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Set To Hold An Event? How To Effectively Promote It On Social Media

What event are you preparing to hold an event? Whether it will be a traditional event, take place online or even combine in-person and virtual elements, there’s the obvious question of how you ought to promote the upcoming occasion to people who could be especially inclined to come along for it.

How To Promote Your Event?

How To Promote Your EventThe good news is that social media can work very well at helping you to get the word out. In 2023 whether you hold an event or for any promotions is becoming pretty easy work. Social media or online advertisements are the best way to promote your event and make connections with your audiences.

Here are just a few marketing strategies to hold an event you could follow as the event gets closer…

1. Set Up An Event Page On Facebook  

The idea here is that this page would provide an overview — albeit a somewhat detailed one — about what people can expect from the event.

Hence, you could include not only obviously crucial details like the event’s scheduled date time, and places to hold an event, even also an FAQs section. This can work especially well if, say, the event will be a webinar and so people might need guidance about the technical aspect of how to participate in it.

2. Start A Social Media Contest  

This might sound like a wacky idea at first, but digital marketing guru Neil Patel advocates this particular tactic, explaining:

“Social media contests might be nothing new, but their potential for raising awareness about your event is undeniable.”  

Still, remember to keep the entry criteria simple. You could offer, as the prize, tickets to your event on the condition that people qualify by sharing that event on their own social media page.

3. Use Social Media Ads To Promote The Event 

Social Media AdsUnlike many other aspects of marketing on social media, placing ads in people’s feeds isn’t something you would be able to do free of charge.

However, while opting for social media ads would indeed entail you paying for exposure, those ads could assist you in extending your promotional reach to people who aren’t actually following your brand’s social media page.

What this basically means is that, in the long run, these ads can more than pay for themselves — though the onus would still be on you to make them genuinely thoughtful and creative to hold an event.

4. Post A Highlights Reel From Previous Events   

You might already be experienced in holding an event. The one you are currently planning might even be a repeat one. Anyway, the bottom line is, if your brand has organized events before and has video clips of them, you could weave those bits of footage into a highlights reel.

This could, in turn, be posted to both YouTube and Facebook. However, with the latter, make sure you are posting the video natively to the platform rather than just settling for YouTube links.

Social Media Examiner relays one report that native Facebook videos have, in the past, generated ten times the viral reach of YouTube links.

5. Publish Testimonials

If attendees of events you have previously held have told you positive things about them, and you still have a record of those plaudits, you could add testimonials to your social media marketing campaign for your next event. Attribute the commenter with each testimonial you post.

6. Use The Right Hashtags

Use The Right HashtagsWhen you are planning to hold an event, the first thing you must do is select the hashtags which are relevant to your audience’s searches. The first target is you have to use hashtags that are short and relevant to your events.

Be consistent about your search. Strat to promote all the hashtags on all of your other communication channels. When you are using the right hashtags, your audiences start to notice them quickly during the promotion.

7. Sell The Event’s Tickets Online

To hold an event, first, start with selling the tickets online. During ticket selling, you can promote the events online. Even if your event’s do not require tickets, then also you should try to sell online tickets and the gate pass.

These types of promotions are giving you the exact idea about how many people are going to attend your events or how many of them are not going to come. The gate pass buying gives you the data on the basis that you can plan your next event and its promotional work.

8. Use The Tools

Researching with the tools ensures that your audiences are getting the notification just at the right time and at the right moment. Researching with the tools ensures your research work.

The AI tools are keeping things much cleaner and better. You can create promotional content in the stock and set the alarm for content delivery. So you can cut the manual effort regarding the promotional work to hold an event.

9. Work With The Social Media Influencers

To hold an event, the social media influencers’ functions are impressive. You can make connections with the influencers who have the same interest as you and ask them to promote your event on their online presences or video shots.

Social media influencers can promote your event online. And on the basis of the audience’s responses, you can plan your next advertisement and promotional works. And your audience’s response headcounts are going to be much more precise and more accurate.

10. Live Video Promotions

To hold an event, the live video of the event streaming attracts almost twice the audience. Click some Facebook and Instagram live-streaming videos and share them on your event’s official pages.

Live videos are the most engaging items among all the options. But this has some drawbacks. The main drawbacks are you can have the benefits only for the three or four days long events. Single-day events do not get the maximum attention.

Wrapping Up

Are you planning to hold an event? Then there are some tips that you can apply and promote your event online. The social media platform is a versatile platform.

If you like to utilise it in a better way for promotional works, then these are the tips you can apply and create more engineering campaigns for your upcoming events. Do you have any other points in your mind? You can comment back to us and share your opinion.

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