how to turn off read receipts on Instagram

How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram? | Complete Guide In 2023

published on: 07.02.2023 last updated on: 11.03.2023

Currently, the leading platform for sharing visuals in the world is Instagram. There’s no doubt about that! But then it’s also a big communication channel when used effectively. So, how to turn off read receipts on Instagram? Keep reading to find out!

While keeping up with your friends on the gram sounds tempting, sometimes, things can get a little invasive on such platforms – turning off your activity status or event read receipts then appears to be a good idea. But can you do that on Instagram?

But Can You Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram?

how to turn off read receipts on instagram

So, before we answer how to turn off read receipts on Instagram, let’s talk about something that comes before – can you turn off read receipts on Instagram? To be honest, you literally cannot turn off read receipts on Instagram as you can on WhatsApp.

If someone has sent you a DM or even a message request and you turn off your activity status to read the same, the sender will still find out. There’s no way that the sender won’t find out you have read their messages on Instagram. But of course, there are some loopholes here that we have managed to find out. So stay tuned to find out how to turn read receipts off on Instagram!

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How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram?

Now there’s no point asking – can you turn read receipts off on Instagram? You already know that Instagram doesn’t allow users to turn their read receipts off. But what if we tell you there’s more than one way to switch that read receipt off? Sounds fantastic to us – simply scroll down to find out how to turn off read receipts on Instagram!

1. Switch To Airplane Mode:

Switch To Airplane Mode

Airplane mode can be a huge lifesaver when you think about it. When you switch to airplane mode, it’s very similar to going offline. If you read messages when you are offline, then your Instagram read receipts stay off. However, this is a temporary solution considering when you do come back online, the sender will be notified that you have seen the message.

So, if you are avoiding someone for a temporary period of time, then it’s absolutely fine to just go for the airplane method. But in case a temporary solution will not serve your purpose, then, in that case, you need to opt for another method. Of course, going offline is not one of those methods since it’s very similar to the airplane mode method!

2. Restrict The Sender:

Restrict The Sender

Here’s another solution to your ‘how to turn off read receipts on Instagram’ search query. Of course, most of us can agree that we don’t really want to turn off read receipts for everyone on the gram. It’s highly possible that only one or a few people can create an issue if you leave them on read.

So, in that case, you can easily restrict those followers on the platform. Restricting is disparate from blocking. When you restrict someone, they can send your texts, but these texts will go straight into your requests box, where you can easily read messages without letting the sender know. This is how to turn off seen on Instagram – you are literally fooling the gram!

3. Turn Off Your Activity Status:

When you turn your activity status off, you are also restricting everyone on Instagram from finding out when you are active on the platform…and when you are not active. That’s great, considering, sometimes, it’s only about scrolling around the gram, not replying to every other message.

What most Instagram users don’t know is that when you turn off your activity status, you are also turning your read receipts off. So, don’t waste time on ‘turn off read receipts Instagram’ search queries, instead, just switch your Instagram activity status off – this will save you time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the ‘how to turn off read receipts on Instagram’ search query mentioned below.

Q1. Can You Turn Off Read On Instagram Dm?

Ans: In short, no. You cannot turn off read receipts on your Instagram account. Yes, you can definitely go through your messages when you are offline – you just have to disable the Internet connection on your phone. You could also switch on Airplane Mode first and then open your Instagram messages – that way, the platform won’t show those read receipts.

Q2. How Do I Permanently Turn Off Read Receipts?

Ans: Follow the steps mentioned below to turn off read receipts.

1. First, tap on your messages.
2. Then select all conversations and tap on your profile’s icon.
3. Then click on the information icon to find ‘the Send receipts toggle box.’
4. Turn the ‘Send receipts toggle box’ off.

Q3. How Can I Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen In 2022?

Ans: Just expand your notifications to read messages without letting anyone find you about the same. But this is possible if you have an Android device. However, you need to click on your notifications carefully because, by mistake, if you tap on your notifications, then Instagram will open. And not just that, the particular chat box will open, and you won’t be able to read without being seen.

Q4. Does Instagram Not Have Read Receipts Anymore? 

Ans: While you switch your activity status off on Instagram, you can’t switch off your read receipts. This means while your followers won’t be able to find out whether you are active or not on Instagram, they will definitely know whether you have read their messages or not since you can’t turn your read receipts off on Instagram.

And It’s A Wrap!

So now that you know how to turn off read receipts on Instagram, what next? Are you planning on turning off your read receipts on the gram? Whatever you decide to do, feel free to share your thoughts on the methods we have mentioned above. We want to find out whether these methods are of any help to you.

While doing so, don’t forget to share your experiences related to the same in the comments below – add to the list in case you can come up with some more methods!

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