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Top 10 Online RPG Games



The RPG genre is one of the most popular among gamers, and every year there are more and more MMORPG fans.

Today, online playing games are played by dozens, and maybe hundreds of millions of gamers from all over the world.

Let’s consider the most popular options.

RPG Games


LOST ARK is a new client-based fantasy Action MMORPG with a unique open world, interesting gameplay, and spectacular action-packed combat. Excellent graphics with the so-called isometric 2.5D camera, a fascinating storyline, a well-thought-out class system – everything is in the best traditions of the genre, and at the same time, LOST ARK has a number of interesting features.

2. Black Desert

A popular new generation MMORPG with cutting-edge graphics, a huge seamless world, large-scale battles, and castle sieges, as well as a simple and convenient non-target combat system aimed at hurricane action.

3. SAO’s Legend

Colorful browser anime MMORPG based on the popular anime series Sword Art Online. The game uses the main mechanics of well-known browser games, but the main feature of SAO’s Legend is a lively, excellent traced world, varied gameplay, and class balance combined with an epic storyline.

4. Will To Live Online

A free-to-play post-apocalyptic FPS MMORPG inspired by the popular S.T.A.L.K.E.R. A large open world with a well-thought-out history and a branched storyline, mutants, monsters, warring factions and clans, raids into mines and dungeons – a classic of the genre.

5. Kritika

An exciting mixture of a fighting game and MMORPG. A variety of combos, weapons, classes, dynamism, bright special effects and sound, and flexible control settings in the best traditions of the genre. It definitely will not be boring!

6. Eternal Fury

Browser MMORPG based on northern myths and legends, where everything is convenient and well-arranged. A large open fantasy world, complete freedom of choice and action, an abundance of different modes for PVP and guilds, plus various interesting features such as advanced pet mechanics and a flexible system of classes and skills will definitely please those who expect a real challenge from such games!

7. Blade and Soul

Incredible client Action/MMORPG which takes place in a fantasy world based on Eastern mythology. Spectacular battles with elements of a fighting game, high-quality and colorful graphics, an interesting plot, a variety of heroes, and much more.

8. Fanwars

A browser-based MMORPG with elements of a football-themed strategy. The game takes place in the outback of Russia, where various factions fight for power in the city. The developers very clearly showed the atmosphere of the 90s. Good drawing, interesting combat mechanics, PvP battles, and a huge number of unique characters.

9. NextRP

Patriotic GTA with RolePlay mode on the map with real places transferred to the game. Broken roads adjacent to elite buildings, a large fleet of vehicles with unlimited tuning possibilities, the presence of a plot, and a decent selection of quests. Here you can become whoever you want: a policeman, a doctor, a bandit, and even serve in the Army!

10. Blood and soul

Blood and Soul invites us to take on the role of one of the saviors of the world. Nice graphics, interesting customization options, exciting quests, and a variety of PvP – all this is just a short list of reasons to enjoy this game.


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