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Best 10 Interactive Marketing Solutions For Marketers

published on: 17.11.2021 last updated on: 05.12.2022

Interactive marketing is a two-way approach that is firmly focused on collaboration and interaction. Instead of communicating with your customers through a one-way approach, interactive marketing allows it to be made as a group activity.

This approach is suitable for you as a marketer as it focuses on building relationships and interacting with your audience, being more effective than the old impersonal approach that traditional marketing had.

Moreover, this article will show you 10 interactive marketing solutions you can use for your business.

10 Interactive Marketing Solutions To Consider

1. Infographics

Infographics are great interactive marketing solutions when it comes to fulfilling your interaction marketing strategy. In short, they are being used by many marketers to increase their visual content and engage with users.

An infographic is mainly composed of data visuals, charts, and minimal text, making it easy for our brains to process the information. 67% of B2B marketers are using infographics, and 32% of marketers claim that infographics are the most important form of content in their business.

When a company publishes infographics on its site, customers will remember the information on visuals easier and even post them on their own profiles. More websites will link back to it, and this way, your business is gaining more organic traffic.

2. Storytelling

When we say stories, we may think of fairy tales or even reading adventure books. What makes a story so interesting is always thinking about what will happen next. The same has to go with your marketing, and you have to make your consumers interested enough to think about what will happen next.

In essence, that is how interactive storytelling should be. It’s your content that is giving readers a choice to proceed and ask what is next.

For example, let’s suppose you are following a travel company, and with each of their blogs, they are telling a story of how they traveled to a particular destination. Every time you read the stories and engage with them, you will always be waiting for the other one and wondering what will come next. This is the gold that interactive storytelling offers.

3. Emails

According to Oberlo, there are around four billion email users across the globe, where millions and millions of emails are being sent each day.

However, let’s not forget that being a marketer isn’t easy because without interacting in the right way with your customers, they won’t open those emails. Using interactive content is the proper context to use whenever your brand needs to succeed in its email campaigns.

Interactive content in emails includes showing consumers something interesting once they open your email. For example, an offer, a discount, a sample product to try out, a gift, and much more.

4. Videos

Videos are another way of interactive marketing solutions with your customers and prospects. For example, you may sell online courses by making online videos for your customers to learn from or even marketing your product or service through video marketing.

Additionally, you can try getting support from brand influencers to support your video content. Brand influencers have a large fan base and can be a better way to expand your interactions with new potential prospects and customers.

We would recommend using transcription services too when making videos. You can use automatic transcription software to transcribe speech into text. Transcription services have an accuracy of up to 99% and are great for incorporating accurate subtitles or text documents for those who want to read them while watching a video.

5. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a great way of directly interacting with marketing solutions. It includes inviting users to share their content with you, which is considered the highest level of interactiveness.

User-generated content works best on social media channels and makes interactive marketing solutions and customers feel good whenever they see you share their content on your channels. This increases loyalty and makes your customers perceive you as a caring company.

User-generated content examples include:

  • Interviews
  • Blogs are written by your users
  • Videos
  • User reviews and much more

6. Social Media

Social channels like Facebook and Instagram can be a direct way of interactiveness with your customers.

Even when users are bored, just by scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, they may see your content or an ad you set up. Targeting on social media is done when users show similar interests and behaviors on social media. For example, if you are selling shoes and users who have been scrolling and looking at this content, Facebook & Instagram will likely recommend this content to them.

Even setting up ads on social media is effective since platforms like Facebook & Instagram offer high personalization when setting up the ad. You can include the location, interests, gender, and age group you are targeting. They will also inform you of your potential reach and show you how well the ad is performing.

Usually, when your content performs organically, it will do even better when you set up ads and give you a decent return on an advertisement.

7. Polls And Quizzes

Polls and quizzes provide immediate feedback to your audience. People will complete your poll or quiz in order to see how well they did or what the others answered. Instagram is a popular social media channel where many businesses use quizzes and polls on their stories to interact with their users.

By checking their results, people may see how their opinions compare to the rest. Besides that, quizzes and polls are fun to do, especially when your users are only scrolling on social media!

8. Calculators

Calculators are super underrated when it comes to knowing how effective they are. Calculators are suitable for service providers seeking to figure out the return of investments customers would get while they use their services. You can customize calculators and even invite your customers to use them for themselves- interactive marketing at its finest.

9. Virtual Events

Virtual events are becoming a trend, especially after the beginning of COVID-19. With massive developments in virtual communication, it is easier than ever to communicate with people across the globe. Hence, this is an advantage for your interactive marketing strategy.  

Furthermore, here are some extra benefits of virtual events:

  • Low costs: you don’t need to pay for anything or hire anyone to set your event up. You don’t need to be going to offices, back and forth, or even hiring others to come and set up your event.
  • Easy to set up: virtual events show you the number of attendees, how many are left, the amount of questions asked during the event, and much more important information. Compared to setting up a live event, it is much easier to do.
  • No limit: it is easier to gather more people in a virtual event than one in person. Let’s say you set up an event in an office room, and the maximum limit of attendees that can take place is 15; with virtual events, there is no limit like that.

10. FAQs

FAQs (frequently asked questions) are found on many sites across the net. Instead of making your users wait for an answer, these questions give them a direct response that many other users would ask. Users are allowed to solve the problem by themselves instead of always having to answer the same question repeatedly.

FAQs help you set up a closer connection with your visitors and increase their trust in you. Although, always make sure to include every single question that your visitors are looking for the most.

FAQs have great interactiveness, although, at the same time, many sites will fail to include the most important questions, and this can cause trust issues between you and your users in the long term.

This is a great example of interactive marketing.

As an excellent example, we took HubBot. It pops up as soon as you visit Hubspot’s website and allows you to communicate with it. The HubBot acts like a real person, ready to allow users to customize their own experiences on the site and deliver the necessary information as soon as possible.

The HubBot isn’t putting any sales pressure on users, so it is offering an overall better user experience. Everybody is looking for an answer when visiting a site, and HubBot is asking users questions, also giving them several choices to choose from potential answers. This way, prospects are engaging with website content and choosing how to interact with it.

Wrapping up

Well, that is it for this article. We hope it has presented you with new interactive marketing solutions you can consider using to improve your overall customer experience with your business. Remember, interactiveness with your customers accounts for long-term loyalty as well.  

This article shows you the necessary steps you should take for interactive marketing solutions, and every single one of the solutions should be carefully considered and researched. Always use the resources and solutions you have to the maximum for the best of your interactive marketing strategy. An engaging environment is what makes people come back, and believe us that they won’t want to leave any day!

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