Path Social Review

Path Social Review: Will It Help You Grow Your Instagram?

published on: 28.01.2022 last updated on: 31.01.2022

If you make a Google search for “Instagram growth service,” you’ll get a slew of growth agencies that promise to deliver organic growth and real followers. Among the top results is Path Social, so we took a closer look at why this growth service company stands out. Here’s our no-holds-barred Path Social review.

Path Social Review: Website Check

Here are our Path Social website check results based on the following established criteria for evaluating websites.


Is Path Social’s website content reliable, truthful, and correct?

The company features reviews from well-known names: Forbes, Business Insider, and TechCrunch. The website also mentions that Path Social is “trusted by 24,000+” influencers and brands on Instagram. The aforementioned reviews combined with a slide show of client results that display before and after follower numbers seem to support the accuracy of Path Social’s website content, which also includes their promise to deliver “real and organic Instagram followers.”


Path Social has been around for nearly a decade; the company was launched only a few years after Instagram. So it’s safe to say that they are definitely Instagram experts. Instagram has evolved many times over the years, and Path Social’s longevity suggests that they have managed to keep up with the platform’s constant updates.

The website also has a Resources page which is made up of a comprehensive collection of Instagram articles. The topics run the gamut from writing an Instagram bio to getting started with Instagram eCommerce ads. The articles appear to be well-researched, with links to reliable sources.


Is the website’s content up to date/timely? As mentioned above, Path Social has not only kept its head above the water over the years; it has consistently topped search results. This indicates that the company has successfully adapted to shifting trends and Instagram user needs and expectations, and matched strides with Instagram and Google algorithm updates.

All the internal links are functional; the same goes for both the internal and external links included in their resource articles.

Ease of Use and Website Design

Loading time is quick. The images and videos are high quality and are distortion-free as you scroll through the page. The navigation tabs and website buttons work seamlessly. The text is readable, the color contrast is easy on the eyes, and the overall design is polished and easy to navigate. The home page is chock-full of information about the company, its services, and its clients. Although the page has good visual appeal, some users may find it too cluttered or too long.

The FAQ section is at the bottom of the home page, so users who may want to go straight to this section may get frustrated if they’re looking for a separate FAQ page tab. Another website handicap is its lack of an About Us page. While there’s a pop-up “chat” feature (they use Intercom Messenger), the only communication option is via email.


Path Social’s website is HTTPS encrypted so users can expect a secure and private experience; any information they enter will be processed securely. The website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are also up to date.

Path Social Review: Pricing

Path Social offers two pricing packages: Instagram Core and Instagram Elite.

Instagram Core

This is the basic plan, priced at $49/month, or $1.63/day. Aside from the fewer number of followers you can expect (between 500 and 2,000 followers fewer per month compared to Instagram Elite), Core offers the basic targeting features which include:

  • Influencer shout-outs
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Real-time analytics
  • Activity log
  • Email newsletters
  • Engagement sources

Instagram Elite

Priced at $69/month, or $2.30/day, the Elite Plan promises to deliver up to 3,500 followers per month with the advantage of these additional targeting features:

  • Path Social proprietary advanced AI targeting algorithm
  • Manual targeting review
  • Five to ten times more shout-outs
  • A dedicated Account Success Manager
  • Growth expert insights
  • Beta features
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Exclusive invites to Path Social seminars, webinars, and industry expert events

Path Social is actually among the more reasonably priced out there; the most expensive ones cost $99 to $200+ per month! But their plans’ modest pricing does not mean that their quality of service is also a “bargain.” Based on the features that come with each plan and Path Social’s client reviews, the company prioritizes quality over quantity and also sets realistic expectations.

Keep in mind that you can only go so far, literally, in a day or in a month if you want genuine organic growth. It seems that Path Social is a stickler for strict adherence to the limitations and policies enforced by Instagram. This earns the company big points on reliability and effectiveness.

Path Social Products

So how, exactly, does Path Social deliver organic and real followers without using bots or fake accounts? The company mentions their proprietary advanced targeting AI technology and in-house team of experts as their main growth tools. How do these tools work? We examined the practical advantages of each one for this Path Social review.

Advanced Targeting with AI Technology

Strictly speaking, this does not qualify as an organic approach, but neither is it a non-native social media device. Keep in mind that Instagram’s native algorithm is AI technology. While the platform encourages all its users to take the organic approach to growth, the products of these organic actions are still determined by Instagram’s algorithm.

Path Social’s own targeting AI technology functions the same way. So when you subscribe to their service, you essentially get amplified audience targeting power. It’s like using a signal booster so you can expand your targeting potential. Path Social’s targeting algorithm also uses audience filters similar to those used by Instagram, such as age, location, and hashtags.

In-House Team of Social Media Experts

This took a bit more digging as this is only vaguely mentioned on the home page, under the section “How are we different?”. You can only get a bit more clarification about this key growth tool when you read through the benefits of their pricing plans.

We also scoured through the FAQ section to verify our initial understanding that Path Social actually does hands-on work, with a team of real people, to promote their clients’ content. As per their FAQs, they have “a team of strategists who promote your profile organically through our influencers and our platform” made up of “a network of tens of thousands of influencers across hundreds of niches.”

And this is where the organic results come in. You can really only get organic followers through organic means, which takes a lot of time and patience and some degree of creativity and marketing. Path Social leverages its decade-long Instagram experience to help its clients improve their organic content promotion strategy.

Path Social Review: Conclusion

Path Social has held the top spot as a social media agency and Instagram growth service because it sticks to what works best. Based on their approach, the company prioritizes quality growth over mere numbers boost, and long-term and consistent growth over a huge, quick, and temporary fix.

Most growth agencies use bots and fake accounts to deliver impressive follower numbers sans an accompanying increase in engagement. Not only do these companies deliver “fake goods, but” they also put their clients’ Instagram accounts at risk of getting suspended or banned and ultimately causes them to lose credibility.

If you are serious about going big on Instagram and being part of the big league, Path Social is a safe and reliable bet as a growth partner. They’re definitely worth a try.

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