Instagram Comes Up With New Add Yours Templates In Stories

Instagram Comes Up With New Add Yours Templates In Stories To Engage More Users



With the end of 2023 year, Instagram brings another change on the platter to boost user engagement in the holiday season. It comes up with new “Add Yours” templates that users can use in their stories. These templates are reusable. So, if you are a brand or a personality with a handsome follower base on Instagram, you can now be more consistent with the theme and aesthetics of your stories.

So, along with being a welcome change to spike user engagement, these “Add Yours” templates will be a popular element for marketers and branding experts. In addition, thanks to the templates, Instagram users will now be able to post customized quizzes and prompts. The prompts and quizzes will be developed through IG’s in-stream tools.

In the introduction of these “Add Yours” templates, Instagram has stated,

“People will be able to develop and share their own custom, meme-able Add Yours templates by pinning GIFs, text, and gallery images to a Story template. Add Yours story templates gives people more ways to express their creativity in Stories and share what’s on their mind with their followers.”

Using these “Add Yours” templates will be easy for you. Here is how you will use the templates.

  • First, add GIFs or images that you want to incorporate into your Instagram story’s format. You can even add text.
  • Now,  you can visit the sticker tray and select the “Add Yours” option.
  • Finally, pin the elements you want to incorporate into your stories.

Along with the “Add Yours” templates, you can also use Instagram templates. These themes can be used in your stories as the base or for inspiration. To use these templates, you will need to go to the bottom of the Composer screen. There, you will find a dice icon and tap on it to use templates.Further, once you add one of these templates to your story, you can use the “Add Yours” options to incorporate your chosen elements into the stories.

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