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How to Build Your Brand Reputation on Social Media

published on: 10.10.2019 last updated on: 28.06.2023

In the past, people could visit the stores and engage in purchases and sales of goods and services, thus experiencing the brands. But with the hourly needs of people, almost all brands are now available on social media to do promotions. More so, they are providing their presence online allowing customers to shop online.

With the improvements in technology over the last decades, there have been tremendous changes in the way people perceive brands. We can easily find every vital detail concerning what we need at our fingerprints due to mobile technologies.

It has embraced social media and digital marketing, which has made both our lives and those of potential marketers much more accessible. Brands can now be able to get feedback in a more improved way, and also get to reach more significant numbers of potential customers.

Therefore, a favorable brand reputation will always signify that the customer has full trust in your brand. They are satisfied with your products, and even have pride in using your products and services.

Brand Reputation

Importance of Brand Reputation:

a) Business Expansion:

When you have a strong and good brand reputation, then this could give your management that confidence in expanding the operations. The control can decide to tap new markets at both the international and domestic levels, and also broaden the offers and product lines.

When it comes to business reputation and expansion, technology matters. It helps businesses reach more customers and improve efficiency and customer service. Automating tasks, like digital asset management, is one of many places where this is best understood.

For instance, a digital asset management (DAM) system is a tool used to better utilize an organization’s digital resources. It allows for improved collaboration among different teams, increased productivity, and smarter use of both newly made and repurposed assets.

b) Brand Reputation Enhances Trust:

A good brand reputation on social media enhances trust. To achieve this, brands can share positive customer stories on social media to show potential customers that others have had stellar experiences with their products or services. In addition, brands can respond to customer feedback to show customers they’re committed to providing excellent customer service.

Customers will always have positive minds and beliefs in brands that have a good reputation. Customers will have in their minds that brands are there to thrive while sustaining and fulfilling their promises.

Also, most of customers will always make their purchases from brands that people in their circles or themselves are well conversant of.

c) Competitive Edge:

Competitive Edge

Companies with a good brand reputation will always enjoy more benefits. They can be ahead of their competitors in the market as customers will still believe and make purchases from brands that have positive standings.

d) Brand Reputation Leads to Higher Sales:

Brand reputation is the most beneficial asset of any organization. When most people hear of your brand online, they will always want to have the feeling of your goods and services. And when you increase traffic, then you can quickly increase sales.

Reputable brands will always curve a niche for themselves in the market. It will gain the loyalty and trust of the customers through the continual effort of maintaining the service and quality levels.

e) Customer Loyalty:

Customer Loyalty

Since trust is the key to maintaining your customers, a good brand’s reputation will always make customers come over again and again. You will still win the loyalty of your customers who will purchase your products and seek your services when they are in need.

Loyal customers will always stand by your brand even if they find out your competitors are offering lower prices or discounts on their packages.

f) Employee retention:

Just like the customers want to be associated with brands that have a good brand reputation, so do the employees and workforce. Of cos, we all want to get linked with brands that have stability and have a good reputation in the industry.

Reputable brands will ensure they are maintaining the quality of products. Also, they can help in the provision of excellent levels of customer services. More so, brand reputation can always be elevated and maintained by the initiation of the various corporate social responsibilities by the organizations.

g) Word of mouth Comes From Brand Reputation:

Your customers are always the best brand ambassadors you can have. When your customers are happy and satisfied with your brand, then they will always find it easy, referring to their social circles to your brand.

With this, then your brands keep on growing and extended. The brand reputation of the company thus does not only rise in the manifold with the positive word of mouth. It also helps the company fulfilling its set objectives for higher profits and sales.

To sum it up, brand reputation is the key to the brand bringing in the various merits and benefits. It can help in the thriving of the organization, making it stand and sustain the competitive and changing business world

  Ways to Build a Great Brand Reputation on social media:

Build a Great Brand Reputation

Brands that are well established can always spend dollars and their time on social media trying to showcase their digital branding efforts. They can create new websites, contests, search engine marketing’s, online ads, and even blogging.

All this could add up to the traffic, shares, comments, and clicks, and even sales. But when it comes to brand reputation, they can never buy it. Reputation is always the key to a successful business.

In the current digital space, brands can always build their reputation through the publication of high-quality content and constant production. Also, it can be made through the contributions to the respective social networks and even meaningful conversations.

Therefore, the process of building a brand reputation can always take time. This does not cost you a lot of money. In the long run, a well reputable brand can help you in thriving through the competitive business world.

Small business start-ups with limited resources, will only be successful if they have reputable brands. Therefore, here are some of how you can build your brand’s reputation on social media;

1. Monitor your brand regularly:

The world is going digital. The things that people in the past could converse between themselves are now being broadcasted on social media platforms. Just the same to consumers of goods and services. They now announce complaints regarding various brands, products, and services on their online networks.

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You can find out that some of these complaints could be due to some incorrect information or mistyping about the brands. However, to ensure a good brand reputation, you should always get prepared in advance and use the correct analytical tools before making your posts.

Therefore, to ensure that you are staying informed about what is happening about your brands, monitor your websites. Ensure you remain active in the various groups and respond to challenges about your brand effectively.

2. Make sure social circles are a positive reflection of your brand:

You are usually the company you are keeping. Therefore, your words, opinions, and behaviors, both online and off speaks a lot. Therefore your views to your connections can affect your brand’s reputation and even your brand’s credibility.

When you are partnering with other organizations, make sure you are selecting an influencer. Someone who can always represent your brand, share your tweets or link your blogs.

Establishing strong positive relationships with your customers is beneficial. Make sure your influencers and the staff you choose representing you online can be able to help your brand stand out. Ensure they are relating to your customers well, and are offering the best services.

Loyalty and trust of your esteemed customers will always help you in building your brand reputation.

3. Develop and provide excellent, valuable and sharable content:

sharable content

When you have valuable and engaging content, then your viewers and customers will always want to share and read. Therefore, this could help in building your brand reputation. Remember never to share content to complete your publication calendar. Make it valuable and captivating.

When you are posting on social media platforms, your brand promotion will always fail when you are not able to keep the interest of your viewers. Think of content like “buy me” this could be annoying.

What most viewers want to see is content that is informative and has more user engagement. You can always carry out an analysis using the analytic tools to see which of your materials is getting the highest shares, views, and likes.

In addition, you can also include gamified content to make your posts more interactive. You can incorporate elements like points, badges, and leaderboards. It makes users more willing to click on and share your post, driving traffic to your website or social media pages. Ensure the content is visually appealing and offers users exciting rewards for participating.

4. Provide a good customer experience:

Good customer experience will always depend on how you pay attention to detail. And usually, the way you pay attention to the details is what your brand reputation is still built on. This has to do with all the points of interaction you have with your customers.

It could be the way you respond during the delivery of goods and services, email autoresponders, invoicing, website navigation, or twitter replies. Ensure that you are producing and executing in a way that is creating ideal customer experiences at every point of touch.

When your customers experience excellent customer services, this could be one way to help them in advocating your brands by word of mouth. And thus increasing your brand reputation.

5. Collect feedback and make improvements:


When you engage in online marketing, to grow your brand reputation, you must make it easier for the customers to give feedback about the services and products. Try hard to establish an environment where you can welcome criticism.

At one point, your customers will always want to feel they have a voice. When you give them the chance to speak about your brands, then this can reduce the chances of negative feedback sharing in the places you can’t influence.

Polls are a great way to get quick and easy feedback from your audience. You can also ask questions in your social media posts to get more detailed feedback.

Feedback can always help in the strengthen of the product at its core. You can be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product, which can help you in increasing your customer satisfaction. A happy customer attracts more clients to your business.

6. Set guidelines for conflict management and responding to negative feedback:

 At one point in time, you will always encounter embarrassing social media wars. Also, you can still notice some of the brands being less polite in their responses to people who expressed negatively on their brand.

These kinds of harsh responses will always speak a lot to your customers. Therefore, to ensure that you do not tint a bad image online, consider the following;

  • always make your responses to feedback promptly
  • In case of any problems, remember to address the issues publicly and find remedies where possible.
  • Remain professional online.

7. Practice transparency:

 When it comes to digital branding, transparency is always the game of the day. When it comes to building your brand reputation, you should ensure that you tell the truth about your brand.

Most of consumers are always very conscious. Before they can trust a particular brand, they will always carry out their research right to the extent where they can determine the brands that are insincere.

And when this happens, you can be sure of your business falling. A bad reputation will draw away potential customers. When there are no customers, it means reduced sales and thus making losses.

The trick here is using all the social media tools at your disposal. Ensure you are telling the very entertaining stories concerning your brand to draw profits, and drive consent, and trust.

For a long time, transparency will always help you keep in touch with your esteemed customers. It will forever preserve your online brand reputation. Be true to your brand; don’t bit around the bush, lies can erode your reputation.

8. Choose a social platform which supports your product image:

product image

Most of the people are using social media. And thus this is one place that will guarantee you full interaction with your potential customers. There are so many social media platforms where you can engage in your social networking.

Therefore, it is essential to make your choices wisely. Invest in a platform that will be worth your time and effort. Try and figure out what you need to post about your brand and which platforms are the best.

Functional interactions on the various social media platforms will boost your brand reputation. You can consider posting your visual displays on Pinterest or Instagram. You can also choose to post on Facebook as the presence is vital.


 Reputation is one of the most critical assets when it comes to brand ranking. Your brand reputation will always signal your customers whether or not they can trust you with their money, energy, and time.

Therefore, by creating a brand reputation and awareness, this could be a foundation for the success of your marketing. So, to ensure that your brand is being known, social media is playing an integral role.

The task is just on your side, how well are you going to merge your services and products with active social media strategies. According to recent reports, brands are even planning on how they can invest more on social media to gain more customers pushing sales.

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