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How to Get More Social Media Views



One of the most important marketing and promotional skills you should focus on in 2022 would be improving your social media game. 

Many people don’t realize the importance of this skill, but did you know that 59.3% of the world’s population use social media, which is more than 4.5 billion? If you are an entrepreneur, using social media can be one of the most successful ways to improve the reach of your business.

Social media can gain more sales and conversions, as well as help to improve your brand recognition and create stronger brand awareness. But how do you get more views on social media?

Top 5 Ways Of Getting More Social Media Views

This article will look at some methods of increasing the number of views that your social media posts get, so continue reading to find out more.

1. Make Your Content Accessible to Everyone

The first tip on this list for anyone trying to get more social media views would be to ensure that your content is accessible to everyone. While it is true that you are probably trying to target a specific audience, you still don’t know exactly who will be interested in your content. As such, you can cover all the bases by making your social media content accessible to all.

Content Accessible

One of the best ways to ensure your content is globally accessible is to get translation and voice-over services from professional companies like Vogue. You might not know that only 17% of the global population speaks English, and if you are not using translation and voice-over services, you are missing out on a much larger audience that might enjoy your content.

In addition to using translation and voice-over services, you should also use subtitles or captions since not everyone listens to video content with the audio on. Specifically, 69% of consumers browse social media on mute.

2. Use the Right Channels

The next thing you will have to do if you want to get more social media views would be to ensure that you are using the right channels for the content you are producing. This step is highly dependent on knowing who your audience is. So, it is essential to determine where your audience spends the most time online.

 Right Channels

In 2022, there are many social media platforms to choose from, and while this is a good thing, it can also be detrimental if you’re not using the correct channel.

For example, if you were to take a look at the demographics of social media users per platform, you would see that 86% of Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 29. In contrast, on Instagram, only 67% of people are aged between 18 and 29, which is even lower for Pinterest since only 34% of users are in this demographic.

3. Adapt Your Content for the Channel

Now that you have a better idea of what demographics are using various social media platforms, you’ll also need to adapt your content for the channel you are using. This is crucial if you are trying to get more social media views since different types of content are more successful on different platforms.

For example, if you were to take a look at the type of content that is posted on TikTok, you would notice that it is more natural or candid; there are no aesthetic filters, people talk directly to the camera, or upload content that allows the viewers to get to know the content creator more.

Content for the Channel

This is perhaps in direct contrast to Instagram, where the main focus is to post visual content that is aesthetically pleasing and, most of the time, has been edited before posting.

In other words, if you are not adapting your content for the channel you are posting on, you won’t see good results because the people using those platforms simply won’t be interested in the content.

4. Post Consistently

Another vital tip to increase your social media views in 2022 would be to post as consistently as possible. Did you know there are around 4 ½ billion social media users worldwide? More importantly, 95 million videos and photos are shared daily on Instagram.

Post Consistently

Not only does this mean a lot of content is being created every day, but it also means that your competition is never-ending. Out-posting the social media news cycle will benefit your impressions as users move on quickly.

It’s advised to post at least once or twice a day, and it might also be a good idea to post in the morning and the evening to ensure that you reach all of your audience, especially if they come from different time zones – this is especially beneficial with translated content.

5. Post-High-Quality Content

High-quality content = high-quality engagement. Many content creators make big mistakes by posting content for the sake of posting content. However, if you are not posting high-quality content, your audience will lose interest in you as a creator – Striking the right balance between consistency and quality is the goal.

High-Quality Content

The trick here is to weigh how long it takes to create quality content and how often you post. If what you are posting takes a long time to create, you could always post behind-the-scenes footage of how you create your content, which will help build engagement with your audience – expanding to simpler forms of content will increase your posts and will also tap into more of your audience’s interests.


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