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How Legal Firms Should Optimize Social Media Performance In 2021



  • Are you a legal firm or a lawyer looking to increase your practice and generate more customers?
  • Do you know how optimizing your social media presence can help you achieve great things for your practice?
  • Have you tried looking at creating high-quality content for your business in the form of Q and A sessions and interactive discussions?

There are multiple times in an individual’s life when they require legal assistance for solving law-related issues. From looking to avoid and overcome speeding tickets to seeking compensation in a personal injury case in Roseville, MN, people look to take help from lawyers.

However, in 2020, just opening a small office and distributing visiting cards is not going to be enough to guarantee business success. In the age of digital platforms and tech advancements, legal firms should look to piggyback the riding consumer. 

In this article, we are going to help legal firms, lawyers and attorneys make the most of their social media presence. We are going to discuss the necessity and advantages of social platforms. In addition, we are going to list five ways, which they can use to maximize returns for their practices from social media. 

Why Legal Firms and Lawyers should Look to Social Media?

In the past few years, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. From offering mere entertainment, these platforms have rapidly evolved as communication and information platforms. 

From News to Shopping, social media informs the lives of multiple human beings in different and varied ways. As a legal firm or a lawyer, you cannot afford to ignore the possibilities, which social media has to offer. 

Search and discovery, engaging with existing and future prospects, winning new customers, contributing to branding, etc. are all goals, which a good social media presence can help you achieve. 

Being a cost-effective medium, which gives great ROIs, it is important that your firm and you start engaging constructively. The question in 2020 is no longer whether I should do social media or not. The question is, what should be the strategies, which can help me get maximum returns. 

List of the Top 5 Ways Legal Firms and Lawyers can boost their Social Media Performance

1. Q and A Sessions on Important Niche Topics- 

Social media is significant in its importance as it is a two-way channel of communication between parties. To put it in the perspective of your business, people can ask questions or request solutions on legal issues to you from the platform itself. 

This is why legal firms and attorneys need to hold as many interactive Q and A sessions with audiences. You need to popularise what the session is going to be beforehand so that people have some time to make arrangements and ask you questions. 

2. Giving your Success Rate in Cases- 

Social media can become a great vehicle for building and improving credibility. This means that as a legal firm, you need to list out your achievements long and hard. The success rates, whatever be the nature of the case, might help you cement your position as an authority. 

This is a crucial confidence-building mechanism for newer clients, who might be hesitant to reach out to you for an issue. The success rates can help them feel more confident as to choosing the right legal attorney for their specific cases. 

3. Prioritizing Information and Education- 

You might be surprised to know that awareness is one of the most common problems, which convinces people not to come forward. For example, workers, which might have been injured at their factory workplace, might not even know something like a personal injury case exists. 

Informing and educating people about the diverse nature of cases and their rights can be successfully done through social media. This will not only help you win newer clients but also contribute to your position as a moral and respectable authority in the field. 

4. Video Marketing on Social Media- 

It is important to put out as many videos as possible on social platforms. The algorithms of the different social platforms are such that they tend to offer a more organic boost to videos than to other forms of media like images or albums. 

Videos are also more engaging and are able to convey factual information in a far clearer manner. Something, which is critical for the legal industry. This is why when you are creating content, ensure that at least 1/3rd of it is all videos. You can read more here. 

5. Look for Collaborations and Webinars- 

Every industry is related to something or the other. Just to give you an example, road safety measures are led by different government departments. They want to educate people on the dos and don’ts. However, they do not have access to experts. 

Reaching out for meaningful collaborations, which can establish your prominence as an authority in the niche can go a long way to improving your business substantially. It results in a win-win situation. You can always be a part of Webinars and look to put your views. 

The Final Word

Digital platforms like search and social are the new sales, marketing, advertising, and branding channels for businesses. Businesses should realize that the way consumers look for information has changed in a major way. We are no longer using the Yellow Pages for looking up details and services. 

Rather, we are going to Google and Facebook to help us with our search and discovery. If you are not playing by the rules of the changing environment, you stand the chance to fall behind your competitors. 

Every single day delayed in thinking about starting a website or social media pages is a lost opportunity, which is not helping you reach newer clients and boosting your sales. 

There is no doubt that as the world becomes more advanced, it is likely to become more complex and confusing. Corners will be cut and mistakes will be made. The question is, will you be present as a legal voice when individuals, families, groups, or businesses start facing these concerns. 

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