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Local SEO Strategies for Website Optimization



Business owners want to help their guests with products or services. The number of locations they have for an establishment is a factor for local SEO. Guests will search the business online for a location.

Make it visible to them with strategies you’ll read in this article. This article has been developed in collaboration with a professional team of the Fort Lauderdale SEO agency in order to provide detailed information about local SEO strategies.

Being New to Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimizationA business operating within a certain area can reach the client more through local SEO. This strategy encourages a higher ranking on the search engine. The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can show the website on page one sooner.

It is an edge for this type of SEO to broaden the business awareness within the same area. For instance, people looking for restaurants in a certain neighborhood only.

Similarities with general SEO are backlinks and website optimization. Local SEO focuses on Google My Business and making citations for directories.

Significance of Local SEO

HubSpot gathered numerical data about the reasons for executing this type of SEO for businesses. Here are some:

  • Local details account for Google searches at 46%.
  • The proximity for an online business search on Google shows 72% went to an establishment until five miles.
  • Looking for a business online on mobile is estimated at 78% and led to a personal transaction.
  • Local businesses appearing on page one of a SERP have the most advantage at 92%.

This means when the business has weak local SEO, it misses out on certain elements. Inclusive are continuous foot traffic, more profit, and increased awareness. A technique like local SEO raises search visibility.

While Local SEO or GMB pages are very important for businesses, optimizing them for best performance might get difficult. This is simply because, businesses might not have the time, skills, or resources to run local listing pages. This is where GMB Gorilla optimization service can come in handy. They are experts that efficiently run listing pages and ensure a steady generation of sales queries and local footfalls for businesses.

Strategies to Raise SERP Rankings

SERP Rankings

Look for Main Keywords

It is important to find suitable main keywords for the business. These are the tools necessary for website optimization. The plan for a higher SERP ranking begins with them. Ways to do keyword research with the numerical details are:

  • 6% Tracking Rivals
  • 8% Google Autocomplete
  • 1% Client Feedback
  • 5% Search local listings like Craigslist and so on

In typing the keyword phrase on the search engine, observe the competitors who appear on page one. Look at the titles of the posts and metadata along with the keyword usage. This information provides an idea of which ones are suitable for the business.

Tools for keyword research are also recommended to get long-tail phrases. It is more specific and targets the business closer. A typical search shows the business name and location. This style can increase website traffic.

Look at the SERP one and take note of the types of content the websites have. The common information among them is likely for the guest to use. Take it as a sign for the business to also show similar details. Otherwise, it can decrease client visits.

A Google Search Console Dashboard is free and worth the time to use. It determines the keywords necessary for the business to use. Likewise, the most popular website pages through clicks are also known. This is via the SERP results.

Homepage Optimization for Main Keywords

Strategies for local SEO will benefit the business with website optimization for local keywords. The homepage mentions the city where the business operates. Do this on the:

  • Main page title
  • Sometimes in the text
  • A minimum of one secondary heading
  • In image alt texts
  • Meta description

It is great to give details about the neighborhood of the business! When competition is low for the business, the search engine ranking can go up!

Produce Content about the Products, Services, City, and so on

Experts say specific locations with content increase the website traffic. But when the information is limited to the products or services, these need support about the neighborhood. It is a goal of local SEO to communicate with the guest in a certain area. In this regard, more specific details are encouraging.

That is why an online guide to a particular neighborhood mentions everything possible about it. This includes attractions, points of interest, or special gatherings near the business. By doing this strategy, brand awareness increases. Likewise, chances for local links and relevancy also rise. For example, a website about dogs can provide a comprehensive guide for this animal.

Written posts can talk about dog rescues, shelters, and parks in the neighborhood. These can catapult the monthly guests quicker! Apart from offering online guides, the content can also mention other features. Inclusive are gatherings, workers, news, and learning materials.

Part of the content strategy can show online videos. YouTube has a reputation of being the 2nd biggest online resource. Observe on SERPs the presence of these videos. Content of this medium can show:

Optimization for SEO Titles, URLs, and Meta Descriptions

A SERP shows the SEO title, meta description, and website link. This signals the importance of providing clear information to the guest. He will look for the product or service name along with the location. One glance at these details gives a glimpse of what the business does. Specific areas have more advantages.

It is best to also include the website structure and URL for optimization. Those who live in a certain neighborhood are happier when the business is present in their location!

Content Optimization for Voice Search and Long-Tail Keywords

Experts recommend for the website content include long-tail keywords guests want. Examples are:

  • What is the best meal
  • How to find the best chicken
  • Where is the best bakery   

Long-tail keywords can boost the website rank on the SERP! These can also benefit voice searches. Guests who look for keywords with their voices decide quicker than through text. By using voice, Google Assistant interprets the content from the given snippets in an oral way.

Each Location Can Have an Original Website Page

Business growth is always a good sign for the owners and workers. With each new location, it is also suitable to create a unique website page. Generate interest by:

  • Putting anecdotes only for the location
  • Show numerical data per location
  • Provide contact details and content relevant to the location only
  • Display local importance to the business through graphics, testimonials, reviews, and videos.

Make the guest look for the business on the search engine. Execute the mentioned strategies for the website to have a higher ranking. The goal is to appear on page one.

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