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Linkedin Headline Generator – All You Need To Know



A Linkedin headline is a section in your linkedin profile, where you are allowed to describe what you do within 120 characters.

Your LinkedIn headline is also the best way to let people know and boost your appearance on the platform. The description is beside your name in search results and lets the leads click on it in order to know more about what you do.

So it is very important that you get it right. It is as well important for your LinkedIn SEO, which we will be discussed below in this blog.

You have to get it right if you want people to know more about you and what you are currently doing.

If you are new to LinkedIn and you don’t know how to write, don’t worry, because we will teach you how to write it and be attractive and manage your linkedin headline generator at the same time on your linkedin profile.

Let’s begin!

Linkedin Headline Generator – Explained

Linkedin Headline Generator - Explained

Whenever a prospect is going through your LinkedIn profile they will look for three things in main:

  • What do you do?
  • Why do they need you or connect with you?
  • What services will you provide to help them?

Your LinkedIn profile is going to look like your personal landing page, note that. the goal of your headline is to bring a prospect to your profile and connect with you.

The goal does not end here, once they have landed on your page the next thing for you is to hold them so that they continue scrolling through your profile.

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Linkedin Headline Generator – How To Write The Headline?

Linkedin Headline Generator - How To Write The Headline

The main aim that you need to focus on is that your headline must give your prospects a reason to visit your profile.

You might feel that your job role and position are enough for somebody to know what you do, but you should be open to the benefits and solutions that help your target market. That way the prospects will have more incentive to know what you do and might even reach out to you directly.

You have to think about what is there in your services that they will find useful.

Formulae For Writing Linkedin Headline Generator 

  1. Title, company and USP.
  2. Title, company , benefits of working with you, keywords that relate to your niche and personal touch.

If your headline is written in such a way that can help marketing agencies increase their lead generation then managers and CEOs will show interest to connect with you.

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Linkedin Headline Generator – 7 Best Practises

Linkedin Headline Generator - 7 Best Practises

Are you confused thinking how your linkedin headline should look like?

Here are some best ways through which you can achieve the most well written headline:

1. Make The headline For Your Audience

You will always have to optimise your profile for your target audience. Use languages and words that can build a persona that your customer can recognise.

You should always highlight the benefits of working with you.

2. Include USP

You must include your USP in your headline. It is an important preposition that your prospect should see before anything else you have in your headline. Therefore you can include that at the beginning of your headline on your linkedin profile.

3. Be Polite And Approachable

The third step is very important, by being polite and approachable you are making your prospect reach out to you and feel comfortable while connecting with you.

So, feel free to add personal qualities and achievements that you think are important to put in your linkedin profile. Many prospects actually appreciate this opening-up gesture and will help you build rapport.

4. Include CTA

Your linkedin profile should maintain a funnel-like structure, why? Because it is a good idea to start from the headline and continue it to the banner image and summary.

You can also do one thing, use the headline in conjunction with your banner image.

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5. Don’t Force Keywords

There is a common mistake that people usually make while setting up their LinkedIn profiles. They stuff unnecessary keywords with LinkedIn headlines related to their niche in the hope of being found first in the related LinkedIn search.

Let me make it clear, it does not work that way. Rather it can harm the clickthrough rate of your profile. You should always write the headline first then if there is any space left you can add the keywords in the end. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DO:

Sales outreach expert at company y, helping SaaS companies, lead generation, email marketing, outreach.

  • DON’T:

Sales outreach expert at company z, sales, outreach sales, email marketing sales, lead generation and outbound cold sales.

6. Show Creativity

Many people follow the same structure of writing the headline, but if you want to get creative you can. To do that you have to do your research and homework on the competitors. See what other people with the same job role as yours are doing, and do the exact opposite of that.

Here are some tips on what you might add in your headline in order to get creative, if you can’t really think of anything:

  • Add your personal values and achievements.
  • Add emojis.
  • Add company values.
  • Add overreaching goals.
  • Add the different side of yours.

7. Include Results

Last but not least include your past results and accomplishments in your headline.

The main purpose of this is to make you realize your authority and the leads that will show what kind of results you are capable of delivering.

Because whenever leads will land on your page they will look for things that will benefit them and their company. So you have to think and act accordingly.

Wrapping It All Up

There you go with linkedin headline generator, we have explained what linkedin headline generator is all about, how to write the headline with the help of some formulas.

We have also mentioned the 7 best ways of writing your headline for the linkedin profile and elaborated it as much as possible.

Leave a comment down in the comment section and share your experience with us.

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