Phantom house activation on Snapchat

Phantom House Activation On Snapchat: Are You Ready For Halloween

This Halloween, get ready to enjoy a quirky experience with Snapchat Phantom House activation. Snapchat will take its Phantom House to advertising week on 16th October. There will also be an out-of-home takeover with names like Maybelline and Disney+. 

Snapchat says, “Brands can seamlessly integrate themselves into the Phantom House conversation with interactive AR experiences of their own, commercials placed within the show, and off-platform co-marketing. In fact, brands including Maybelline and Disney+ will be featured in our Phantom House out-of-home takeover at Advertising Week New York.”

In addition, there will be a live audience activation. So, the partners will get to cherish every bit of the Halloween frenzy. 

Snapchat thinks that around 80% of its users will engage with the app for Halloween fun. So, the new activation and its themed promotion will boost the engagement of users. 

This new Snapchat activation will be available across chats, cameras, stories, and spotlight tabs. 

Further, known Snapchat stars like Ezee, Sofie Dossi, and Tony Talks are in the video. The video shows how these stars fight time to run away from the Phantom House. 

If you are a Snapchatter, you can watch the content series on a weekly basis and know the progress. You can even take part in the new activation and help creators solve the puzzles with new clues. 

Moreover, in the process, you can use the AI-generated dream images of Snapchat to make the experience more interesting.

So, Snapchat and all its users are ready to make Halloween fun double-fold this season. However, how the experience turns out depends on how the users engage with this Phantom House Activation on Snapchat. 

Brand awareness will be boosted if the new activation engages users and the interactive elements become popular.Have you checked out the first episode of the Phantom House series yet? The Phantom House Activation on Snapchat went live yesterday, 8th October.

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