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As your business grows, it’s easy to see it as a tree of disconnected branches and it’s harder to keep on top of what all those branches are doing.

That’s why you hire people to take care of these different areas, reporting to fewer staff members until everything reaches you. With all these different areas under other people’s control, you want to ensure that the whole is secure. There can be no breach or leak; if there is, you want that corrected as quickly as possible. Is this possible? If so, where do you begin?

Sensitive Information

In an age where sensitive information is all around you and is provided to your business by your audiences and others, you must be sure you can protect it. It’s not just the information of your audiences but of your employees and business as a whole.

Personal data should only be collected and stored if it is vital for the running of your business, and it should be encrypted so that if anyone does gain access, they can’t understand it. There should be solid protocols in place for who in your business can access what information, and all others should be locked out.



Of course, the most straightforward answer is to simply equip your business with the best cybersecurity possible. You can work with your IT department to get everything that you need, but it’s not just about antivirus software.

Using the previous example of sensitive information, knowing about cloud data protection can have you fully exploring how to use this tool to further your own security and knowledge of relevant and trending technology. Your IT department should be able to set up real-time checks and warning systems so that they get alerts on any suspicious activity (both inside and outside your business).

Knowledge is Power

Making sure that all of your staff members understand what a threat looks like and what action to take can keep them vigilant and can prevent a freak accident from undermining all of your work to keep your business safe.

Your IT department should set up zero-trust protocols so that everyone has to prove they are allowed access to a system and its data before they gain access. Remember to keep up with all the latest security protections as well. For instance, you should be using two-factor authentication for anyone working outside your office space. Even having security passes and checks for those entering the building will help.

Check and Check Again

secure as your business

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to never become complacent. As secure as your business might be, the threats that you face are always changing and evolving, and you need to be ready to meet them on that level.

That means consistently checking and testing your defenses, identifying any sort of weak spot that might have once seemed strong, and acting accordingly. You should read a security blog or subscribe to a magazine to stay on top of the latest news and solutions. Planning a routine security inspection, including using an ethical hacker, can help you keep on top of everything.

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