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Click Google Gravity I Am Feeling Lucky

published on: 05.05.2022 last updated on: 07.07.2023

Are you aware of google gravity tricks? 70% of the users think Google is only functioning as a search engine or an email account. But in reality, Google is a big platform full of versatility and surprises. 

Like serious search work, Google has many funny features made for the audience’s engagement to create entertainment. And it is just like this. Google has many intelligent features. So when you are using the smart search engine apart from your work, you can easily pass your free time while using it like funny and innovative works. 

Let’s see first what it is?

What Is Google Gravity?

Google gravity is a funny trick created by the google application. First, you have to enter the Google homepage and type the google gravity in the search bar. Then you will see the search result where you will find the options for different tricks gravity, space, and spears. 

Click on the gravity google option, and you will see how the items on the page will fall at the bottom of the page. This is google gravity.

How To Do The Google Gravity Trick I’m Feeling Lucky?

How To Do The Google Gravity Trick I’m Feeling Lucky

The Google gravity is simple, but I am feeling lucky on the gravity page when you want to click on the I am feeling lucky. You sure have to do more work on your speed. Because when you are first entertaining on the Google gravity page, you will see all the menus starting to fall at the bottom of the page.

But when you click on it, I feel lucky. You will see every menu joining in at the bottom. Hence I am feeling lucky to stick with your cursor pointer. And it redirects you to your first website without showing you the search result. 

1. Step: Open your favorite Google search bar. 

2. Step: Then start typing Google gravity in the middle of the page.

3. Step: After finishing the typing, click on the I am feeling lucky option. And press the enter.

4. Step: It will redirect you to the google gravity pages.

5. Step: How to know that you are already on the Google gravity page? You will know the exact locations by seeing the function of the pages.

6. Step: After reaching the page, do not move your cursor. You will see how the google homepage elements are starting to fall like bricks.

This is the magic that you are going to see after you click on the I am feeling lucky box. The downfall of the menu is the google zero gravity trick.

Does Google Have Zero Gravity?

Does Google Have Zero Gravity

Yes, when you go to the google gravity page in space, you will find the page to do the google zero gravity trick. In simple words, the Google zero gravity trick means you are on the page where everything is floating around, and you will see everything, including the search engine logo floating on your computer.

This created illusion is the Google zero gravity trick. The google space zero gravity tricks are the same as you are living in space.

What Is Google Gravity Space Trick?

What Is Google Gravity Space

Google gravity space is another attractive anti-gravity trick. The google gravity space is a unique feature that is written in JavaScript. This is another cool Google feature for the viewer’s entertainment. First, do type the Google gravity space on the homepage of the google search engine. And then, you will see the option of google space. 


Click on that option and open the google gravity space option. After redirecting the gravity space option of the page, you will see all the menus starting to float around.

And you will feel like you are staying in the space sphere while every menu is going to float around.


This is not the end. At the same time, you are opening the gravity space page. You are not going to find the menu bar on the page.

After a while, you will see that every menu is slowly starting up. When you are clicking on any menu, it also sticks with your cursor pointer, and you can move it anywhere.

How Does Google Gravity Work?

How Does Google Gravity Work

The target of creating google gravity is this is an innovative and fun way for viewers to engage. First, the developers make the codes with the java scripts. Then they completed the creations with the different code versions. The primary target is to allow the viewers to have more fun with their Google home pages.

How is this trick working? Here are the two simple ways by which the scheme is working.

1. Trick Variations

The Google zero gravity tricks are like this: every element would float above the space without any gravity. The designers are using the tools to create the Google underwater search. Then, Whare, every component of the google pages starts to float underwater.

2. Google Doodle

Google doodle has multiple types of popular entertainment options like Google gravity works. In addition, the Google Pacman and Easter eggs and Google Pacman gaming options are other entertainment options for the viewers.

What Happened When You Click On the I’m Feeling Lucky I’m Feeling Lucky Option In Google Underwater?

What Happened When You Click On the I’m Feeling Lucky I’m Feeling Lucky Option In Google Underwater

After the google gravity trick, you are going to find the tricks to take the feel of the underwater environment. Like the gravity and sphere, google also has entertainment features and provides you with an underwater feel.

How to do it and what happens when you are clicking on the I am feeling lucky in the google underwater trick. This is a very entertaining trick of google.


First, open the Google gravity homepage. And type the underwater google command after typing the underwater google option.

Google is going to redirect you to the underwater page. And you will get three options there. Two are searches, and I am feeling lucky. And the third one is for more fish options.


When you are going to click on it, I feel lucky. You will see Google is directing you to the underwater google homepage. And after clicking on the option, the g embedded gold coins started to fall up. 

Along with the gold coin, sometimes you also get to get a trophy. And when you click on the more fish option, you will find various types of different fish on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How To Activate Google Gravity?

Ans: Google gravity trick is only possible when you are accessing your google homepage from your PC. Type the google gravity option from the search panel.

You only have to click on the I am feeling lucky option instead of the search button. Then you will see it is getting activated, and you can enjoy the trick.

2. Can You Do A Gravity Trick In Google?

Ans: First, visit the Google homepage and then type google gravity. Then your gravity page is going to open in front of you.

After you click on it, I am feeling lucky that Google will present a full upside-down.

3. Can Not Find The  I’m Feeling Lucky Button?

Ans: From which device are you operating the google homepage?  Gravity activation is only possible from your PC.

First, visit your google homepage, then type google gravity in the search bar. Else, you also can find the feeling lucky button beside the google search button option from the home page.

Wrapping It Up:

Google gravity is a brilliant program. Before the google tricks inventions, google performed just like the other search engines. But these tricks are programmed to deliver amusement to the audiences.

You are feeling bored while seeing the same home page. Start the gravity page, turn on the different anti-gravity tricks, and make your search exciting and entertaining.

How is your google page using experiences? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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