Ray-Ban Meta Next-Generation Smart Glasses

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Bring Fashion And Technology Together: Gets Launched Today

The anticipation is over. The iconic Ray-Ban Next Generation smart glasses were launched today to optimize users’ style and social media experience.

These “living in the moment” glasses come with a 12MP camera and a 5-mic system. The collection also makes live streaming on Facebook and Instagram more intriguing.

Also, these glasses will easily get connected to your mobile phone. So, they offer a completely hands-free experience. 

Make a call, listen to your favorite music with the built-in speaker, or use the Meta AI to get info and manage features with your voice.

The smart glasses have been designed with a minute eye for optimizing your connectivity and style requirements. So, all the elements together ensure a wholesome experience, and these glasses are available in a variety of frames.

In addition, the smart glasses’ charging case and extended battery life ensure that you never miss out on capturing and sharing the best moments.

The smart glasses are also one in a kind in giving you the scope to control your privacy. Through proper privacy settings, you will be able to manage how much information you want to share. You can also share some additional and essential information to boost the app and eyewear experience. 

Along with ensuring your privacy, the Bystander privacy of the smart glasses also keeps it respectful for others around. As you are about to capture something or go live on social media, the LED Capture will make others aware. You cannot capture anything or a live stream covering the LED.

The Ray-Ban Meta Next-generation smart glasses come in wayfarer and headliner styles. However, you will get a range of frames in these two styles. These are great for everyday wear, and the lenses are also versatile. 

So, you can get prescription glasses, sunglasses, polaroid glasses, and transition glasses in this collection.

It’s time to enjoy optimized connectivity, style, clarity, and comfort in one go.

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