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Social media marketing is a crucial component of any business’ marketing plan. There is an incredible opportunity to reach your customers and potential clients through social media and expand your brand identity. However, capitalizing on social media requires consistent posting and management.

This is where the role of Social Media Marketing tools becomes very important. With nearly three billion active users on social media, no brand can afford to ignore its power, presence, and importance anymore. However, it is also important to know that the scope, domain, and performance of social media has evolved over the years.

In this article, we will look at one of the newest and most powerful social media marketing tools making waves in the market- POSTOPLAN. We will also discuss some of its major features, pricing, and why you should seriously think about investing in one. It would be wise to talk briefly about what does social media marketing tools mean.

Social Media Marketing Tools: Meaning and Introduction

It is true that every business needs to maintain a presence on social media platforms for a number of reasons. From increased exposure to branding activities; from customer relationship management to improving direct sales and revenues; social media is a boon.

However, it is equally important to note that the competition between brands on social media has reached a new height. If you are not using data, insights, and analytics, your brand will be left behind. In addition to creating content, brands need to focus on ten different things that can help them get an edge over their competitors.

However, most of these things are done manually. Rather than focus on this, why not automate the process and devote all your attention to creating fantastic content at all times. A Social Media Marketing Tool helps brands and individuals do exactly this! It automates the process so that you receive information in an organized and non-cumbersome manner.

We all know how posting manually can be a pain. It can easily drain two to three hours every day for an Account Manager. The same time can be used to do something much more productive in terms of your business and growth. Social media marketing tools are not there to simply help you save time, they also help in optimizing the performance of your profile.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing Tools

benefits of POSTOPLAN

We have highlighted some of the benefits of using these tools in the above paragraphs. However, it would be worthwhile to discuss them in some details here.

1. Helps in Saving Time, Energy and Effort:

50% of all agencies who use these tools do it to save time. I have already mentioned that posting manually is a tough job, no matter how enthusiastic you are about it. I personally feel that it is a very unproductive task.

A social media marketing tool can help you schedule posts throughout the month and divide the same based on content pillars and strategies. You can also add all your client details in a single software and create multiple projects with different teams.

2. Useful for Data Generation, Reporting and Insights:

Data Generation

While there are some tools who are good for just posting, others go a step further and offer reports and data generation. They also help you in analyzing what your competitors are doing in the industry. This is very helpful when it comes to planning your content strategy.

Tracking and assessment are one of the KPIs, which almost all clients demand. From showing growth in engagement to best performing posts, reports can help you impress your clients and create a favorable impact on your agency.

3. Boosts Customer Relationship Management:

Boosts Customer Relationship Management

Advanced social media marketing tools help collate messages and inform you as soon as someone has messaged, liked, commented or shared your post. You would be wondering what I can get all that information on the cell phone itself.

However, getting intimation on the dashboard of a tool helps you directly reply to the person instantly. We all know the value of getting back to a consumer as early as possible. A bad comment can wipe our millions from your business’ valuation, while a speedy address can add millions to your valuation.

POSTOPLAN: What is it?


Postoplan is a Social Media Marketing tool that was developed by a team of brilliant tech nerds in 2018. They wanted to create something that was useful, effective and most importantly, FREE!

If you go to the website they state that the drive to create a platform like this emerged from experiencing failures from their current service. Postoplan works on and operates on the following social media platforms-

One of the core reasons why Postoplan is finding favour in the industry and especially amongst the Start-Up community is because their Basic Plan is free. You might be thinking that the Basic Plan means no features and functionalities will be operational or work. Wrong! The basic plan involves 90% of all the features that paid plans offer.

A good start would be to sign up on Postoplan and see the platform for yourself. I was impressed by the ease of use, form, and functionality of the platform. Pre-created content types are helpful. For example, there are standard templates for pillars like ‘Tuesday Tips’ and ‘Monday Motivation’.

The easy interface and dashboard layout mean that you would need a tech or cyber expert to operate it. My copywriter, who is one of the most technologically-challenged individuals on the planet, mastered the dashboard within a week!

Top Features of POSTOPLAN

In this section, we will look at the main features and benefits of POSTOPLAN.

1. Schedule social media posts to keep your schedule consistent:

A consistent social media posting schedule can help maintain regular engagement with your audience. Regularly sharing content ensures your content is always fresh and improves your SEO for your brand. Whether you are trying to communicate important information to your customers or set yourself up as an industry leader, posting on a consistent schedule is absolutely necessary.

POSTOPLAN enables you to schedule posts across your social media channels. You can post “Tuesday’s Top Tip” or “Friday’s Fun Fact” each week without having to set up each post individually. These scheduled posts will increase engagement with your audience and keep your content up to date.

2. Save time by scheduling your social media content:

Save time

Setting your content up ahead of time can save your marketing team a considerable amount of time. Instead of taking the time to set up social media posts each day or week, you can use Postoplan to set your posts up in bulk. The workflows designed by Postoplanare created to make your job easier.

Taking the time to set up your posts in bulk will reduce emergency situations for your social media marketing plan. When more pressing marketing concerns arise, you can rest easy knowing your social media strategies are already taken care of.

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4. Automate your social media work:

Automate your social media work

Not every business can allocate resources for a full-time social media manager or team. With Postoplan, you can automate a lot of your social media marketing tasks to reduce the workload on your marketing team. If your business has regular promotions, specials, or reminders, you can automate these posts with ease.

Access a full content calendar for your brand’s social media efforts to view exactly which posts are scheduled for each day. You can easily make adjustments as needed or let the schedule run automatically. With status notifications, you receive updates when scheduled posts are live, so you know that your schedule is on track.

4. Stay up to date with social media messages:

Responding to messages on social media in a timely manner is important to maintain engagement. Interacting with clients to answer questions, make recommendations, and provide valuable information on your products and services can all be done through social media. Also, communicating with leads and potential clients is often done on social media channels.

With Postoplan, you receive notifications about each published post. This feature makes it easy to control all posts, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience. Easily manage all your accounts on one website instead of having to log in to each individual account.

5. Customize Postoplan to meet your brand’s needs:

Every business works differently, which is why Postoplan is flexible enough to adjust to your specific needs. You can divide your social media marketing strategies into individuals projects and manage your account on a project by project basis. You can also manage your account by social media platform if that is what you prefer.

Account managers on Postoplan can determine which team members have specific access rights and divide work based on your unique needs. Choose from a variety of ready-made themes for your interface and select from multiple options for editorial calendars. Everything you need for success is already ready to go, just choose your preference.

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6. Support for all of your social media channels:

Social Media

Postoplan supports your brand across a wide range of social media platforms. You can reach your audience on the channels they frequent and boost your social media presence with ease. From planning posts to message notifications, you can use Postoplan with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Telegram.


Using a social media marketing tool is not a luxury anymore. With free, affordable and high priced options on the market, you can choose one to suit your needs and requirements. I can guarantee you that once you start to use one of these tools, you will not be able to do it without them.

That is how helpful, effective and important they are for any meaningful social media management related activity. You can start using Postoplanfor free today! Start adding your social media accounts in just two minutes. Set up and management is a breeze with Postoplan, so you can gain control of your social media marketing strategy in no time.

What are some of the top social media marketing tools that you are using right now? Can you share with our community some of the pros and cons of using social media marketing tools for your business? Use the comments section to add value to the readers.

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