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10+ Most Popular Free Icon Packs This Autumn For Your Business (2022)



To make your website unusual and stand out from the competitors, it is not necessary to order an expensive one-off design of vector icons.

We have prepared 10 interesting free icon packs to set details and other associated topics that are easy to use even without being a pro. 

What Are The Advantages Of Having Icon Packs For Your Business?

Business is individual. And icons have significant roles in business models. The individual business requires specific icon packs. The icon packs increase readability by highlighting important content. And these icon packs work both ways. 

One is it increases your brand value and also increases the readability of the brands. Effective communications are part of the Icon pack. The reinforced functionality and features enhance the designs of the business.  The icon packs are actually worth paying for. If you want to stand in the business, these invitations are going to help you.

Do you want to build up your online reputation? Then using the icon packs are always the best solution.

1. Halloween Icons

This is an icon pack full of fun and part of ios icon packs for android. That is developed especially for Halloween. It will fill any website with the atmosphere of the world-famous autumn holiday. The set includes all the main theme-based attributes: pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, witches, bats, etc.

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 32
-Price: free
Halloween Icons

2. Business Icons

Bright icons attract attention with an unusual cartoon style. They will make your website more informal and original. The icon packs used are suitable for online toy stores or any other children’s goods. 

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 12
-Price: Free for non-commercial use only
Business Icons

3. Food Icons

The free vector icons from the set include icon packs of dishes, food products, illustrations of trips to restaurants, the cooking process, and food delivery. They will be useful for shops, catering establishments, and thematic websites. 

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 36
-Price: free
 Food Icons

4. E-commerce And Shopping Icons

These large icon packs will be useful to everyone who is engaged in trade on the Internet or runs a themed website. Here you will find flat icons of various currencies, shopping carts, buy/sell ads, and other images related to the economy and finance.

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 422
-Price: free
E-commerce And Shopping Icons

5. Calendar Icons

Are your calendar icon packs still stereotyped? Why not make it more creatively different by choosing a new style and color? In the set, you will find different options, including the themed icons for Christmas and Halloween. Even the glass icon packs also look pretty good for use for festivals and Christmas times.  A calendar is a symbol that you have an optimistic view of the upcoming year.

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 15
-Price: free
Calendar Icons

6. Bubblecons Nations Icons

A large set of icons for free reflects the cultural heritage of many countries of the West and East. Due to their own icon pack design, they will look appropriate not only on sites related to travel but also everywhere where a soft informal style prevails. 

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 600
-Price: free
Bubblecons Nations Icons

7. Message Icons

This set allows you to make the basic images of e-mail, phone, chats, and other contacts of your company more stylish. In addition to icon packs in different colors, there are also thematic ones, for Halloween and Christmas in particular.

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 22
-Price: free
Message Icons

8. Material Icons

This is a huge collection in a minimalist style. There is nothing superfluous in the set. You can download the icon in black and white colors. The icon packs for the material make the look unique and more valuable. 

Every individual material makes the designs unique. Even you can pick the material which is representing your brand. This way, you can increase your brand value and adopt a unique look for your materials. 

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 1455
-Price: free
Material Icons

9. Cat Icons

What may boost your spirits better than pictures of cats? In the set, you will find heroes of popular memes and simply funny animals in a cartoon style. And if you have a cat yourself, you can also use their pictures as well. The playing cat pictures are more like a small fresh air for every cat lover’s life. 

-Format: PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 56
-Price: free
 Cat Icons

10. Hand Gestures iOS Tab Bar Icons

In this set of icons, there are many options to show the customer that he has to press a touch screen or a button. You can download free icons in black and white and blue versions. Hand gestures work like an icon of the brand. If your brand has some symbol, then you can present that symbol with a hand gesture. 

-Format: AI, EPS, PNG, SVG
-Number of icons: 92
-Price: free
Hand Gestures iOS Tab Bar Icons

By means of these sets, you can make your website more relevant and stylish. When choosing free vector downloads, always pay attention to the rights of use. For some sets, you need to purchase a license to use to apply them on commercial websites.

Wrapping It Up:

Everyone wants to adopt a unique and very attractive look for their brands. And icon packs are giving the brand a more professional and unique look.

The icon pack is making the brand look more professional and impressive. These ten ideas make your icon packs look unique.

These small tips are helping you to pick the best icon packs for your awarded brand. So which one do you want to select?

Let us know your opinion in the comment section.


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