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How To Kick-Start Your Social Media Campaign With A Little Investment



Have you ever tried creating a social media campaign? Do you feel reluctant about investing in one?

Well, social media marketing has greatly evolved over the past few years. The technological advancements in 360-degree videos augmented reality and AI-powered bots have triggered the level of productivity of many social media sites. For businesses today, it seems imperative to grow a strong social circle. The social media platforms help marketers to develop trust among its target audience and demonstrate the authenticity of the brand.

Running a social media campaign does not mean that you have to invest bucks to kick-start. You can try with little to no investments at all.

Let me share some key points with you, through which you can kick-start your social media campaign with little investments.

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Establish Your Metrics Based On Priority.

You must have heard or advised to post pretty pictures and alluring content but that’s not all to engage your audience. You need to focus on other important aspects that trigger the growth of your social profile. Those elements include:

Reach: It shows how many users your post reached and how many of them have checked it out.

Engagements: It shows how many of them have commented and discussed it.

Hashtags Performance: To evaluate the performance of every hashtag you use and to pick the most appropriate and closely related hashtag to your company.

Clicks: The number of users, who have liked, shared or commented on it.

These metrics are pretty useful while establishing your social media strategy. You need to focus on improving the records of these metrics, only then you can hope to witness potential outcomes. It gives a bigger picture of the social campaign without a penny.

Learn About Your Audience

To grow and prosper on social media sites it is imperative to research the audience. Every platform has their own category of users for example, as per the demographics:

Facebook (On average)

Users have college experience
Earn up to $30,000/year
Age group 18-40 years old

Instagram (On average)

Age group 18-29 years
User’s earning up to $30,000/year

Likewise, other platforms like Snapchat and Twitter have their individual demographics. You need to keep that in mind while working on these platforms. Serve their audience with what they need. Valuable content and engaging images are the two most important things you need to ponder on. The attention span of users is getting shorter with every passing hour, therefore; you need to make sure that your post captures attention in a blink!

Create Compelling Content!

Image source

Here comes one of the most important trick to win the most followers

Content- the right use of it can drive you at the top or throw you down the lane from where it will become near to impossible to get up. You must know what the correct use of the content is. Unless you have to live in the Saint Elias Mountains in Yukon, you must be aware of the rise in 360- degree videos and its immersive features. Make the right use of every upcoming technology, create content and publish it on your profile. Your profiles should blossom with every latest update. Just be authentic and never try to add fake or unauthentic content. You can try to produce immersive videos, vlogs, pictures, and photography of products all of these are possible with zero to little investments.

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Furthermore, according to the statistics, around 90% of the online buyers make a favorable decision after watching the product videos. As far as relevancy is concerned, around 41% of the users have claimed that they will unfollow a brand if it shares too much irrelevant content.

Keep Up With the Trend

Did you ever try making stories on Instagram or Facebook, or those funny filters on Snapchat, that can transform your face into something funnier? If not, then it is the right time to spread brand awareness using all such trendy features. Keep your pace up with trendy updates. Try all those trendy activities that can help you build an engaging brand image. Doing business on social media is way too easy if only you invest your full dedication.

Be Consistent

Be Consistent

Being consistent is the foremost principle to find success via social media. You have to be active all the time, which is not possible without incorporating some smartness. So, here is a tip, set an advance post for every couple of hours. After every set interval, your followers will receive a new post and will find your brand name once again popping up on their News Feed. No need to boost your post in the first two months. Moreover, you can also set automatic computer generated replies to the messages your profile will receive. Things like these keep your customer connected to your company 24/7.

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Track Your Performance

After following all the above points, you have to take the most important initiative and that is tracking your performance.  Never forget to keep a bird’s eye view on the activities of your social profiles. Check whatever changes and innovations you are making and note what difference in performance those changes are generating.

To further simplify the process, there are several tools available with which you can track your site’s performance without spending much amount. Here is a list below:

Narrow: it will help you boost twitter following
Content Marketer: It will assist you in promotion and outreach.
Buffer: used for scheduling of social updates
Canva: Used to create social media images and blogs
Google Analytics: Help to track performance comprehensively.
Buzzsumo: Used for ideation and content creation.

To Wrap Up

If you have a brand to promote than you should and must be on social media, otherwise you will be lagging behind in the tough competitive landscape of digital marketing. Therefore, it’s better to seek a professional’s help. It is recommended to hire social media marketers to make your profile run smoothly as you can always find a professional who has expertise in this particular field and can come up with impressive ideas as well.

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