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10 Cool Google Search Tips You Should Be Using



You will agree to the fact that most of us use Google search on a daily basis. However, very few people are aware that they can use Google for more than doing searches. Google has been in the process of developing Google fun searching tricks to keep on engaging their users. A few keystrokes on your search bar will guarantee you some cool stuff and highly refined searches. In fact, even an addictive user may not be aware of all the Google search tricks he needs to be using. Below are 10 cool Google search tips you should be using.

10 Cool Google Search Tips:

1. Precise Sunset and Sunrise Settings

I was not aware that it is very easy to know the actual sunrise and sunset timings from the Google search engine. Simply type the word ‘sunrise’ and follow it with your county in the Google search bar and the search engine will provide you with your exact timings. With Google, you no longer have to struggle with the idea of getting your precise settings.

2. Finds Songs from Your Favorite Artists

Type the phrase “songs by” and follow with the names of your favorite artist in the Google search bar. It will produce for you an extensive list of all the songs that the artist has produced. Clinking on any of those songs will re-direct you to his link on YouTube.

3. Do Math

Google search operators will assist you to do your metric conversions among the other calculations that you need online. To be precise, the Google search box can be used as your mathematical or scientific calculator. Therefore, there is no need to struggle when Google has the mathematical solution for you.

4. Calculate the Dinner Tip

Are you having dinner in one of the posh restaurants in the region and are not sure of the tip to leave on that table after dinner? Have no worries because Google has an ideal solution for you. Just type the phrase ‘tip calculator’ in your Google search bar and the Google tip calculator will pop up. The next step will be typing your bill and number of guests. The calculator will provide you with the ultimate tip amount to drop on your table after dinner. Isn’t this a great feature from Google? Yes, it is.

5. Get the Weather Condition of Any City in the World

Indeed, this is one of the most useful Google search tips and tricks you can find. All you need to do is type the term ‘weather’ and follow it with the name of the city that you wish to understand its current weather location. For instance, you can type ‘weather London’ to find the prevailing weather conditions in London.

6. Set a Timer

Do you have the desire to complete a given task within certain time limits? Have no worries because Google now allows you to set a timer for the same. Simply type the words set timer and follow it with the time you desire to spend on that task. For instance, you can type the phrase ‘set timer one hour’ in the Google search bar. The clock will begin to tick automatically and an alarm will tell you when the time elapses. In addition, Google has customized its options to include ‘audio feature,’ ‘stop, and ‘reset’ features among others.

7. Search by File Type

The Google search bar can help you to search for specific files by the format that was used to design them. Some of them may include XLS, PPTs, or PDFs among other type of files that operating systems generate. Like the other instructions, simply type the keyword ‘filetype’ and follow it by the file type you are looking for. A good example could be ‘filetype excel.’ The search engine operators will pull for you all the files that fall under that category.

8. Searching Within a website

Google can help you to search within the website for a specific thing within that website. All you need to do is type the word ‘site’ and follow it with the URL of the website that you wish to search before adding our search terms. You will be amazed with the kind of results that this Google search trick will give you.

9. Apply Like Your Health Guide

Are you confused about what you should eat and what you need to avoid? Google is an excellent starting point for your health Guide. The right Google tricks will provide you with full details such as the correct number of calorie, cholesterol, and total fat among other details. For example, it will give you the correct number of calories in milk shake and ice-cream by just typing ‘milk shake Vs. Ice Cream’ in the Google search bar.

10. Definition of a Given Word

Synonyms will not always give you the much-needed help especially if you want the definition of a specific word. All you need to do is type the word ‘define’ and follow it with the word you wish to get the definition. Google will provide you with the perfect definition of that word, origin of the word, and even the translation option. The search results will also give you the right pronunciation of the word you were searching. I am sure this is more than what you were looking for in the definition.


From the above discussion, it is evident that Google has designed several search options for its users. The challenge is that most of us don’t understand these Google search tips and tricks. However, you don’t have to blame yourself because you cannot know unless you are taught. We rely on the old Greek saying that states that information is power. The Google search trick list presented in this article is not a full one. You can do more research depending on the kind of operation you wish to undertake. The good thing is that Google search operators have a solution for nearly all of us. The most important thing is to understand the phrase that you need to type in the Google search bar. You will be amazed by some of the cool Google search tips that you have not been using.

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