Your Phone 

How To Access Facebook Code Generator If You Lose Your Phone
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If you keep using the Code Generator, then the two-step authentication code can still be retrieved without even touching the phone. Suppose you are located in a remote region without mobile network. Still, it is easy for you to access the tool to generate the codes to log in. 

But suppose all of a sudden your phone gets stolen; what then? The primary source of your getting the codes, which was your phone gets stolen or lost. Don’t worry. Even then, there are a few ways you can access the code, but you need to scroll down to know them. 

1. Using Recovery Codes From Backup

Should know that once you have set up the two-factor authentication, you can always have a backup option to get recovery codes for certain situations. 

What you can do is get the recovery codes printed, and you can even take a screenshot, or you can write it down somewhere if you want for safekeeping. But just in case you don’t have your recovery codes, once you get your account back, keep them safe for the future. 

2. Logging Out From Lost Device

Suppose you lost your phone while already logged in to your Facebook account, and it is a security concern that you log out from your Facebook account.

 It is quite possible that someone might find your phone and access your Facebook account. So to stop this from happening, here is what you should be doing. 

  • “Head over to Facebook via any app or browser and log into your account.”
  • “Once there, open the tab with ‘Settings & Privacy.’”
  • “Within this tab, open ‘Settings.’”
  • “Here, you will see an option of Mobile. Tap on it.”
  • “A new window will open asking Lost your phone? Select that option.”
  • “Fron here, select, Log Out on Phone.”

After you have logged out from your Facebook account, the first thing that you need to do is remove the phone number that you have already lost. 

But what for those who use laptops or tabs to access their Facebook accounts? The steps for that are mentioned down below. 

  • “Head to Facebook, preferably from a device that Facebook remembers.”
  • “Go to Settings & Security.”
  • “Click on Settings.”
  • “Once here, you can see Security & Login.”
  • “Here you will find the option of Where You’ve Logged In.”
  • “Within this, sessions will appear, click on Log Out, for individual sessions.”

Wrapping Up!

The main concern, whenever you are using a social media app, is the safety of your private data and the security of your account. 

That is exactly why you should check out the Facebook Code Generator; that way, your account and data are perfectly protected and secured at the same time. So if you liked this article, then give it a well deserved like and comment down below.

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