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5 Ways To Get More Instagram Story Views In 2024



Did you know that nearly 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily?

This makes it one of the best social media marketing tools for brands and businesses. 

According to Instagram for Business, Stories result in increased purchase conversion.

However, many people struggle to get views on their Stories. If you are facing this problem, we can help you.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 easy ways to get more Instagram Story views.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories

Instagram launched the Stories feature in August 2016 after it became extremely popular on Snapchat. This feature lets you take pictures, edit them with effects, and share them on your Instagram Story. 

It is different from your regular posts and disappears after 24 hours unless you save them as highlights. You can post photos as well as videos as Stories and share them with your followers or close friends.

The best thing about Instagram Stories is that it doesn’t cramp up your profile-like posts. You can even post multiple pictures at once and customize them with stickers. 

If you use Instagram for marketing and promoting your business, Stories can boost your engagement. You can also hire a social media agency to increase your brand awareness and get more likes, views, and followers on Instagram.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Story?

How to Get More Views on Instagram Story

Here are the five methods to boost your Instagram Stories views in 2024:

1. Add an engaging sticker to your first story of the day 

 engaging sticker

One of the best ways to make the most of your Instagram Story is by using a sticker. You can add a sticker like a quiz, poll, or emoji slider. They have the potential to encourage your followers to click on your Story. 

This trick can help you in two ways – by increasing the engagement and then further helping you get more views. When more people interact with your story, Instagram’s algorithm will push it to the front, thereby helping you get more views.

Using stickers is a great social media marketing technique. You can experiment with different options to see which works best. For example, you can use a Sticker to start a poll on popular topics like Messi vs. Ronaldo. 

2. Post an extra story to wrap up the day

Post an extra story

It is very common for people to post more than one Story in a day. However, the timing of your post really makes all the difference. One effective social media management and marketing tip is to post an extra story just before the end of the day.

When you post a new Story between hours 22 and 23, just before the others expire, it gives them all a big view boost. The reasons behind its success aren’t clear, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

By adding multiple Stories daily, your followers will get used to seeing your content. You can keep your Stories interesting to create a loyal band of followers on the platform. If you don’t have time for consistent posting, look for a decent social media agency in Australia to outsource the service.

3. Share interesting and exclusive content

Share interesting and exclusive content

One of the biggest mistakes people make is keeping their Stories bland and basic. Just because they disappear after 24 hours doesn’t mean you can post anything. If you want to get more views, you need to share interesting and exclusive content on Stories.

Your content should be unique as well as captivating. Sharing upmarket content is an old but effective trick to get more views, specifically if it’s something your community sees as valuable or intriguing. A social media marketing agency can help you create explosive content for Stories. 

One example is sharing a special discount code that lasts just 24 hours. You can also offer a sneak peek of a tutorial or share a perspective you’ve never revealed before. Instagram Stories’ short lifespan is perfect for generating excitement, especially when you tease it in a feed post and nudge viewers to check out your stories for more details.

4. Use the close friend’s feature

Use the close friend's feature

Instagram Stories come with a privacy feature where you can only share them with your close friends. However, you can use it to your advantage for social media marketing.

When someone adds you to their close friend’s list, your Stories show up nearer the front of their feed. It is visible with a bright green border.

Instagram does this to highlight content from those considered close connections. While adding all your followers to this list isn’t practical, it is a great way to share key information with your most loyal followers. 

It will also help you make them feel special and create a community online. These people will then work as brand ambassadors and promote your business using word of mouth. 

5. Maintain consistency and focus on timing

Maintain consistency and focus on timing

Consistent posting is one of the most important social media marketing rules. No matter what platform you are using, there will be no growth if you don’t post regularly.

Instagram’s algorithm takes this factor into consideration when prioritizing content. Research shows that brands and businesses that share posts on a regular basis see stable growth in terms of followers, likes, comments, and shares. 

By adding consistent Instagram Stories, you will get more views. You also need to share content at the right time, depending on your target audience’s time zone. It is best to post when people are more active on Instagram. 

However, daily posting at the right time can be very time-consuming. If you have other important tasks at hand, it is best to hire a social media management and marketing agency. They can help you plan, schedule, and publish Instagram content on a regular basis. 


Here you have it – the 5 best ways to get more Instagram Story views. These tips will help you keep your followers engaged and eagerly watching your content. If you don’t have time to handle your social media marketing tasks, outsource the services to experts. Social media agency Australia specializes in Instagram marketing and can help you grow your business on the platform.

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