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Imginn is a popular website that can be used to browse, download, and bankrupt content from Instagram public views using the public Instagram API. 

There are a lot of unique visitors to this website every day. According to some users, the app is great because it does not demand any private information accessing the platform. 

Let’s know more about this platform in detail below.

What Is Imginn?

What is Imginn

Imginn is a website that allows people to visit any public profile anonymously. The user will not be able to know that their profile is viewed by unknown individuals.

Nevertheless, the posts do not allow you to post or like the posts of other Instagram users. The app does not include any such feature. Many items on the website are missing.

Imginn is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The dynamic feature of this app is loved by everyone. However, there are some limitations in the applications that you need to consider beforehand.  

How To Use Imginn?

How to use Imginn

The dynamic features of Imginn made it a popular site. If you are interested in viewing the public profile of Instagram celebrities or models, you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit any browser or Google
  • Type Imginn in the search box
  • After visiting the homepage, type the name of the individual or the username that you would like to view. 

On this website, you can do anything you wish. You can copy the profile, bio, tags, descriptions, etc. You can view the profile anonymously. 

Can Imginn Hack Your Data?

Can Imginn Hack Your Data

While researching about Imginn, I came to know that some major information is missing from the website. The owner’s details are also hidden. 

So, as the owner’s details are hidden, the website gets a slightly lower score. The website seems to be suspicious as they made sure that it should not be found by search engines at any cost. 

The main motive of Imginn is to earn money through ads. When you visit the website, you will see a lot of advertisements. You don’t have to enter your personal information to visit any Instagram profile anonymously

Imginn Reviews

Imginn Reviews
According to the scam detector, the rating of Imginn is only 21.8, and it is not recommended at all. Furthermore, the website seems to be suspicious as the owner of Imginn is using a service to hide his/her identity. 

The reviews of Imginn signifies that the website is suspicious and unsafe. The website still exists, but most of the information is still missing. More visitors are from the United States and Turkey. 

On the other hand, many people claim that there are many apps better than Imginn. This is the reason why we have listed the top alternatives to Imginn.

Alternatives to Imginn

As discussed above, here are the best alternatives to imginn that you must know. 

1. SmiHub


SmiHub is best for an anonymous Instagram account analysis. With the help of this platform, you can view any Instagram account anonymously and also download photos and videos. 

The best part about this app is that it is completely free to use. You don’t have to pay any penny to view any profile anonymously. You can like, comment, and increase your followers at the same time.

2. Instalkr


Instalkr is the best for anonymous Instagram story viewers. Here, you can access and view photos, videos, and stories. This app is also free to use without even getting noticed. 

On the other hand, this website is very easy to use and also superfast. You just need the username of the individual to view their account without letting them know about it. 

3. Glassagram


This platform offers its users’ improved online spyware on the digital market. If you are new, then you can use the basic features for free and then choose the next one. 

With this app, you can find out the GPS location, monitor Instagram video, interact with other content tracking, direct message reading, and watch hidden mode stories. 

4. Qoob Stories

Qoob StoriesQoob Stories

Qoob Stories is one of the most recommended Instagram content downloaders in 2022. Here, you can view Instagram stories from both public and private profiles. 

You can try their service for free, and you just need to enter the Instagram username to view their profile anonymously. At the same time, you can download high-quality photos and videos from Instagram.

The Final Thoughts

Imginn is a great app to use, and you can use all the features for free. However, some individuals consider this unsafe because major information is missing from the website. Hence, this is all that you should know, and let me know in the comment section below if you have any queries regarding the same.

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