Instagram Announces New Features For Reels

Instagram Announces New Features For Reels, Includes Crossposting, Add Yours, And Insights



Instagram has announced new features for reels. People who make reel videos on Instagram can now use three unique and different components. One of these new exciting features is crossposting on Facebook. Yes, you can now crosspost your reels on Facebook from Instagram. 

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has just announced the three new features of Instagram reels –

  1. Crossposting your Instagram reels on Facebook.
  2. “Add yours” sticker. 
  3. Reel performance insight on Facebook in detail.

Here, you can hear from the Instagram head himself – 

Instagram Reels Crossposting 

Now you can post your Instagram reels on Facebook at the same time as posting them on Instagram. When you create a spin on Instagram, you will get a prompt asking if you would like to post it on Facebook. Your reel will be automatically posted on Facebook when you agree to the prompt. 

“Add Yours” Sticker Is Now Available On Reels

The add yours sticker from Instagram stories will now be available on reels. Creators can inspire others to create reels by using add your sticker on Instagram reels. Your followers can tap on the sticker and can add their own reel in response to yours. 

Watch Reel Performance Metrics From Facebook 

You can also watch the insight of your reel’s performance from Facebook. The latest reel insight has started to roll out, and it allows users to view insights of reels from their Facebook. You can watch insights like –

  • Average watch time. 
  • Total watch time. 
  • Reach and other metrics. 

Aside from these new features, you can also schedule your Instagram reels on Facebook.

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