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Facebook Gaming App To Shut Down As Twitch Dominates The Market



Since its launch in 2018, it has failed to live up to expectations as it failed to rival Twitch.

Key Points:

  • Meta has planned to shut down its Facebook Gaming app on 30th August 2022.
  • This announcement comes after reports indicate its poor performance over the last two years compared to Twitch and YouTube.
  • Viewers will still be able to see live streams on the Facebook app itself from now on.

Meta announced on Tuesday, 30th August 2022, that it would be shutting down its Facebook Gaming app. The standalone app, which was launched as part of the Facebook Gaming service, has failed to live up to expectations. It failed to come even close to competing with the likes of Twitch and YouTube.

The Facebook Gaming app will stop working from 28th October, when its servers will be shut down. On that very day, the Facebook Gaming applications available for all Android and iOS devices will be removed from the PlayStore and App Store, respectively.

The Facebook Gaming team issued a memo saying that “We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything you’ve done to build a thriving community for gamers and fans since this app first launched. This was truly a community-led effort to bring new gaming features to Facebook.”

In the world of live streaming content, especially gaming content, Twitch has reigned dominant with a share of 76% of the total watch time. This is followed by YouTube at 16% market share, with Facebook Gaming trailing behind at only 8%. These numbers were posted by Streamlabs. 

Compared to last year, the total watch time on Facebook gaming lowered by over 50%. This is significantly higher than Twitch’s drop in watch time annually, being only 13%.

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