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Best 7 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Experience



No one can run away from the fact that customer service is the lifeblood of all enterprises. One of the platforms that have made customer service faster and easier in the past decade is social media. You can use the messages, posts, comments, and reviews on this platform to monitor the thinking and feelings of your clients. Social media can help you to make your clients happy and keep them feeling that way for long.  However, you cannot achieve this objective unless you know how to use social media to enhance your customer service. This article will be putting forward some of the suggestions that can help you to achieve this objective with a high level of precision. The secret is just learning how to use the various social media pages to interact with your clients.

1. Use the Social Media Pages to maintain Customer Interactions

All customers want to have a reasonable contact with the brand that sells to them various goods and services. Social media is one of the platforms that can help you to interact with your clients. All you need to do is to register your presence online by opening a social media page. Some of the common social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn just to name a few. Be keen to choose a social media page that your target audience spends most of their time there. The choice of a social media page varies from one industry to another. Keeping a close interaction with your clients through the social media page will significantly enhance your level of customer experience.

2. Regularly Check the Social Media Pages

Response time is critical whenever you are thinking about customer service. Therefore, you must make sure that you maintain your page after its establishment. No one will be willing to follow a dormant social media page. The case can be worse when the business itself does not show any sign of presence. The most important thing is to check your social media pages on a regular basis. In fact, you need to try your level best to check the social media page on a daily basis. This will help you to provide prompt responses to the questions that your clients are asking, handle negative customer feedback, and also suppress and troll or spam posts because they can blow out of proportion and send away your loyal customers.

3. Link Your Social Media Team to The Customer Service Department

If your business is big enough to employ dedicate social media manager and customer service reps, you need to look for the best way of linking the two together. Mall small-scale enterprises achieve this objective by allowing a single individual to handle these two responsibilities. However, you can still allow the customer service and social media teams to work hand in hand on customer inquiries. These jobs that these two teams do resemble each other only that they use different platforms. Therefore, both teams must be able to access the solution that the other team grapples with.

4. Make Sure That the Social Media Team Understand What the Other Workers Know

Suppose a customer comes to your brick and motor store and talks to one of your employees? He should be able to get the same response like the one he will receive from your social media managers. It can be very disguising for the two responses to differ. Customers may be left wondering who is right between these two individuals. You need to create product knowledge among all your social media managers. Take time to prepare for training so that they can learn the operations of the enterprise. Customer service should always provide the right information from the word go. In case you authorize your social media team to comment on the business policies, make sure they understand them in and out. It is not good to frustrate or confuse your clients because of lack of knowledge.

5. Respond to Feedback Even if it Has no Complaint or is Simplistic

Don’t only provide responses when clients are asking questions or complaining about your product or service. Make sure you interact with your customers even when there is nothing wrong with your brand. Even just saying ‘thank you’ will go a long way to encourage the involvement of clients in your online business. In case you run a business in the crafts or arts industry, you can enhance your customer loyalty by giving the suggestions or chatting with them on the social media page.

7. Aquent Your Social Media Pages with Your Products

You can post a message on the businesses’ social media page and the response you get clearly tells you that the employee does not know what he or she is talking about.  As a customer, you may not be willing to contact such a business another time. Customers will not bother to contact your brand since they seem to know more than you do. Therefore, the people you assign the responsibility to manage your social media pages should know one or two things about what your brand offers. Therefore, you need to organize for regular training to ensure that your employees have up to date information about your brand.

7. Ru Exclusive Contests on Social Media

Many enterprises post promotional materials, flyers, and coupons on their social media pages. A large proportion of these posts are just rehashes of what you will find in their brick and motor stores. You can encourage your target audience to appreciate and follow your social media presence by offering incentives. Some of the campaigns that can produce customer involvement that may not be necessarily available are contests and coupons among other strategies. This is an easy and quick way to get a few additional likes or sales.

Your social media pages can be a great source to help you understand about your customers. If you are a business that prioritizes guest experience, you need to pursue social media aggressively.


All the above strategies can assist you to use the various social media platforms to enhance your customer experience. However, you need to learn to keep any personal opinions quiet and be keen on what your clients are searching for and give it to them. Listening to your clients is paramount if you want to use social media to improve customer experience.

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