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Legendary Pc Games That You Will Definitely Like

Over the decades of computer games, many gaming stories have been released that have changed the gaming industry forever. Today, there are many options in the gaming industry market, including modern action games, sports games, and online games. But if you want to feel the true spirit of gaming history, you should familiarize yourself with the legendary PC games.

The games on our list were created long ago, but to this day, they continue to be the most famous games. But if you are interested in newer gambling games, then dragon tiger rules will be helpful for you.

Here you will find a list of games that are more than just a random letter generator which helps parents and teachers to teach kids digitally. Check them out here:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Minecraft
  • The Witcher and others.

Each game has its characteristics and can keep you entertained for hours. However, if you want to experience the full range of emotions that gaming provides, try playing legendary games – this unique experience will not disappoint you!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The famous Geralt is again looking for Ciri – the girl who became his destiny. He will have a hard time – on the way, and he will fight dragons, griffins, and other mythical creatures. With him, you have to master the basic skills of fencing – strikes, feints, dodges, parries, and maneuvers. Up to five opponents can stand in the way of a brave witcher at the same time. Therefore, there is simply no time to relax.

Of the game’s chips – an extensive bestiary, thanks to which you will learn about creatures from Eastern European fairy tales and legends.


The survival sim became so successful that the small indie project was sold to Microsoft for a billion dollars! And there are reasons for that. Unique crafting and building mechanics allow you to extract resources and create houses, tools, explosives, weapons, potions, and hundreds of other items. And when you get tired of fighting dozens of monsters, launch the “sandbox” mode and recreate the famous landmark or your neighborhood in virtuality.

Minecraft is actively developing – a release was recently released in which you need to arrange raids on magical dungeons. Also, according to rumors, a MOBA based on the game is coming.

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are already tired of cyberpunk and have a gloomy vision of the future, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the last days of the Wild West. After another train robbery, the main character leaves the gang and starts a peaceful life. But, unfortunately, deadly dangers stand in the way of his goal – former comrades, incorruptible rangers, corrupt cops, corrupt authorities, and greedy gold miners. But all these troubles can wait if you focus on exploring the vast open world. We love this game for the detail. The game’s physics engine is so good that you can see drops of dew on the grass on a cold morning, rearing hair on the sides of a horse, and smoke rising from the muzzle of a revolver.

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FIFA 2020

The famous football simulator is developing evolutionarily – the developer is gradually bringing it to perfection. After the next update, you will no longer distinguish a virtual match from an actual TV broadcast – 3D models and textures are so carefully designed. In 2020, a new Volta mode was introduced, allowing amateur matches to be played in abandoned factories and parking lots. But you can still create a team of champions, participate in online tournaments with prize pools, or follow the fate of young athletes climbing the football Olympus.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, computer opponents now play more dynamically and change tactics on the go. For example, a warm-up will be no more accessible than a match with another gamer!


Continuation of the famous action game in which you again have to participate in criminal scams. Three friends face a difficult choice. They can submit to corrupt police officers and commit crimes for their benefit or go against the law and put their lives on the line. In the meantime, the storyline will unfold unexpected turns in front of you, and you will have time to acquire a virtual family, real estate, business, expensive cars, a yacht, and even a personal jet.

This game has long been in the hearts of gamers because of the non-linear passage – it has several endings. You will have to decide which of the three friends will survive and who will sacrifice themselves to restore justice.

Mortal Kombat 11

The good old fighting game is back. Before we unfold another chapter in the war of the best fighters of the Earth against otherworldly forces, this time, the people are counterattacking and pushing the attackers back to the underworld. In the new part of the game, two types of unique attacks appeared. Fatal Blow allows you to turn the tide of battle when the character’s health drops below 30%. Crushing Blow greatly enhances attacks in certain situations – at a great distance from the enemy, after successfully performing a combo, or after filling a unique gauge.

The developer regularly releases add-ons that add new fighters to the game. The Joker, Terminator, Spawn, Shiva, and others are among them.

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The game is designed for relaxation and fun – in it, you do not need to spend time learning and mastering complex tricks. Choose your character, vehicle, and glider to get on the track. Each combination has its advantages, but the forces are always equal. To win, you need to go faster, push harder, and use power-ups better than everyone else in the race. It will not do without humor – instead of guns and rockets, carnivorous plants, boomerang flowers, magic wands, and powerful horns will become your weapons.

The deluxe version allows you to control racing physics and even set speed limits.


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