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Tinder Background Check: Your Guide

published on: 26.10.2022 last updated on: 06.12.2022

Online dating can be difficult to navigate and sometimes problematic as you try to date safely, avoiding potential bad dates and dangerous individuals.

Background checks are a great way to vet an individual before you meet up with them and ensure your safety, in addition to figuring out if the person in question is someone you would like to get to know better.

Tinder is one of the nation’s most popular dating apps, and if you’re worried about one of your matches or want to double-check someone’s identity before meeting up in person, a tinder background check is the best way to do it.

Our article will give you essential information about using Tinder’s built-in background check tool and other methods to help you find vital facts about the person you are about to spend your time with.

Reasons to Perform a Background Check on Your Tinder Date

Background Check

There are many reasons that you might want to use a people search tool, one of them being for a background check on your Tinder date before going out with them, but the most common reason is safety. A background check on your date can inform you if they are hiding things about their history, criminal record, or identity that you need to know before deciding if they are someone you would like to get to know.

A full background check can also tell if an individual is married or in a relationship, which can sometimes be an unfortunate reality regarding dating apps.

However, keep in mind that background checks might not always be as accurate on your Tinder matches, as individuals often sign up for dating apps using email addresses, phone numbers, and even names that they don’t regularly use in their daily life. This adds a level of separation that some people appreciate, but it can make it more difficult to track down a person’s true identity and background information.

Methods For Tinder Background Checks

You can perform a background check on your Tinder match in a few different ways. Make sure to try all of these methods before giving up hope of finding information, as you never know which search method will give you the best results.

Tinder Background Checks

1. In-App Background Check Reports

As of March 2022, Tinder users are able to run background checks on their matches using in-app software. This feature has been released to promote safety and security in the app, as a majority of women believe that online dating apps are not safe.

By touching the blue shield icon located in the Tinder app (this is usually in the top right corner of the app), you will be taken to the security center. From there, find the option that says ‘Tinder X Garbo’ or something similar (Garbo is the background check website Tinder partners with for identity verification).

Once you select this option, you will be redirected to Garbo’s website, where you can run background checks on your matches. You will receive two free checks via Tinder and then be required to pay a small fee for each background check afterward.

More information on how this works and Tinder’s policies regarding these background checks can be found here.

2. People Finder Tools

If you aren’t having much luck with Tinder’s app-provided background checks, you may want to use a separate people finder tool, like this one on Information.com.

You can use it to search the address of an individual to find out more about them and pull any publicly available information into one easy-to-read report. They also have tools to search by name, phone number, or email address.

The report will include things like:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Criminal record
  • Known friends or relatives

Using this information, you can determine if the individual is safe to meet and truthful about their identity.

3. Social Media and Internet Searches

Conducting searches of social media websites or simply typing someone’s name into an internet browser is another great way to figure out someone’s background information and ensure they are being truthful about their identity.

For social media searches, type the person’s name into the site, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and review the profiles that come up.

Keep in mind that some sites will show other users that you have viewed their profile. You also might need to have an account with the site to see all the information a person lists on their profile.

If you want to conduct an internet search, type the person’s name into an internet browser like Google and review the first few search results. Typically, the first page of results will be the most accurate, with results getting less relevant the further you go down the list.

An internet search can be helpful to find someone’s place of employment, alumni listings, or even wedding registries if the person hasn’t been all that honest about their history.

Staying Safe on Your Dates

Online dating can be challenging for more reasons than one, but you want to ensure that you stay safe on your dates above all else.

Running a background check on your Tinder match, either through the in-app options or using other search tools or internet sleuthing skills, can be a great way to know someone is being honest about their identity and that they’re a safe person to meet up with.

Note: Remember, background checks might not always tell you everything you need to know about a person, so continue to use common sense and safe dating behaviors.


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