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Why Is The Italian Digital Marketing Industry Lucrative For Investors?



The Internet is becoming Town Square for the Global Village of tomorrow

-Bill Gates.

According to Statista’s report, Italian digital advertisers spent nearly 3 billion euros on ad campaigns in 2020. Italy is further reported to be the largest digital advertising market in Europe.

The reason behind this huge success of the digital marketing industry in the country is that 84.3 percent of the population uses the internet every day. Nearly 43.20 million people are using social media as of 2022.

If we bifurcate this data further, an average Italian spends around two and a half hours scrolling social media. That’s why they are frequently exposed to ad campaigns initiated by digital marketing firms and agencies, leading the industry’s growth.

In fact, due to this, many angel investors are interested in funding the newbie digital marketing company. However, often there are hidden benefits to such investments.

To know about these perks, continue reading!

What Are The Benefits of Investing In The Italian Digital Marketing Industry?

This country is progressing phenomenally and is open to foreign investors, irrespective of the industry. To attract capital and funds, it offers the following benefits.

Benefits of Investing

1. Italian Citizenship

As per the professionals at Bersani Law Firm, this country offers residency-by-investment programs; thereby, you get the opportunity to avail of Italian dual citizenship.

More specifically, investors from all across the globe can stay in the country for the long term and qualify for Italian citizenship by making investments in approved startups, companies, and government bonds. You can consult the professionals to learn about the procedure of an investment visa. They can further assist you with the entire process.

Nevertheless, in case you are wondering whether you could qualify for the visa by investing in the digital marketing market, the answer is YES. If your investment ranges from € 250,000 to € 500,000, you could easily avail of the residency program and apply for Italian citizenship.

However, it is worth noting that if you are planning for a long-term investment, you can avail of permanent residency after five years of legal stay in the Country. To avoid any complications or confusion concerning Italian residency and citizenship, it would be best to work with a reputed immigrant lawyer.

2. Insights About Innovative Tools

Stating the obvious, there are numerous types of digital marketing firms varying according to the size and type of service offered. However, as an investor, you might desire to invest in a company that offers a unique concept that could be a breakthrough.

Fortunately, in Italy, programmatic marketing is gaining quite a popularity, which is a new form of digital marketing. 

As per the insights collected, the amount invested in programmatic advertising in Italy in 2019 was approximately € 550 m. It is 15% higher than the previous year and represents a 28% share of the display industry.

Are you wondering- What programmatic advertising is?

Well, it is the process of buying and selling advertisement inventory automatically & in real time by using an automated bidding system. Thereby brands can build an impression on the target audience within a few milliseconds using the sophisticated infrastructure.

Due to its real-time implementation and success, many investors are providing capital to digital marketing agencies to encourage faster and more effective outcomes.

3. Skilled Workforce

Did you know that Italian higher education is among the best education systems in the world? According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2016, more than 20 Italian Universities secured their position in the top 500 academic institutions.

Moreover, approximately 300,000 students enroll in universities every year. Despite the high level of education, the hourly labor costs are below the average eurozone.

Skilled Workforce

As a result, these investors can enjoy the perk of low labor costs along with local resources. This will reduce the overhead of the digital marketing industry at various levels and increase revenue.

Not to forget, quality education further powers the uniqueness in the prevailing ecosystem, leading to enhanced results.

4. Pro-Investment Culture

This country has carried out substantial reforms, such as establishing a high-level committee under the Ministry of Economic Development to earn investors’ faith and confidence. As per the Federal guidelines, for pre-investment information, assistance with business setup, and continuing after-care for incentives and contracts, the Italian Trade Agency will provide a “one-stop shop.”

Additionally, to entice FDI, the government provides a variety of tax exemptions and incentives. These consist of tax credits for employment, energy efficiency tax deductions, and tax breaks on income from certain intangible assets.

The government also provides sizable tax credits for R&D: 15% for investments in machinery and capital goods and 25% for private R&D investments, with up to 50% available for projects carried out inside universities or other research institutes.

Businesses in the southern regions of Italy are eligible for further state assistance if they invest in new production and R&D.

All these exceptions and credits make the Italian investment market lucrative as it increases the earnings and, thereby, the overall return on investment.

5. High-Tech Performance

Due to the government’s support for research and development and readily available yet well-qualified workers, the native businesses don’t cease to surprise you with effective outcomes.

Let’s take an example of AI and machine learning in digital marketing. With technological advancement, many firms are deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather necessary data and address the target audience’s needs. You can find different tools and software that make the job of marketers easier while providing better results using fewer resources.

Quite evidently, this is not feasible in the absence of the R&D department- identifying the opportunities and coming up with creative solutions to steal them. The more an industry focuses on research, the high returns it provides to the investors.

And fortunately, the Italian digital marketing industry has appropriate resources to accelerate its research. This eventually provides high-tech performance to investors for numerous facets of digital marketing.

High-Tech Performance

To Sum It All Up

The Italian economy, irrespective of the industry, is overflowing with growth potential and opportunities.

It encourages its foreign investors to indulge in the Italian working culture and recoup their investments.

As for the digital marketing industry, the research and development will continue to astonish investors with valuable insights and high ROI.


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